Is Legoland Worth It? You might be surprised what’s worth it (And what you can skip!)

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LEGOLAND, like most theme parks, is somewhat expensive. And when your planning a trip, you need to know how much you’re going to enjoy your vacation!

Things like, “Will it be fun? Will I enjoy myself? Will the kids be entertained? What about the adults?” are considered when your planning (or that family member who comes up with these ideas dumped it on you and now your double checking).

So is LEGOLAND worth it?

Yes, it’s worth for most people. There are things to do for kids, teens and adults. It’s going to be most worth it for Parents/Caregivers of children 1-13 who are looking for a lower stress yet still entertaining theme park vacation. If you are an adult, there’s still plenty to do, but you might enjoy other theme parks in the Orlando area more.

There are some pretty amazing things to see and do like Miniland, the Many Rides, the Creative Building Areas, the Botanical Gardens, the LEGOLAND themed hotels, the play areas and the unique lego building opportunities and sets. The shows and entertainment are ok, as well as the Water Park and Peppa Pig.

Let’s take a look at all the things that make a visit to LEGOLAND worth it (and a few overhyped areas that you should take into consideration!)- and if your headed there soon, be sure to learn about tips for a Great LEGOLAND Vacation!

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What makes LEGOLAND worth the visit?

There are a lot of things that make a trip to LEGOLAND worth it, but you know yourself and family best! See the items below decide if a LEGOLAND Florida visit is in your future.

Friendly reminder, this post (and all my posts) are my own opinion based on my own expenses checking out the theme parks. Should I ever get sponsored content (which I never have so far), I’ll be sure to clearly state that in the beginning of the review!

The number one reason it’s worth it: Enjoy a Relaxed Theme Park Vacation

Let me tell you… I’ve been to all four theme parks in Orlando numerous times with my kids, and LEGOLAND wins HANDS DOWN>

When most people think of a Florida Vacation, they think of Disney World, and they aren’t wrong. Disney World has the most popular theme park in America (and maybe the world!)… the problem is that planning a Disney vacation is like taking a college class! 

At LEGOLAND Orlando, things are very different. There’s little need for itineraries, it’s much easier to find yummy food, and the holiday events aren’t way overpacked!

Yeah, you’ll still encounter lines, you’ll still deal with the occasional rude guest, you’ll still need to bring in sunscreen and avoid paying for over priced water.


Bars next to play areas in the Hotel? Check!

Multiple enclosed play spaces all throughout the LEGOLAND park? Check!

Lego tables available for kids to play while their adult waits in line so there’s no meltdowns while waiting for rides? Check!

In fact, I’d argue, as a theme park blogger and regular, that LEGOLAND is the most relaxing park available in the greater Orlando area. 

Worth it to Get Inspiration 

If you are a lego lover, you MUST go to LEGOLAND. I’ve always been a fan (they are so nifty!) but it is wild to see what they come up with in the park! So many things are made from Legos that I could have never imagined.

And yes, I know that you can see some great designs online, but to see them in person… functioning… and all intricate. Just Wow. It’s equivalent of a museum to an artist or a great concert to a musician as it leaves you feeling inspired and ready to create! 

It will really level up your LEGO play at home, and teach both you and your kids more ways to play.

Plus the Discounts on Legos 

OH and discounts on LEGOS?!?! Sign me up! Not only do you get to go and be inspired, but you can also take home some of the LEGO magic at some steep prices!

We’ve bought all of the kids legos either at the park (or the Lego store in Disney Springs) but the best prices are hands down at the theme park! Plus they have some items that are harder to find online, and some really cool displays! 

The Rides are worth it

Think of rides that are better than the local fair and amusement festival, but just a step below Disney World.

The rides here are fun, easy for kids to enjoy, immersed in LEGO theming, and relative low in wait times.

I think the rides are a classic underlooked element. Legoland has triple the amount of rides for a 6 year old than Seaworld or Universal, only beat out by Disney World.

Worth it for the LEGO Design areas

My first time to LEGOLAND I was shocked!

There are lego tables and building areas and ENTIRE buildings dedicated to LEGO creativity.

When you walk inside the hotel? Floor to Ceiling LEGO building areas.

When you walk into the building areas? LEGOS galore, with building instructions and helpful ‘Model Citizen’ Employees to help you build.

Hidden worth it? The Historic Garden 

I know, I know, you came for a theme park, but humor me here!

Inside you’ll find the old ‘theme park’ that used to exist on these grounds.

Built in 1939, The Historic Cypress Gardens Botanical Garden is a world all it’s own! It’s an incredible way to spend an hour or two walking on the hidden paths and experiencing a wild 80 year old garden!

But mostly, we spend about 30 minutes going through it to really give the kids a look at something they wouldn’t get to see otherwise.

It has a rich history, especially when you consider the Civil Rights Movement, and is a great place to learn about Florida History. This is actually one of my legoland hacks, as I sneak off to the gardens to cool off and avoid the crowds!

Travel around the World at Miniland

Again, this is one of those things that folks who appreciate legos will understand (and parents who aren’t taking little kids to these places will appreciate the accurate depictions!)

Come one come all to the world of LEGOLAND Miniland, where you can see mini lands and sculptures of famous places! There’s New York City, Miami, a real life NASA station, and Las Vegas.

With over 30 million lego pieces, you can watch Lego Dolphins take flight, get blasted by a Lego FireTruck, or delight in a real lego Space Ship soaring into the atmosphere. 

Maximize your Budget

Another great reason LEGOLAND is worth it is because of the Budget Friendly Factor. Now, just looking at stock tickets, the daily prices are on par with the other Central Florida Theme Parks.

But the reality is that LEGOLAND does where more sales and discounts and they have some really amazing packages you just don’t find at the other parks!

Overhyped LEGOLAND theme park things that probably aren’t worth it

Let’s start first with the rides. Now, I like the rides as they are kid friendly and safer than a local parking lot Fair, but they don’t really compare to places like Disney World or Universal. My kids enjoy them, the lines are shorter, they are fun and have nice elements, but… it’s not the top reason to go. It’s especially hard to go when you the crowds are high- and you’ll need to check the lower crowd times to maximize your days here.

The Shows are also nice, and the kids enjoy them, but again… it’s likely something you could see at a local theater or another theme park.

I still recommend doing them when you are there, but don’t go out of your way if you are crunched for time. We do the shows to enjoy some kid friendly entertainment while sitting down, not for the broadway reviews (because they dont compare). 

Lastly, the food doesn’t hold a candle to the amazing creations you’d find at Disney World, Universal or a Large Downtown Area at your local Big City. Yes, we’ve eaten it and I’ve done a full allergy review (9/10 recommend by the way!) but it’s not memorable. If you need to go somewhere that blows your taste buds, this isn’t it! (This is overhyped because kids LOVE the burgers/pizza/ice cream at every corner.)

So is LEGOLAND Florida Worth the Visit?

Yes! There are so many great reasons to head to LEGOLAND Orlando, namely the amazing lego creations and opportunities to build, the fun educational components and how easy it is to plan and relax on vacation. Some things that aren’t worth it over other competitors would be the rides, the shows and the food options. While these are good, they aren’t the highlight of the show! 

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