Navigating Disney’s Fort Wilderness like a Pro: Your Ultimate Guide to Getting Around!

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Hey there, fellow Fort Wilderness explorers! So, you’ve made it to this magical camping paradise within Walt Disney World Resort, but now you might be wondering, “How do I get around this place?” Fear not, adventurous souls, because we’ve got your back!

See all the tips and tricks you need to know to navigate Fort Wilderness like a true pro below. If you are coming from the Parks or Resorts, you’ll want to see this guide instead. From transportation options and pathways to insider hacks, get ready to conquer this sprawling wilderness and make the most of your unforgettable journey.

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Internal Disney Buses for Fort Wilderness

At Fort Wilderness, there are walking paths, and there are some parking spaces, but you’ll find them to be limited. 

In order to go to all the locations, you’ll want to be familiar with the Internal Bus System. The Bus is complimentary, and takes you to all the campsite and cabin loops, the pools and the Shopping and Dining Areas. Many people take the Internal Buses to get to all the Best things to do at Fort Wilderness, but if buses aren’t for you, consider the options below!

Bringing or Renting a Golf Cart 

By far the most popular option at Fort Wilderness it the Golf Cart! You can bring your own, or rent directly from Disney. They do discourage outside Golf Cart Rentals, and have several limitations on getting those into the resort. 

If this is the first time (or First Time in awhile) to the Fort, you may be interested in the other Must Know Details to make sure you have a magical time at Fort Wilderness.

Do you need a Golf Cart when visiting Fort Wilderness

You don’t need a golf cart when visiting Fort Wilderness, but it highly recommended! A golf cart lets you get around the resort with ease, you won’t need to wait on Internal Buses or Walk. It’s especially helpful if you are staying more than three nights.

We’ve stayed at the Fort eight times in the last five years. Out of those eight times, we’ve had a golf cart for five of them. The other three times we didn’t get a cart and we regretted it! There’s just so much freedom in being able to hop in the cart and head wherever you want!

How do you rent a Golf Cart at Fort Wilderness

Cost to rent varies from $60-80 dollars per day.

When renting a Golf Cart, you’ll want to give them a call! You can actually rent a golf cart before your book your trip (but you MUST have it linked to a reservation to ensure it doesn’t get dropped. Guests are only allowed to rent carts if they are staying at the Fort). Advance reservations are highly recommended and can be made up to one year prior to your visit by calling (407) 824-2742

Carts are sometimes available on a First Come, First Serve basis- but tend to sell out fast!

You’ll need a Driver’s License to rent the Cart, and all drivers will need a Valid Drivers License. There is Security at the Fort and they do check these things- so plan accordingly.

Can you rent a Golf Cart from an Outside Company?

If you are renting a Golf Cart from an outside company, they are not able to drop it off at Fort Wilderness. You will need to have a vehicle or trailer to ‘bring it in as yours’, as the company will get turned away by security.

Using your Vehicle 

There are a few locations where you can use your own Vehicle at Fort Wilderness.

  • The first is parking up front, where you can board the Disney Transportation Buses to the Parks and Disney Springs.
  • The Second is your Campsite/Cabin Site.
  • And the Third is the Dog Park.
  • (sometimes, not always, there is enough parking room at some Comfort Stations for you to use your own vehicle depending on the size)

If you have a handicap designated vehicle, there are a few spots at the Meadow Trading Post that are for handicap vehicles. This is where you’ll find a shop and the Campfire, but there are no spots at The Settlement Trading Post where Hoop De Doo and the Boat to Magic Kingdom are. 

Walking/ Bike Riding/Scooters etc 

There are many trails at Fort Wilderness for Walkers, Bikers and Riders. These are helpful for getting around, but they aren’t always connected, so check the map before you head out. For example, you can walk from the main Check-In/Parking Area to the Campsite loops… but it forks and you’ll need to know which direction to go to get to your campsite. Also note that some of the trails through the campsite loops can be rather long and windy. 

I highly recommend adding Bikes, Scooters and Helmets to your packing list! For more things you should consider bringing, head to the Fort Wilderness Packing List.

Disney also has restrictions on motorized bikes and scooters, so call ahead if you are interested in learning more about what is permitted. 

Can you rent Bikes at Fort Wilderness?

Yes! Head to the Bike Barn, where you can rent bikes for an hour or for the whole day. Everyone will be outfitted with a helmet, and they do have options for children and toddler riders.

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