LEGOLAND Florida for Adults, is it worth it? is it fun? {Top 5 Questions answered}

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Orlando has got a lot of theme parks and attractions- it’s a pretty great place to visit if I do say so myself (and yes, I was born and raised here so I’m allowed to invite people in!) 

It’s got tons of daytime, nighttime, weird things and less common things. One of those lesser known attractions is LEGOLAND Florida, located about 45ish minutes from Orlando proper. 

So is LEGOLAND Florida fun for Adults?

LEGOLAND is marketed as a theme park for kids ages 2-12, but don’t let that stop you from going as an Adult. Literally. Adults can and do go solo, and below were gonna cover some of the fun things to see and do so you can decide if this is a must see attraction on your Orlando Vacation!

Since Planning a LEGOLAND vacation does take some research, be sure to find check out the LEGOLAND Florida Planning Guide.

Can Adults go to LEGOLAND Florida without a Child?

Yep! Guests of all ages are welcome at LEGOLAND Florida. LEGOLAND is a theme park geared towards 2-12, but there are several things for adults to do. 

So is Legoland Florida Worth it for Adults?

If you are interested in Sightseeing MiniLand, catching a few roller coasters or shows, touring the Botanical Gardens and then grabbing some elusive LEGO sets… then YES LEGOLAND Florida is worth it for adults. 

If you are going strictly for rides or snacks? No, instead head to other Orlando Theme Parks. 

It is a budget friendly theme park option, and you can check out this full guide on a Budget LEGOLAND Vacation. And you if you want to go when less kids are there, see the LEGOLAND crowd calendar.

What Makes LEGOLAND worth it for Adults

Botanical Gardens 

Built in 1939, The Historic Cypress Gardens Botanical Garden is a world all it’s own! It’s an incredible way to spend an hour or two walking on the hidden paths and experiencing a wild 80 year old garden! It has a rich history, especially when you consider the Civil Rights Movement, and is a great place to learn about Florida History. 

I was surprised to learn that my Great Grandmother came here to visit frequently. She was also a well to do White Woman, and could access the parks at any time. People of Color had specific days to visit, but didn’t often come to the Gardens. Now people everywhere are welcome, and I really do recommend it!

My brother is a childless millennial, and headed to the botanical gardens before us to get some quiet time.


Miniland is… literally… a small land built from LEGOs. It’s actually quite large, and if you take the time to really look and site see, you can easily spend more than an hour taking in the sites and hidden easter eggs. 

There’s New York City, Miami, a real life NASA station, and Las Vegas. With over 30 million lego pieces, you can watch Lego Dolphins take flight, get blasted by a Lego FireTruck, or delight in a real lego Space Ship soaring into the atmosphere. There are some time planning elements to take into consideration, you can find those in the top tips for a LEGOLAND vacation


LEGO awesomeness knows no age. 

Seriously. Those bricks are a family bonding activity and great for everyone ages 5 and up (for under, there’s duplo. Not as stimulating but still great fun). 

Inside LEGOLAND you’ll find multiple stores, several of which carry hard to find LEGO sets. 

LEGOs are one of the few things that haven’t made it onto the internet with gusto (sure there’s some kits, but not *all* kits). 

If you are looking for lesser known sets, or your unicorn set, then the LEGO stores alone are worth the option! 

Carefree and simplicity can help you remember what it’s like to be a child 

My Favorite part about LEGOLAND? It helps me remember what it’s like to be a kid again. 

And not some spoiled kid screaming about ice cream… no, were talking about the wonder and excitement of the unknown! You can do ANYTHING with LEGOs and it is amazing to see the creativity in the parks. We’ve had the opportunity to speak with Master Builders (legit, card carrying, master builders) who have explained their creative process, and hacks for making our LEGO building all the better. 

Plus, change is good for the brain, and a trip to LEGOLAND could help break up the monotony of adult life. Call it a creative outlet, or a sabbatical vacation, or a mental wellness break… but whatever you call it, it’s sure to help with innovation in your life. 

The Rides?

The rides are pretty fun, but all but two of the rides are really geared for the tween and under crowd. There’s two more that are great for the older folks, but that doesn’t make it worth the trip.

Will Adults have Fun at LEGOLAND Florida?

Yes, it’s actually very fun! The atmosphere here is contagious, and LEGOLAND Model Citizens (employees) are great at helping people of all ages find innovation and creativity in the park!

If you have food allergies, there’s good news! LEGOLAND has some pretty good food allergy options for your family.

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