Legoland Florida Bucket List (can’t miss list) 

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LEGOLAND sometimes gets a bad wrap for being a “one day” theme park. And if you’ve been several times, have done a number of the activities, and grab a skip the line pass… then yes, you could do LEGOLAND in one day. 

I was definitely misled as a self proclaimed theme park enthusiast. I looked online and thought that I would be able to do everything in exactly two days (with some repeats!!). But I was wrong… really wrong! In fact, even with annual passes, I still haven’t done every single thing at LEGOLAND (but we are pretty close!) But you can avoid my mistakes by looking over this bucket list and the top tips for a LEGOLAND vacation

Since most people only visit once or every few years, and to make the most of your trip, you need to know that you simply can’t do everything available in one day (or two! It’s a three day park). 

But you’ve got the secret to make vacation planning simpler ( and to get everyone excited about what to look forward to) so I present a Can’t Miss List for LEGOLAND Florida, full of fun rides, activities and bucket list items. 

Since Planning a LEGOLAND vacation does take some research, be sure to find check out the LEGOLAND Florida Planning Guide.

I didn’t include the Water Park in this bucket list, as it’s technically a different park. You can see if it’s worth planning a trip there in this LEGOLAND water park guide.

Bucket List for LEGOLAND Florida 

Get Drivers License at FORD Driving School 

There are two Ford Driving Schools available at LEGOLAND. One is for the little tots (and yes, I about fell over from cuteness overload!) and the next is an advanced track for the older kids. 

We are big fans of this ride and do it multiple times on our trips as it’s one of the things the kids won’t stop gushing over! I don’t blame them, it’s every little kids dream to be able to control their very own vehicle. This is at the top of the bucket list as it’s a core memory kinda ride. 

Pick up a souvenir from the BIG SHOP

This is a gimme, but here me out. The BIG SHOP is very unique in it’s souvenirs, and you’ll find an excess amount of budget friendly options. 

We love grabbing minifigures from here, and we’ve got all our Duplo sets here. This is a double win as the souvenirs are toys that last for a LONG time and it’s a fun talking point when we get out the ‘LEGOs from LEGOLAND’. Not only is it fun, but it’s also budget friendly. For more budget friendly options, check out this full guide on a Budget LEGOLAND Vacation.

Grab a Family Photo in MINILAND 

If there is one spot that is necessary for several family photos that will age so well… it’s miniland! Located towards the front, miniland is literally a mini land built with LEGOs. Have fun finding landmarks and important monuments for *your* family and grab the pic! 

Catch a Show  

Too many people think only about rides at theme parks and don’t consider the shows! The shows are a top highlight and very much worth the time. 

There’s two theaters at LEGOLAND. One is in the back towards Ninjago, and they often do holiday themed shows here. The other is by the Botanical Gardens (it’s to the left of the park when you enter).

At the second larger theater, you’ll find water shows! Currently they are showing the BrickBeard Water Show (and it’s hilarious and full of fun stunts to keep everyone entertained.)

Race (handmade!) LEGO cars

Nothing brings a bunch of strangers together like racing homemade lego cars! The employees, the grown ups, the little tikes… we all get in on the action when the countdown begins! 

You can race LEGO cars (and planes). This area does get alittle crowded, so be sure to look over the LEGOLAND crowd calendar.

Enjoy the Rides

I would highly recommend you take a look at these recommended rides for each age group and come up with a list of rides before hand. It’s very easy to overlook something, or get caught up in plans and forget about a ride! 

Too many times I’ve told my kids we’ll ‘come back to this’ and then it was park closing before I knew it! 

Instead, let each kid pick a few rides that they really want to do, prioritize those rides, and then enjoy any extras that you fit into your day! It’s one of the things we talk about in the LEGOLAND hacks list.

LEGO movie 4D

Come one come all to the LEGOLAND Movie Theater featuring original 4D movies. Yes… original movies you’ve never seen before!

We are super big fans of this option. It’s perfect for cooling off when you are hot, and it’s a great option when it rains! Plus, it’s just fun to do and since it’s a shorter movie, great for the littler kids. You can see all of the show options here as they change!

Enjoy the food

I don’t really include the food in this bucket list because it’s phenomenal… instead it’s the theming of the eateries that is SO MUCH FUN! They really do a good job with setting up the restaurants and fast food service options.

If you have food allergies, there’s good news! LEGOLAND has some pretty good food allergy options for your family.

Most Importantly, Have fun!

It’s easy to overlook, but remember to have a good time! Vacations are sometimes hard with kids, but they are also full of memories. LEGOLAND does a great job keeping everyone entertained and we love that it’s easier for parents and kiddos.

Mom and Dad Bucket List options

Speaking of which… there’s some fun things for the parents and caregivers too! Adults can have fun at LEGOLAND. There’s two bars located at the resort that is within watching distance of the LEGO play areas.

There’s also an indoor play area at the Duplo Valley for kids 5 and under (and YES my kids play in here for HOURS and I’m free to watch them from the bench and get a mental break)

Lastly take advantage of the location. You can get all your goods delivered from Publix (or go right across the street and get it yourself), there’s starbucks nearby, and there’s the Bok Tower gardens which (in my opinion) is more beautiful than the Botanical Gardens at LEGOLAND. Bok Tower also has a kid’s area too!

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