PHOTOS: Allergy Details for several Shelf Stable Disney World Snacks with ingredient labels

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Disney has a number of snacks available at their confectionary locations, checkout queues and resorts! These items are ones you can grab at odd hours, when you are really hungry, or to take home as food souvenirs.

Let look at some images and ingredient labels below! As always, check these items in real time.

This is not *every* item available, but gives you an idea of the items you will find on property. There is also enjoy life items, but they are temporarily hard to find right now, plus a new replacement allergy friendly/gluten free cookie that is available at quick serve locations.

For more planning help and guide, see Food at Disney World Made Easy.

PreMade Disney World Snacks- Ingredient Labels plus Allergy Disclosures!

Premade Popcorn

PreMade Popcorn, we’ve got two options here (but there are several more flavors, including ones with nuts). Contains Milk and Soy, plus facility warnings for peanuts, treenuts and wheat.

The picture below is for the 50th anniversary blend.

Crisped Rice

Then there’s the Crisped Rice. This is a new formulation change that has happened pretty recently. The Label does not list any allergens, but does have a ‘manufactured on shared equipment with milk, soy, wheat, egg, peanuts and treenuts’

Chocolate-dipped Shortbread Rounds

Chocolate-dipped Shortbread Rounds are found all over the place. These have a label that says: contains milk wheat and soy, plus shared facility with tree nuts.

Gummi Monkeys

This is a newer item that I haven’t seen as often. These were at the Main Street Confectionary.No Allergy Label (contains corn and red dye 40). Allergy warning for shared facility with peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, soy, milk and wheat.

Wonderland Tea Spoons

These spoons have been spotted in a lot of shops, mostly seen as a souvenir. But for food allergy families these could be a fun lollipop. Contains Soy. Shared Facility with milk, egg, tree nuts and wheat.

Cotton Candy

No allergy label, but a shared facility warning for treenuts, peanuts, milk and wheat! You can actually see this made in the Main Street Confectionary in Magic Kingdom. Speak with the manager there if you would like a freshly made bag!

Chip and Dale’s Mickey Puffy Cheese Crackers

Typically found in the checkout lines, these crackers have a label for wheat and milk (also contains annato and msg). Produced in facility that has soy.

Disney Chocolate Coins

The coins have a contains for Milk and Soy and a shared facility warning for peanuts and treenuts.

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