Legoland Florida Hacks {Save time, money and sanity!}

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There’s so much to see and do at LEGOLAND Orlando- and it can be alittle unclear online how this is both a superior, yet sometimes strange, Central Florida Theme Park! 

There are some things that LEGOLAND has implemented that have changed the vacation for the better, and a few items you’ll need to hack for a successful trip! 

Such LEGOLAND Hacks include:

Consider getting an annual pass for discounts, Make sure to grab a Height Armband for the kids, Map out the Botanical Gardens for a quick getaway, Bring the right kind of Minifigures, and consider the FastTrack and DigiPass. Plus you’ll want to  use the App, Hours and Tier System to your advantage. 

If you haven’t been in awhile (or ever) find all the info you need below in a quick and easy to read format to better hack your way to an incredible LEGOLAND trip on your next Orlando Vacation! 

And Don’t Forget the Budget Hacks for your LEGOLAND Vacation!

See all of the planning details and the latest info on the 🔴 LEGOLAND Florida Vacation Planning Guide

Sneak away to the Botanical Garden for peace and quiet

While theme parks are fun, they are also hot, crowded and a total sensory overload! Schedule some time in your day to sneak away to a hidden oasis right inside the LEGOLAND park! 

Built in 1939, The Historic Cypress Gardens Botanical Garden is a world all it’s own! It’s an incredible way to spend an hour or two walking on the hidden paths and experiencing a wild 80 year old garden! It has a rich history, especially when you consider the Civil Rights Movement, and is a great place to learn about Florida History. 

Use an annual pass for discounts 

This is one of those old timey hacks that used to work really well at Disney World, and it STILL works REALLY well at LEGOLAND! 

Yes, friends, you can buy an annual pass for one person in your party… and then use that pass for discounts. This means free parking, discounts on food and drink, discounts on souvenirs, and discounts on the Legoland Hotel! It also means that you can get a discount on other tickets- so you might not even be paying for full price for the other people in your party. 

Grab a lanyard clip for your Annual Pass so you can easily scan it for discounts!

Bring Minifigures to trade

LEGOLAND has it’s own version of tradeable items (like pins for disney!) in the form of MiniFigures. These tiny little Lego People are all over the parks and you can trade to your hearts content! 

However, the Minifigures in Park cost 5 dollars on average (because you have to have one to trade one!) and a great recommendation is to grab some bulk bags online! 

Now I want to caution you against a “super great” deal as they are likely a bag of fakes- instead go for the MiniFigure Bundles that are around 2-4 dollars a piece. Better yet, round up what your kids have grown bored of and let them swap them for new fun Lego People! I get mine from ebay (not an affiliate link- just regular ole ebay!)

Make reservations at the Hotel Restaurants for inside dining and more variety 

We stayed a few days at LEGOLAND over Christmas and overheard a Dad and Mom complaining that they’ve had burgers and pizza for 4 days straight… 

And they aren’t wrong. Inside the LEGOLAND park and Water Park you’ll only find the quick service/fast food type restaurants. This is weird to me, as all the other large Theme Parks in Orlando have at least one sit down option inside the park- maybe this is something they’ll consider changing! 

So in order to get some regular food besides burgers, sandwiches and pizza, you’ll need to get a dining reservation at the Hotel! (and this also depends on when you go- these are the best times to go to LEGOLAND Orlando, especially if you don’t want to miss reservations!)

We use the OpenTable App, but you can also schedule reservations at the front desk! You can eat at The Bricks Family Restaurant or the Pirate ‘ShipWreck’ Restaurant (opentable link so you can schedule!) . For no reservation dining head to the Skyline Lounge- a favorite for our family because of the inside playground and movie area! 

(and if you have a car, or want to walk, or get delivery, there’s a ton of great places close by!)

You can see all of the restaurants here at the LEGOLAND site, but if you have food allergies you’ll need to check out our Food Allergy Friendly Guide for LEGOLAND Orlando!

Check Hours to your advantage 

It is SO important to check the hours just to make sure you are on the right track! 

But more importantly, it’s good to know the unspoken rules of the parks. 

Like how The Big Shop at the front of the park stays open past park opening (so save shopping for either the first thing or the very last thing to maximize your time!) 

The Parking is another area of unspoken rules- as it technically only opens 30 minutes before park opening, but the line can get wildly long. Try to show up about 45 minutes before park opening OR about 15 minutes after opening to avoid the really long lines. 

Lastly, the hours can and do change pretty frequently, based on the seasons and crowds. This can include the evening entertainment at the Hotel, and when the Water Park is open! 

Download the App 

The Legoland App has something no other  Orlando Theme Park app has… an easy to plan itinerary. While I’m over here blogging about how to fit things in at Disney World or Universal, LEGOLAND has incorporated this into their app and it makes life so much easier! 

For Example, you can select that you have a 3 year old, and LEGOLAND will recommend rides for that age! 

Go during the weekdays for lower crowds 

I know I know, most vacationers are coming over the weekends. I get that. But with a little planning, you can still have a low crowd vacation! Save Saturdays for exploring the resort, the pool, and catching up on sleep.

Sunday evenings are perfect for the LEGOLAND park, and Mondays and Fridays are amazing when it comes to the water park! If you can swing it, Tuesdays are some of the lowest crowd days and perfect for those of us who would rather not be packed in like a can of sardines. This is one of the biggest tips for heading to LEGOLAND Florida– and something you’ve really got to remember to have a memorable vacation.

Arrive early/Understand the tier system 

Legoland splits its park in “two” sections. They’ve done this on a few trips, and they’ve haven’t done it on others (I think it’s seasonal!)

But what they do is open up The Big Shop, The MiniLand Area, and Duplo Area FIRST- then 30-60 minutes later open up the rest of the park. This is fun, but also cuts into your day.

Make sure to ask when you arrive so you know exactly what to expect with tiered opening. OR take advantage of this as you come from Disney World, which is about 45 minutes from LEGOLAND. Here are some Hacks for helping you plan Disney World Too!

Parking Hacks

  • Parking booths open 30 minutes before park opening, and that doesn’t include going through security, redeeming tickets, and heading inside. 

For a budget friendly visit, upgrade to premium parking online. Premium parking gets you closer to all the action, but we love it because it has shade. The overhead shade canopies are amazing for keeping your car from turning into a hot sauna and great for when it rains and you need to load up! 

Get an Armband for the Kids 

And all the parents went OOOHHHHHH

Yes my Fellow Families, LEGOLAND outdid themselves again with this armband ride system! Simply get your kiddo measured at the front of the park, and then they will receive an arm band.

Now the last few times we’ve been they haven’t done the armband. I’m not sure if this has been discontinued.

The arm band will coordinate with the front of the ride sign, and you’ll know *immediately* if they will be able to ride the ride (without wasting time in line only to find out the height requirement is different!)

Take advantage of discounts 

Soooo manyyyy discounts! 

If there is one Theme Park that has a bunch of great discounts, it’s LEGOLAND Orlando! They’ve got options for packages, for free kids tickets or dining, for LEGO sets, and for extras. We are big fans of recommended LEGOLAND to those who have a large group and want to make an economical trip! 

Grab the Digipass for family photos 

If you are looking for memorable family photos or those social media worthy shots of character meets, consider the Digipass. Yes, you can ask a stranger or willing Model Citizen to take a pic- but the Digipass is great because it’s less work for you!

You can purchase the Digipass for around 30 dollars a day, and then get a special discount if you want to print items right there at the end of the night. Pro Tip: the pictures will look the best in the morning as you are still fresh from the day! Then swing by before dinner to grab the pictures as the lines will be shorter. 

Get the FastTrack Pass to skip lines 

They have two options for paid line skipping and one is really budget friendly! There is the regular skip the line pass, called the FastTrack Pass that you can purchase for around 60-100 per person. T

hen there is the FastTrack 3 coaster Pass that you can grab for 25-45 per person. The price does depend on the day and the season, as weekdays in lower traffic seasons (think anything besides summer and holidays) will be less expensive. 

If you get the 3 coaster option, you can only use it on the following rides:

-The Great LEGO Race


-The Dragon

But this could easily save you an hour or two at the parks, as you’ll be able to skip the line and enjoy other options at the park!

Hacking LEGOLAND Orlando Wrap Up 

In a nutshell, check your hours (plus extras) before arrival, take advantage of discounts and extra offerings, make reservations for food variety, download the app, bring your MiniFigures and consider an Annual Pass! OH! And don’t forget to check out the Gardens, the Hotel Lobby, or the Shows if you need some peace and quiet and some A/C.

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