Holiday Allergy Friendly Shake in Hollywood Studios is Delightful

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There are always tons of fun treats that come out during the holidays! If you are headed to Disney World soon, this festive drink might be in your future.

Everywhere is getting a splash of seasonal decor and the foods are coming out in full force! While there’s normally a ton of regular foods, allergy friendly options are alittle harder to come by. That’s why I’m so excited to share this modified Peppermint Holiday Donut Shake with you!

This is the Holiday Donut shake (that replaces the candy corn shake). 

It is a modified candy cane shake as the donut contains gluten. I chatted with a chef and checked the allergy book to confirm the rest of the ingredients. As always, confirm allergens and procedures for your needs in real time.

So the Chef made this without the Donut, but with everything else. (and there’s other gluten friendly treats to eat too, like these four options at Beach Club resort)

The Candy cane shake base has corn, milk, soy listed (Unknown soy ingredient, I didn’t see soy in the line up) 

The  peppermint runner around the cup contains corn and red dye. 

The Dairy Pure whipped topping contains only milk (and this is the most commonly used whipped topping around the parks)

No nuts, eggs or sesame listed. Making this a great modified treat for those who do not have a milk or corn allergy 😍

Find this at the end of Sunset Blvd in Hollywood Studios at Hollywood Scoops (where you can also find gluten free brownies- but not enjoy life cookies!) 

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