How to do Hollywood Studios with a Toddler or Preschooler

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Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World is the place to be with all the fun new additions of Galaxy’s Edge! With so many fun new things going on at the former MGM studios park, like the addition of Star Wars, this park is going to be a hot attraction! Let’s look at all the fun stuff that toddlers and preschoolers can do at this park.

Personally, I’m just glad they’ve added so many options! This last year with my preschooler, toddler and baby at Hollywood Studios has been a blast.

Finally, they’ve made the park a bit more little kid friendly! (although I’m still hoping for an updated baby care center, it’s a tad small. You can read all about baby care centers here.)

It goes without saying that Hollywood Studios is the place to be if you are Star Wars fan. But Hollywood studios is not just Star Wars land, it is so much more than that.

Not only do they have fun for the whole family, but they have many things that toddlers and preschoolers really enjoy. If you are looking for JUST rides for toddlers at Hollywood studios, you can get the quick guide here!

From fun rides, Laugh out loud shows, and character That keep you entertained to Delicious eats, Hollywood studios is the place to be.

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Fun for the kids- Character meets

Disney World has so many different ways you can meet characters from character meet to seeing them in the streets to having character meals.

Hollywood studios is no exception!

In fact they have quite a lot of characters that you could meet, especially ones you might see in the movies. There are a few tips you should know ahead of time for making the most of your character meets, especially if you want to make it extra special for your kids!

One of the best places to meet characters for toddlers and preschoolers is in the Disney Junior Zone. The Characters here tend to rotate, but normally we always see Doc McStuffins and one of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Characters. Plus others like Vampirina and Fancy Nancy.

You also have many other options like characters from the Incredibles and Toy Story. And then special seasonal meet and greets of popular characters like Moana and Mike and Sully.

Don’t forget about Star Wars! They are meeting all over the park it seems.

Check the guide for the most current meets- but do know that there are a lot of them!

Shows and Entertainment Galore- the best views for the little ones

It’s fitting that Hollywood Studios has so many options for shows and events.

After all, the are named after an iconic movie center, and they were originally called MGM studios.

So, let’s talk about all the fun stuff you can see!

Little Mermaid Voyage

This fun little show is a mix of live action and animatronics sure to entertain people of all ages.

It’s cute, it’s a good place to cool off, and the lines aren’t long. It’s a must see when you have younger kids!

The Muppets 

If you’re all about the classics, you will really enjoy the 3-D Muppet show.

Filled with quirky jokes, slapstick humor, and your favorite green frog; the Muppet show takes you on an interactive trip that is perfect for when you have 15 minutes to spare.

I don’t recommend a fast pass for this ride as there are barely any lines. This is a great place to stop when you need someplace cool to rest, in fact we’ve done it more than once on our days at Hollywood studios when we needed a break.

If you’ve ever been to Hollywood Studios, you’ve likely seen this show- it debuted in 1991.

Lightning McQueen 

The Lightning McQueen show, all the way at the end of Sunset Boulevard, is one of the newest attractions to Disney World. It came out in Spring of 2019!

It’s not a ride, instead it’s a fun interactive show for people of all ages. They say it’s 15 minutes, but I was so entertained that I didn’t even realize that 15 minutes had gone by so fast.

Using the same facial visuals as the Frozen ride at Epcot, Disney is able to bring Lightning McQueen to life as you take part In his racing Academy.

This is especially exciting because of how new this is, and it highlights the direction that Disney is going with it’s newer shows. We were definitely impressed!

lightning mcqueen race academy

Indiana Jones 

If you like action and special effects, then you will love the Indiana Jones show at Hollywood studios. You do not need to have watched any of the Indiana Jones movies to enjoy the fun.

The show starts off with a bang, literally, and will keep you entertained while you relax in the shade. The only downside is that it doesn’t have AC. Also I do not recommend getting a fast pass for this show, as it’s normally not filled to capacity as the arena is quite large.

I’ve asked my toddler if he likes Indiana Jones over frozen or vice versa, and he can’t decide because they are both fun shows that are unique.


If you love frozen and you love to sing thennnnnnnn you need to do the frozen sing-along.

frozen sing along celebration

Even if you don’t like Frozen, it is still worth going, because the two new presenters are absolutely hilarious and sneak in some very funny, yet PG, adult jokes.

This 30 minute show is a great way to relax in the AC, while keeping everyone entertained.

Looking for more Anna, Elsa and Olaf? Find out where you can meet the Frozen Characters at Disney!

Lots of Action- what rides are fun?

Ok so here’s the thing.

Depending on when you read this and when your vacation is you might have more or less rides available.

Currently, the only ride FOR SURE that anyone can ride is Toy Story Mania in toy story land.


If your kiddo is taller than 32 inches, they can ride Alien Swirling Saucers in Toy Story Land.

Then we have the new Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, which is a toddler blast for toddlers and preschoolers!

Once Star Wars is open (this is super dependent on availability!) the Millennium Falcon ride will be available for those 38 inches and taller.

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The Food may be the best part

Disney Hollywood studios also has lots of themed restaurants that are great for the younger kids.

Hollywood and vine is a fun themed restaurant with some of your favorite characters like those from Disney Junior and Minnie mouse. Disney Junior Characters are in the a.m. for breakfast. Then in the evening, Minnie Mouse has several themed dinners throughout the year that guest can partake in.

And there are several quick service restaurants scattered throughout that have kids favorites like chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, and hamburgers. You certainly won’t struggle to find ‘kid food’ at Hollywood Studios!

Definitely stop by Woody’s Lunchbox in Toy Story Land! Not only is it super cute with all the theming (it will take you back in time!) but it also has some delicious eats (even allergy friendly finds!)

There is one place I don’t recommend.

The sci-fi drive-in movie theater restaurant as it’s a little intense for younger kids. It shows some ‘horror type shorts’ that are just too much.

See ya real soon

Overall, your toddler or preschooler is going to have a blast at the parks, and you will certainly find a lot to do! Check out our other posts for more helpful tips and planning.

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