Highly Recommended Gluten Free Chocolate Taco at EPCOT’s Festival of the Arts 2022

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Good desserts are hard to come by… and gluten free desserts? Almost impossible!

But there’s more than one dessert this year at the Festival of the Arts that is gluten free and we are OH SO HAPPY about it.

Since the Festival runs from January 14- February 21 (before quickly switching in March to yet another festival with more offerings) you’ve only got a short window to try this Chocolate Taco!

As a reminder, festival booths have a big risk of cross contact because they are prepared in outside kitchens and then bussed in. Please take that into consideration when ordering and speak to a qualified Cast Member/Manager before ordering. I’m not employed by Disney! If you need permanent EPCOT options, head over to EPCOT with dietary needs.

Taco de Chocolate Gluten Free, Soy Free, Nut Free- Contains Milk and Egg

Coined the ‘Taco de Chocolate’, this literal chocolate taco is both eye pleasing and mouth pleasing!

We loved the presentation of the taco, and that we could add (or not add) the honeydew and pineapple seasonal fruit offerings onto the taco.

As far as taste goes… This is one of the better desserts I’ve ever had. It’s got a great consistency of crunchy and soft. Plus it’s not too sweet and has a very balanced flavor.

The taco didn’t hold together because of the crunchy shell… but that’s the only character flaw in my humble gluten free opinion.

Overall- I’d get this taco several times over- and it’s one of my top recommendations for food at the Festival of the Arts!

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