Legoland Florida Hotel Review (Mom of 3 weighs in!)

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If you are looking for nightly entertainment, fun themed rooms, and indoor playgrounds: LEGOLAND Florida Hotel is where it’s at!

There is so much to do here, from singing elevators to fun master builder events that I was totally overwhelmed the first time we stayed here (we’ve stayed over three times now, and it’s still SO FUN!)

Make sure to head over to the LEGOLAND Florida Planning Guide to get all of the details and tips on a super awesome lego florida vacation!

We’ve got the scoop below, plus pictures of what to expect! And, yes, we will be back (this review is NOT sponsored or promoted- we paid for our stay there!)

Is it Worth Staying at the LEGOLAND Hotel in Florida?

Budget wise the price is comparable to what you would pay if you stayed off site and had 2+ sleeping areas. Since the LEGOLAND Hotel is so close you can walk to the parks, and includes a bed + bunk bed in every room, the price is totally reasonable! There are also very few rentals close by, and a slim number of hotels which makes staying at LEGOLAND Hotel very sensible. Verdict is Yes, it is worth staying on LEGOLAND property to get the full lego vacation experience!

LEGOLAND Florida Hotel Room (Pros and Cons)

For starters, the theming is amazing, and really unlike any other hotel I’ve stayed in before (yes that includes most of Disney and Universal besides the rare Dino/Rapture rooms I haven’t been able to secure!)

The Standard room at the LEGOLAND Hotel is set up very similar to the Pirate Hotel right next to it.

There’s two areas, these areas are not separated by a door, and one houses the kids bunks with the other holding the Queen/King Bed.

Peep that trundle bed! We use that one for the toddler.

In the middle of the two sections is the bathroom and the storage closet. And there’s even a little stool inside the bathroom for the kids. And yes, I banged my toe on it, so it’s getting a star spot in this review.

So there is technically seperate sleeping areas for up to 5 people, but it’s still all in the same room.

There is a lot of stuff to do inside of the room, which this mom of three really appreciates!

There’s a scavenger hunt with a secret code to open a prize box (and there’s a new prize every day!)

There’s also legos inside of the room to play with, and the kids get their own TV. On the TV you’ll find standard channels- but our favorite is that you can access LEGO movies. This was a lifesaver on a rainy day.

I prefer the LEGOLAND Hotel for my younger kids, because it comes with the Duplo Legos, is a bit easier to get to, and the bunk bed seems more sturdy than what’s offered at the Pirate Hotel.

The Con of course is that there is NO door in another of these basic rooms (you can upgrade to a suite). And I low key wish they had like a curtain or something. But we do appreciate the space and make it work!

Legoland Hotel Amenities plus fun adventures

The party continues outside of the rooms too! Since the theme park closes decently early, there are a number of activities to explore on the grounds.

Inside play areas!

We’ve met a ton of characters here, and it’s a really fun experience to get to do it outside of the parks. Plus there’s a lot less stress and the kids are way more relaxed.

Going outside there’s a pool complete with LEGO water bricks, there’s a putt putt course, and then there’s a nature walk along a boardwalk. Low key, the nature walk steals the show with the beautiful view and the incredible cypress growing right between the pathways! It’s a treasure for sure.

LEGOLAND Hotel Food Options

The set up of the hotel is really unique, because it’s actually the LEGOLAND regular hotel PLUS the Pirate hotel add-on, which means it shares some food options.

You can easily walk over to the LEGOLAND Hotel and enjoy Skyline Cafe for lunch or dinner, and then Bricks Restaurant for Breakfast and Dinner. OR you can pop over to the Pirate side and enjoy Shipwreck Restaurant for Breakfast or Dinner.

You will find the most lunch options in the parks, and you can also go across the street to Publix for some good eats! OH and of course, you can get stuff delivered. There’s a number of restaurants around the resort!

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