Kidcot Fun Stop Guide at Disney World’s EPCOT (perfect for kids of all ages!)

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Inside Epcot you’ll find the World Showcase- which is supposed to be a step inside other countries and it can be very ‘adult’. After all, EPCOT is not thought of as kid friendly. But that’s where the Kidcot stations come in!

Designed for ANY age, you can visit one of the 11 Kidcot locations and engage with authentic people from the country you’re visiting! This makes it easier for kids to explore alongside their family, and adds an element of fun education to the trip.

Are they still doing Kidcot at Epcot?

Yes, Kidcot is back at Epcot and tons of fun. The differences now compared to preclosure are that there are less Country Ambassadors, stickers often come on the cards already, hours are shorter, and not all cast members sign your cards. You still receive your card, sticker and baggie, plus some education and coloring time.

What are the hours for Kidcot Fun Stops?

Hours do vary, and some areas can close rather early (like 5, 6, or 7 oclock instead of park close at 9). It’s best to do the Kidcot fun stops when World Showcase opens and finish up around dinner time to make sure you’ve collected all your cards before each location closes.

Plus Epcot has a ton of play areas and it’s really fun for kids, especially the flower and garden festival.

I wasn’t sure at first, but my kids absolutely love the Kidcot station- and I’m sure yours will too (it’s very popular). So let’s talk about what makes this a great addition to your day and a few tips for success.

7 things to know about KIDCOT at EPCOT

Kidcot Fun Stop Locations

You’ll find the Kidcot stations in each pavilion!

Look for the Kidcot Fun Stop signs- but it’s almost always inside the shopping area. Starting in Canada (so heading right into World Showcase)

Canada- at the exit of Canada Far and Wide (so either walk backwards or catch it on the way out!)

United Kingdom- For those of you who know where Christopher Robin’s old room is, where Winnie the Pooh used to meet… this is at the exit of that meet and greet. Since they aren’t meeting currently, the other way to get to this stop is to head inside the last shop on the right and walk all the way to the very back. (it’s across from the maze!)

France- Inside the main shop. You can walk in like you are going to get pastries, or find it after you’ve exited the Sing-along.

Morocco- Inside Morocco’s archway, you’ll find the Kidcot spot over by the drink stand on the right hand side.

Japan- All the way at the back of Japan, walk just inside the doors there and you’ll see the table directly before the main doors of the shop.

America- Located directly in front of the restrooms in America is this outdoor pavillion Kidcot stop.

Italy- One of the only Kidcot stations outside, you’ll see this stop on the right once you enter Italy’s courtyard.

Germany- This stop is what I call a ‘boobytrap’ as it’s basically in a toy shop! Once you enter Germany, head to the right and go inside the gift shop called Der Teddybar.

China- Inside the House of Good Fortune Gift Shop, you’ll find the table on the right (note, go into the first entrance, not the one all the way at the very end of the alley)

Norway- Over by the Frozen Ride is a gift shop on the left hand side before you enter the ride. Head in there and find the Kidcot table by the troll. Or you can head to the Kidcot station after exiting the Frozen Ever After Ride.

Mexico- Walk inside the Pyramid, past the Coco exhibit, and inside the actual shop area (like if you were to ride The Grand Fiesta Tour). It’s at the base of the stairs.

See the My Disney Experience app for all the locations if you get turned around!

Is kidcot at EPCOT free?

Kidcot at EPCOT is included in park admission. You will receive a ziploc suitcase, cards at each location, plus stickers! There’s also coloring supplies like markers available at the Kidcot stations for you to use when you visit each kidcot.

In an age where it feels like everything is nickeled and dimed, it’s enjoyable to just have a fun scavenger hunt that’s included with your admission. My kids love that a Ziploc suitcase, a country card for coloring, and a sticker are included at each location.

Plus there’s so many other free things at Disney that not enough people talk about!

Kidcot is super easy to do- great for all ages and abilities

Sooooo easy. There’s plenty of space to color and relax. There’s plenty of markers. And there’s almost never a line of more than one or two people. (Ok lines do happen but I think 1 line to 100 walk ups is pretty amazing at Disney.)

The cast members work with your level and age, and never assume abilities. It’s really a breath of fresh air that there are unique and inclusive activities like this at Disney World. It reminds me of the Wilderness Explorers Program at Animal kingdom, but this is even easier!

There’s also no stress to finish every single country, as you can go to guest services and grab any cards you might have missed at the end of the night .

Kidcot is also personalized

When you visit you’ll receive a card–and while the back is blank for coloring, the front has a spot for the attendant to write your name in the native language! It’s the perfect time to learn how to say hello from somewhere else.

This has been modified some, as attendants from certain countries still aren’t available… but this doesn’t stop you from looking it up on google and doing some edutainment with the kids.

It’s the perfect way to stay motivated to go around the World Showcase

Motivated for what exactly? In case you didn’t know, the world showcase is a loop, and that loop can be quite long after a few days at Disney! Adding in Kidcot stops to sit and rest makes a huge difference.

Kidcot stops encourage you to go INSIDE the country, instead of just walking through or only going in one shop. Plus there’s seating, so you are able to take some time to learn and take in the sites and sounds of this particular world.

You get a prize!

Once you’ve visited all 11 Kidcot stations you can head to any station and collect a prize. The prize is… Your very own Mickey postcard! Keep it to send off at Magic Kingdom, where the mailboxes on mainstreet are real!

They have an adult version!

Not sure if I would call this the adult version or the “I don’t want to color” version, but you can buy a passport at the gift shops and walk around to the Kidcot stations collecting stamps.

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