Can I Do Laundry at Universal Orlando?

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Traveling on vacation, it’s natural to know your options when it comes to packing and doing laundry, especially at a theme park like Universal Orlando.

After all, if you can do laundry at the resort, you’ll have more room to bring home souvenirs!

So can you do laundry at Universal Orlando? And would you want to?

Why would you want to do laundry on vacation?

While laundry is a chore–and most people want to relax on vacation–there are a few benefits to doing laundry on vacation.

Like I mentioned above, it means less to bring with you which can save on luggage fees and give you more room to bring things home!

Another reason I love doing laundry on vacation is that it makes the return to normal so much easier! I plan to do laundry 2-3 days before I leave so there’s only a few dirty outfits to pack and then I have less laundry to do when I get home.

How does self serve laundry work and what resorts have a laundry facility?

Since there’s several resorts at Universal Orlando, we need to know which ones have a laundry facility.

Resorts that have a laundry facility:

  • Sapphire Falls
  • Royal Pacific
  • Cabana Bay
  • Hard Rock Hotel
  • Adventura Hotel
  • Surf Side Inn and Suites
laundry at universal orlando

How does the laundry work?

Well, for starters, you’ll need a card to pay for your machines–it’s less than 5 dollars per load and almost identical to the setup you’ll find at Disney World.

You’ll use the card to purchase single use laundry powder. Then you’ll purchase (at a separate machine) a time and number for your laundry machine.

laundry at universal orlando

Insert your clothing–stay close by–and get washing (and drying)!

laundry at universal orlando

The instructions will look like this:

  • Step 1: Insert and remove card quickly
  • Step 2: Select “Start a Machine”
  • Step 3: Select Washer or Dryer
  • Step 4: Select the Machine Number and press OK
  • Step 5: Add another machine or press OK to start the machines

Options besides DIY laundry

For those not interested in doing laundry yourself–you’re in luck! Many resorts have a laundry option that you can talk to hotel about–but word on the street is that they cap the amount of items they’ll take.

It might be better to google “mobile laundry service,” and find someone with availability on your location–I haven’t used this option so be careful to find a reputable person or you might head home with luggage that’s really light!

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