Kidcot at Disney World

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Inside Epcot you’ll find the World Showcase–supposed to be a step inside other countries, it can be very ‘adult’. But that’s where the Kidcot stations come in!

Designed for ANY age, you can visit one of the 11 Kidcot locations and engage with authentic people from the country you’re visiting!

Plus Epcot has a ton of play areas and it’s really fun for kids, especially the flower and garden festival.

My kids absolutely love the Kidcot station–and I’m sure yours will too (it’s very popular). So let’s talk about what makes this a great addition to your day!

It’s free!

In an age where it feels like everything is nickeled and dimed, it’s enjoyable to just have a fun scavenger hunt that’s included with your admission. When you visit the station you’ll receive a Ziploc suitcase, a country card for coloring, and a sticker!

Plus there’s so many other free things at Disney that not enough people talk about!

It’s easy!

Sooooo easy. There’s plenty of space to color and relax. There’s plenty of markers. And there’s almost never a line of more than one or two people. (Ok lines do happen but I think 1 line to 100 walk ups is pretty amazing at Disney.)

It’s personalized

When you visit you’ll receive a card–and while the back is blank for coloring, the front has a spot for the attendant to write your name in the native language! It’s the perfect time to learn how to say hello from somewhere else.

It’s the perfect way to stay motivated

Motivated for what exactly? In case you didn’t know, the world showcase is a loop, and that loop can be quite long after a few days at Disney! Adding in Kidcot stops to sit and rest makes a huge difference.

You get a prize!

Once you’ve visited all 11 Kidcot stations you can head to any station and collect a prize. Your very own Mickey postcard!

They have an adult version!

Not sure if I would call this the adult version or the “I don’t want to color” version, but you can buy a passport at the gift shops and walk around to the Kidcot stations collecting stamps.

Where is Kidcot located?

You’ll find the Kidcot stations in each pavilion!

Look for the Kidcot signs- but it’s almost always inside the shopping area (Canada is at the exit to the show there–so either walk backwards or catch it on the way out!) See the My Disney Experience app for all the locations if you get turned around!

Save this post for later

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