The most important item to bring to Disney World

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Packing lists for Disney World are all over the internet, even I have some for babies, toddlers, and a general list. But packing lists aside, was is the number one item you need to have for Disney World?

That is a good question, and there is an equally good answer.

This item that I strongly strongly strongly suggest you consider is something that can make or break your vacation.

Without this item, you can be facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair costs.

This item will allow you to have peace of mind at Disney World, and also makes your life easier. And who doesn’t need an easy trip?

While this item won’t make your entire trip perfect (no, it’s not a magic wand!!!) it will make it so that you can enjoy your trip with comfort, have fun on rides, and help keep you organized.

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What is this magical must have item for Disney World?

For those Disney Pros out there, they know that there are a few essentials that you need to bring. But there is only one item that is essential to your Disney World Vacation comfort. Before we dive into that, let’s look at the runner ups that didn’t quite make the cut.

  • A cell phone charger- while they are super useful and definitely an item I recommend bringing, they aren’t 100% necessary thanks to charging areas and Fuel Rods.
  • Portable Fan/Stroller Fan- these are seriously amazing. But, Disney does sell fans and cooling towels, so if your in a pinch you can grab one of these. Though I recommend getting it off Amazon for half the price!
  • An autograph book- these are great for making memories and keeping track of your favorite characters. Their are so many unique ideas now too, like using a Disney Character book and having them sign the page.

These are all discussed in the TOP 5 essentials you need to bring for your Disney World Vacation. But there’s more than just the top 5.

This item we are about to discuss is so important that it needs it own page. It will LITERALLY SAVE YOU 50x what you spent on it.

The Winner is…….

A cell phone pouch.

Yep, if you want an item that will save you hassle, stress, frustration, and a ruined vacation, you want a (preferably waterproof) cell phone carrier.

Your cell phone is generally worth a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, and even with a protector (like an otter box and a glass screen protector) IF YOU LOOSE YOUR PHONE, you will have some decisions to make.

Some people have a waterproof phone, but if you loose it, it doesn’t matter if it got wet or not.

Some people have insurance on their phones, but not all people have that option.

And even with insurance, the likelihood of you getting it replaced at Disney is… like 1%.

So you would be on vacation, wanting to take pictures and check your MyDisney experience app, and your phone would be lost (on a ride) or left at a restaurant, or maybe some nefarious prick snatched it up to sell it online.

You know what you would be wishing? Dayum, I should have gotten a designated pouch/bag for my phone.

And don’t even go there with the, ‘I’ll put it in my pocket’ argument.

WOMENS CLOTHING RARELY HAS POCKETS. – sorry, for the yelling. I’m pretty sad about the whole pocket situation. I just can’t seem to find clothing where my phone doesn’t fall out.

Sure, I could give it to someone else in my party, like my husband, but if he walks away, he takes my phone with him.

Between the lost phone, and the fact that clothing isn’t always cooperative, it’s obvious that 85% of people NEED a phone pouch. (If you are part of the 15% that doesnt need one- I envy you!)

But aren’t phone pouches ugly?

So your willing to risk loosing your phone on a ride, or having water splashed on it from a ride or (the worst!!) dropping it in the toilet because phone pouches are too ugly?

phone pouches aren’t ugly anymore

you can find many of them that are waterproof!

Let’s look at some options

Ok. maybe you already have a phone carrying pouch- good for you! I believe that everyone can benefit from them because they are a good habit to get into. No digging around a messy purse or bag to find it, or accidentally leaving it somewhere because you had to set it down!

There are cute ones, and there are ones that look tacky as your pictures from middle school. But if it saves you a lot of money on vacation, who cares!

Traditional travel phone carrying pouches

hip pouch, and cross body bags

That’s all folks!

What’s your must have when you come to Disney World? Mine is my phone (and all the nifty accessories like a Disney Themed pop socket!)

Let us know what you take with you to the parks!

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