Is it worth going to Disney World in 2022? (Disney Blogger weighs in)

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Since everything got twist turn upside down in 2020, we’re all trying to figure out where to go from here! 

For me as a Disney World Blogger, it makes perfect sense to drive the 45 minutes to a revamped and very safe Disney World… but for other’s the choice is not that simple. 

Is it worth going to Disney World in 2022? While this is a highly personal decision, it’s good to remember that there is no time like the present! The prices will continue to rise, older attractions will get updates, new rides and attractions will be added, and Disney World will continue to evolve. That is to say, each and every Disney Vacation will be unique, and there is no way to determine what lost memories might be worth to you if you decide not to go. For some, it’s not a big deal, and for other’s,  it’s a priceless adventure.

There is also the high likelihood that Disney World will be “back to mostly normal” come 2022, and that means that your vacation will be similar to those pre-pandemic. But, there are no guarantees, so if you do plan to go, use discretion when booking options that are nonrefundable and consider travel insurance. 

The good news is that Disney is continuing to roll out some awesome additions, let’s look at what they have planned for 2022! 

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What will Happen in Disney World in 2022?

Starting October 1st, Disney World will be celebrating 50 years of making Magic in Orlando Florida! We know from other celebrations at Disney World and at other parks around the world, that this is a big and fun adventure for all! It is expected to last around 18 months, but we won’t know for sure if they will extend the festivities further into 2023.

For now, we know it will take up all of 2022, and it should involve some ‘rebooting of the magic’ to entice guests to come back throughout the celebration. 

Courtesy Disney

Much like how Disney World is doing ‘stages’ for the Food and Wine festival, it appears that Disney will stage certain parts of the celebration beginning in October. If you want to get the full experience, you’ll want to come to Disney World in 2022, because there is some uncertainty about exact dates that they will release all of the planned festivities.

We do know a few things are for sure going to happen as evidence by Disney’s own website. There’s Decorations and Character Enhancements, New Rides like Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, and Several New Nighttime/Daytime Experiences. 

In 2022 you can expect:

  • New Fireworks Show at Magic Kingdom 
  • Confirmed KiteTails Show at Animal Kingdom 
  • New EARidiscient Outfits and Decorations 
  • New Pyrotechnic Harmonious Display at Epcot 
  • Rumored Magic Kingdom Daytime Parade 
  • New Beacons of Light at all four theme parks 
  • Rumored Play Pavilion Opening 2022 in Epcot 
  • Rumored Moana’s Journey of Water Opening 2022
  • Confirmed New Menus at many restaurants and special 50th Anniversary Options
  • Rumored Nighttime Parade at Magic Kingdom
  • Rumored New Christmas Party for 2022 (current new Afterhours Holiday event in 2021)
  • Updated Resort Rooms Featuring Disney Characters
  • Possible New Rides in 2022 or 2023
  • Possible Return of the Disney Dining Plan
Beginning Oct. 1, 2021, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse will host “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” honoring Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th anniversary in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. They will dress in sparkling new looks custom made for the 18-month event, highlighted by embroidered impressions of Cinderella Castle on multi-toned, EARidescent fabric punctuated with pops of gold. (Matt Stroshane, photographer)

There will absolutely be other items added to this list that might nudge the needle more for travel. For the most part, this celebration will be embraced by those who are more ‘die hard’ fans, as simply changing out parades and nightime shows isn’t much of a draw to those who come infrequently. 

If you are debating a 2022 vacation, now would be a good time to consider planning for the first half of the year, while checking in to see what has been added. 

Is it worth it to go to Disney World in 2022 based on budget and value?

This one is a pretty cut and dry answer based on what we know now, and what we expect to happen in the following months based on patterns and trends. Because of the reschedules and the lost income, Disney has been pretty tight lipped about any Guest cost reduction methods like hotel discounts, dining plans, or targeted savings. 

Especially as we consider those people who had to reschedule early 2020 vacations, that are facing the sticker shock of Disney World after the closure, where they are paying more to attend while planning a trip that is significantly smaller than what they had originally planned. 

Courtesy Disney

For all intensive purposes, Disney is charging very similar prices to 2019 (and in some cases higher) without the same amount of options, attractions and events. There are currently limited and distances meet and greets, the absence of multiple shows, and no FastPass. 

If these things bleed over into 2022 based on health protocols, staffing shortages and possible other complications, then we can easily say that 2022 is not worth it value wise when compared to 2019. 

But we need to consider that Disney World will recover, and things will eventually get better. This means that prices will continue to go up, and we could be lamenting in 2025 how much more expensive a trip is compared to 2022. 

However, there are many who have been cooped up at home and in their cities, unable or unwilling to leave, who would jump at the chance to enjoy a week at ‘ The Most Magical Place on Earth’. There’s not really a price tag that you can put on making memories and taking a mental wellness break from your day to day lives.


So is it actually worth it to go to Disney World in 2022? 

Yes, it’s worth it, especially with the new additions and the likelihood of lower crowds in the first half of 2022.  But if you go expecting an experience like you had pre 2020, it might be better to plan a 2023 trip so that all of the issues can be resolved (like staffing shortages, and closed attractions).

From a purely monetary standpoint, Disney isn’t offering as much as 2019 while still charging the same or higher, so it might also be a good idea to hold off till 2023 to make the trip. 

If you have kids with you, this trip could be very different. We cover more in the Toddler 2022 guide for Disney World, and in the latest post about Family Hacks for a Disney Vacation.

Is it Worth Going to Disney World in 2022 with Sars-Cov-2 still around?

Because this could change at any given time… That my friends is a loaded question I simply can’t answer because it’s a very personal choice.

You’ve got to consider your immunity levels (checking mine gave me a lot of peace of mind), your health conditions and the current environment about two weeks before you head out for vacation. Make sure you talk to your HealthCare Team and decide what the risk/benefits are before heading to Florida.

What will you decide?

Are you going to be heading to the parks in 2022 or waiting until things are more smooth? That’s the question we’re all wondering as we head into ‘a new world’ based on the 2020 upset.

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