5 Kid Friendly things to do at Epcot’s Festival of the Art’s

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Epcot is all about the festivals now a days, so much so that they have dedicated festival booths and areas that stay up all year (talk about commitment) so heading to the International Festival of the Arts with the kiddos needs to be on your to do list! 

While some of the other festivals focus more on adult offerings (cough cough food and wine) other ones, like Festival of the Arts, have lots of kid and family friendly activities. 

I’ve taken my kiddos two years in a row now and they’ve loved it so much! It’s a fun festival that’s also low key. Sure there are crowds on the weekends, but overall, this festival is much easier to navigate and get around without the crazy crowds that come with the favorite flower and garden festival! Though we do that one with kids too.

So let’s look at the top 5 things to do with kids at the Festival of the Arts. 

1.It’s all about the Chalk 

There’s two really fun chalk things to play with at FOA. The first is on the walkway between the world showcase and Future World, you’ll find Chalk Art (like Mary Poppins!) 

Here’s one of the drawings by the artist that you can find at the Festival of the Arts!

PLUS- over by the land area you can get the whole family involved in Chalk Art with a floor coloring station. 

2. Fun Photos Galore!

Recreate famous pictures with your kids! This is one of my favorite things to do because there’s a photo pass photographer there to assist you in getting the perfect shot! 

3. Keep em busy with this artists palette- bonus treat included!

Simply find the pictures around the world showcase then redeem them for a puzzle- best part, it’s on an honor system so if you don’t finish the scavenger hunt you can still get the puzzle!

4. Old Favorites with a new Twist

Do you have way too many photos of the same old characters? If you’ve been before you’ll know, there’s only so many photos.

So when the characters have a new outfit (like at this new restaurant) you take advantage of it! Several of the characters have artist renderings of their outfits and you get them in the pictures! Here’s one of Donald’s in Mexico. 

5. Get the whole family involved in paint by number

This is another one of those free activities that really puts little pixie dust in your trip! Grab a little paint container at the kiosk located by the paint by number and a corresponding number- then go to town!

This is best to do in the morning/afternoon so that you can find lots of numbers and then see it finished on your way out of the park in the evening! 


Kid Approved Food Fun!

This isn’t something that we do because #allergies but you’ll find lots of cute activities like a cookie with different edible paints (and a paintbrush!) and also a white chocolate puzzle that you paint with edible paints! When you grab your passport you can find all of the fun kid friendly eats!

Parent Pro Tip- kids anxious to get moving inside the parks? Take them to the playground located in future world, the two splash pads when it’s warmer, or hand them the passport because it has pictures inside and let them play a matching picture game!

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