Holiday “Allergy Friendly” Gingerbread treats at Disney World Resorts (made in house) 2021

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It’s November and that means all things holiday at Disney World. Like in previous years, Disney World Resort lists which items will be available and their locations.

Here’s the 2022 update for the Gingerbread items at Beach Club

We took a look and headed over to the only place listed as Gluten Free- which was the Beach Club area (including Beach Club Lobby, Beach Club Marketplace, and Market at Ale & Compass).

**** As of November 17 you can also find the Gingerbread men at Wilderness Lodge. These are the options served, and they are not going to be carrying the Erin Mckennas brand like at the Grand Floridian.

Available Holiday Treats, Photos and Ingredients

Two things to note: These are listed as “friendly” because they are made in house in a shared facility. These are also the only ones listed as gluten friendly on the official Disney guide (but as in years past, they leave off items).

As always, check ingredients in real time.

First up are the Mickey Gingerbread in Regular Glazed and Chocolate. Price is 5.79 for one. These are made at the Beach Club Bakery (no word on allergen procedures yet) using Cup4Cup Flour. These contain Egg and Dairy on the glazed, and egg, dairy and soy on the chocolate flavor.

Then we have the Gluten Friendly and Plant Based Brownies. Price is 4.99 for one.These are made with Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Flour and Enjoy life chocolate. There is no may contain warning, but these are produced in a shared facility.

Not listed as gluten free, but without gluten on the label are the Trio of Fudge. Price for these are 7.99 for three. The fudge does contain dairy, soy and treenuts.

Lastly are these adorable trio of Marshmallow Men. The price is 7.49 for three. Listed on the ingredients are dairy and soy.These marshmallows are made in a shared facility.

Authors note: I was unable to find out info about the bakery. All of the bakers and chefs had left for the day, and the manager (assuring me that allergies were important) was unaware of how things are made and could not answer any of my questions. Please speak with Disney Cast Members should you have questions and to confirm allergens.

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