The Leaky Cauldron- Allergy Friendly Lunch and Dinner

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When in London, eat like the locals at the Leaky Cauldron! 

Well kinda- because, ya know, allergies. We’re going to talk today about some options for lunch and dinner- but breakfast will be an entirely different post because breakfast is a different beast all together!

And while were on the topic- snacks are a different topic too! There’s lots of snacks in this land- and many are themed. BUT they’re aren’t many that are allergy friendly.

But come on- it’s Harry Potter World- also known formally as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando– and it’s a ton of fun even when your options are really limited!

There’s so much to see and do in the wizarding world you are just going to love it.

And speaking of which, we spoke extensively with a chef to bring you the options for the Leaky Cauldron! 

How to order

When it comes to ordering with allergies, your options are pretty limited. No allergy menu, no allergy friendly mobile ordering, so you’ll need to speak with a chef to confirm options and allergens! 

What’s allergen friendly? Gluten free, dairy free and top 8 options. 

First, you’ve got to know that they use a spray on almost everything.  It contains canola oil, coconut oil and soy lethicin. This really limited what I could have that was soy free, gluten free, and dairy free. 

For those just avoiding gluten- they have a really good option that gets a lot of rave reviews. 

It’s a Specialty chicken sandwich that you can get on a gluten free bun. And my husband recommends it! 

The sad thing is that it comes with limited sides. It’s a Shared fryer so nothing here is safe for gluten in the fried section! 

You can get a Salad! It comes with veggies and toppings, but you can sub for whatever is safe for you. 

For me- with my allergies and limitations, I ended up with plain fish baked in the oven and lettuce. They served it with dressing but it wasn’t safe for my allergies. 

What Drinks are allergy friendly? 

You can’t go to a cauldron without getting some drinks! And there’s some pretty fun ones to try. 

There are two that are gluten free- but not safe for dairy. 

The Fishy green ale has dairy and 

So does the butter beer. 

For those looking for top 8 allergy friendly options, your in luck! 

We’ve got: 

Pumpkin juice 

Tongue tying Lemon squash 

Otters fizzy orange juice 

I tried ALL three and I highly recommend them! Well… I only recommend the pumpkin juice in a reusable container so you’ve got a fun souvenir! But the Tongue Tying Lemon Squash… that is absolutely heavenly and SO refreshing on a hot day! 

Overall, will I be back?

Its fun to go to the Wizarding World- but the allergy friendly options leave it lacking for me. I might be back if they had a new option- or if someone I knew wanted to see the inside (it’s really cool!) Otherwise, I’ll be checking out some of the other options that are able to provide me with more accommodations. 

Favorites there include this adorable quick serve with lots of options right when you walk into the parks, my favorite table service inside of Islands of Adventure and this pretty good table service option not far from the leaky cauldron.

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