Kona Cafe Allergy Menu and Review: Lunch/Dinner

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One of my favorite places to grab a bite to eat at is Kona Cafe. Not only is the food delicious, safe for allergens, and reasonably priced… but it has the perfect location if you are spending the day at Magic Kingdom.

This is the table service option for The Polynesian and stands beside other great options like Ohana and then the quick serve Capt. Cooks. There’s also a bar, but that doesn’t really need a review LOL!

To get here you’d take the monorail from Magic Kingdom (or a bus to the ticket and transportation center and then walk over). You’ll also be able to walk on the new walkway in 2021 (maybe even a little earlier!)

This has been a family favorite because it’s so close to Magic Kingdom and we can pop over for a quick bite to eat. We also like to get reservations here during the holidays because you can then watch the fireworks from the fake grass out on the back lawn (the view of Cinderella’s Castle is incredible!)

And while you can eat at the other two resort locations near Magic Kingdom, The Grand Floridian and The Contemporary… nothing quite compares to Kona Cafe. While they can do soy free options, if you’d feel more comfortable I’d recommend The Wave at the Contemporary, and you can always stop at the other character meal options like the one at The Contemporary and The Grand Floridian.

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***As Always, please speak to a qualified restaurant employee when ordering food. In order to see the most accurate ingredients and risk assessment, you will need to confirm allergy safety in real-time. This is my personal experience, I am not employed or endorsed by companies or brands mentioned.***

Our review and what we ate 2019 (see below for updated review!)

We had the whole family there for this review! Since soy, gluten and dairy are big issues for us, we had the Chef come out.

Their uncle is so silly!

And they did have a gluten free soy sauce (my husband was excited!) So he got that with the Poke Bowl (gluten free of course).

kona cafe allergy menu
My husband’s poke bowl

I opted for a simple burger and fries as I was slightly wary of MSG/nitrates and possible soy contamination (as it is used in many of the vine grates!)

kona cafe allergy menu
My burger and fries

Served with our meal was Ener-g Rolls and regular butter. (They didn’t have Earth Balance options)

kona cafe allergy menu
Ener-g rolls

For the kids, we grabbed a plain unseasoned chicken breast with potatoes and fruit. The potatoes were overcooked (but most meals come with at least one item that isn’t always cooked properly). So the kids just ate around that.

kona cafe allergy menu
Not the best potatoes…

Our server was pleasant and we LOVED people watching. This was an open air restaurant facing the large walkway at the Poly and monorail.

Such a cute little cafe!

TIP: the Kona Cafe has a little offshoot where you can order some treats and coffee. We love coming here on Magic Kingdom days and getting coffee and Erin McKenna’s Donuts before heading into MK. Pickings are slim for a multi-allergy friendly breakfast meal!

Normally, we take the Resort Monorail from the Ticket and Transportation Center, stop at the Poly, and then get back on to head to the Magic Kingdom!

2020 Update to Kona Cafe

As you know, the world has changed with the Covid-19 virus and Disney has been quite impacted. In fact, while Kona Cafe is available to eat at, staying at the Polynesian is limited to DVC options with a resort closure till next summer.

Let’s talk about some eats!

Some things that stayed the same are the dedicated fryer and the dedicated grill area. Yes, things are different and allergies aren’t quite the same post reopening, but it’s a pleasure that we still have some options for dedicated areas in the kitchens!

There are also still a LOT of modifications available, especially for those of you dealing with a soy allergy, sesame allergy, or nut allergy. This means that you’ll need to talk to the Chef and break down the menus. Don’t take the allergy menu at face value.

For good eating I grab pan-fried (no breading) chicken for an appetizer. There was no sauce or flavoring, but it was quite good. (Hard to mess up plain fried chicken!)

I was also served the incredible top 8 friendly rolls with Earth Balance butter. These rolls were first spotted in late 2019 with a new partnership with Bloomfield farms and I am so happy they have hung around!

On our visit to Disney World in summer 2020 all we saw were these rolls- I think the ener-g brand are gone from Disney for the time being.

Main course was a rice noodle bowl with several modifications- safe for top 9 allergies! WOOO.

The main star of the show was the Vegan-as-is tapioca pudding! There are nuts in these desserts, but for the rest of the top allergens this would be a safe and delicious treat!

The Allergy Menu at Kona Cafe

So here’s the lunch menu, but it’s almost identical for dinner with only some price and select meal changes.

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