Delicious Eats at Harambe Market in Animal Kingdom (Gf/Wf, Df, Sf, Ef, Pn/Tn)

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Located over in Africa section of Animal Kingdom, Harambe Market is a seasonal quick serve that offers some pretty yummy eats!

We headed over there to check out the allergy servings for the adults and the kiddos and see what all the buzz was about… and happy news. It’s a very good quick service option especially for those with a soy allergy!

Note that this is different than the Harambe Fruit Market, which is located nearby and full of snacks (like fruit options and a whole ear of corn)

Looking for the all the best places to eat? Head over to the Touring Plan where you’ll find an updated list of options at each park, including sweet treats (with allergen info!)

Food Allergy Menu Options at Harambe Market (Gf/Wf,Sf,Df, Ef, Pn/Tn Free, Fish/Shellfish free)

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

Much of what is offered here is a “bowl” of rice, greens and proteins! All of these bowls can be modified for the top 8 allergens.

For your bowls, choose from the Ribs, the Chicken, or the Beyond Sausage Hot Link. Pair with greens and cilantro or white rice. Fries are available on request and made in a dedicated fryer (they contain soy lethicin). The chicken is grilled, and if you’d like chicken tenders, head over to Restaurantasaurus.

Hot Link Bowl with beyond sausage- modified with white rice and no sauce.

I’d argue that the bowls are better than the one’s at Satu’li Canteen *only* because they are more basic. I prefer less ingredients in my meals because of my food anxiety, so just getting plain white rice with greens and a beyond sausage meant I was 110% sure that there was no allergens in my meal!

If you’d like a more exotic type bowl, Satu’li Canteen would be your go to.

We grabbed allergy cookies here which are the new Home Free brand that have stepped in to sub for the Enjoy Life Cookies.

For the kids I grabbed smaller portions of the adult bowls… one with double fries and one with a portion of rice and cookies.

Plus the Frozen Flamingo, which is free of common allergens and made with Minute Maid Strawberry Smoothie Base Blend.

Overall, a great easy meal, like many of the quick serve options at Animal Kingdom!

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