Your Guide to Disney Bubble Wands and Light Up Toys (Photos+Prices)

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Welcome to the ultimate guide to bubble wands and light-up toys at Disney! Among the many experiences and attractions, one thing that always captures the imagination of both kids and adults alike are the enchanting bubble wands and dazzling light-up toys. Much like the souvenir cups of carnivals or the taste of cotton candy from childhood fairs, These whimsical accessories add an extra layer of delight to your modern Disney adventure. In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about bubble wands and light-up toys at Disney.

Will Disney replace the batteries on Bubble Wands and Light Up Toys? 

Yes! Many Cast Members will replace the batteries. It’s rare that the batteries will run out, but if you bubble maker is not bubbling- it might be the batteries. I typically try to grab a Bubble Maker at the back to ensure the battery lasts the whole trip.

Does Disney provide bubble solution when the Bubble Makers run out? 

Yes for a fee. You can purchase Bubble Solution Refills at the shops listed below (including the carts) for 2 dollars.

Can I bring my own Bubble Wand to Disney?

Yes you can! Disney doesn’t have any current restrictions on Bubble Wands, though discretion is advised (no bubblers that look like weapons, or that are excessively large)

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Current prices for Bubble Wands and Light Up Toys at Disney

Last Updated June 2023

How much are Disney Bubble Wands? Depends on which item you are purchasing (which is why the individual prices are listed below!). Bubble Wands are currently listed as 32 dollars, and sometimes they ring up closer to 30 dollars (with no explanation from Cast Members, but I’ll take the random two dollar savings from the list price!) Light Up Toys vary in price from $12-30.

>What discounts are available? 

Regular discounts apply to Bubble Wands and Light Up toys. These include discounts for Annual Passholders, DVC members, Chase Card Holders (when minimums are met) and Cast Members.

Budget Friendly Alternatives

While I’m a big fan of the light up options at Disney World, with three young kids it seems silly to purchase 100 dollars worth of bubble wands that aren’t going to make it through the week (note that the pictures below are from my 30% discount as an annual passholder!)

-Instead you can buy options at Amazon or Target, as they both have bubble wands and light up toys. I have tried several options, and I would avoid the ones with ‘wings’ as those fall off easy, and the ones that are bazooka blasters.

Note: You should test and try any Pre-purchased bubble wands before you pack them for your trip!

-A large pack of glow sticks, with new options for each night, is another great alternative. Amazon has large multi packs of glow sticks that you can preorder or have delivered to your resort.

-Lastly, with younger kids, especially toddlers, it might be in your best interest to just get a simple light up toy. Examples include items you likely already have at home (which is what I did for mine when they were under three!) Light up Skip Hop, Fisher Price, or other small toys or stroller attachments are ideal. Shop toddler light up toys on Target or on Amazon.

Current Bubble Wands and Light Up Toy Offerings at Disney World  

Mickey Mouse Bubble Wand

  • $32
  • The Classic Mickey Mouse Bubble Wand over the last few years, this toy has delighted millions of kids (with Caregivers learning how to push a stroller without a faceful of bubbles). There’s two modes, lights and music only, or lights, music and bubbles

Little Mermaid Bubble Wand

  • $32
  • New and improved, though surprisingly still featuring the animated little mermaid (not the Live Action one), we’ve got the Little Mermaid Bubble. Like her predecessor, this one has Music, Bubbles and Lights. There’s two modes, lights and music only, or lights, music and bubbles

Toy Story Bubble Wand

  • $32
  • A New option, the Buzz Lightyear Toy Story Bubble Wand has flown into Disney World! This is a smaller Bubble Wand (unlike the ones above which are so large they can be hard for small hands to hold). There’s two modes, lights and music only, or lights, music and bubbles

Olaf Bubble Wand

  • $32 
  • Olaf meets Bubbles in this adorable Bubble Wand featuring a smiling Olaf on top with light on the bottom. There’s two modes, lights only, or lights and bubbles.

Baby Groot Bubble Maker

  • $32
  • Not the easiest to hold, but the best for placing on the ground as you run around and frolic in the bubbles! I’ve seen this one discounted several times, so it might not be around for much longer.

Frozen Light Up Toy

  • $25
  • With Anna and Elsa on the Handle, this is the perfect toy for Frozen Fans who don’t want to deal with Bubbles! It has two modes, the spinner mode where it automatically spins (the Snowflake lights up blue, and the middle and bottom flash several colors) OR the manual mode where you press a button to turn the spinner on and off.

Mickey Spinner Light Up Toy

  • $20
  • Currently the smallest of the toys, the Mickey Spinner has several extended lights the twirls and spin with the bus of a button. Great for kids and adults who know not to place their face in the path of the spinning lights. It has two modes, the spinner mode where it automatically spins OR the manual mode where you press a button to turn the spinner on and off.

Slinky Dog Light Up Toy

  • $28
  • At first look, it seems like a regular slinky dog toy. Then you take it out of the packaging and the LED light coil actual extends (like a real slinky dog!) The Colors are intermittent and not very bright. There is also no noise.

Tinker Bell Light Up Toy

  • $22 
  • The Tinker Bell Toy is a large wand with a star on top. When not lit up, it’s green and white. When lit up, it rotates between several colors (red,blue,green) and can flash green depending on the setting.

Lightyear Laser Saber

  • $39.99
  • Complete with lights and sounds

Mickey Balloon Light Up Wand

  • $27

Mickey and Minnie Spinners

  • $20
  • Featuring Mickey or Minnie, these light up Spinners have several designs in the LED light spinner.

Fantasia Mickey Light Up Wand

  • $27

Grogu Glow Wand

  • $23.47

Disney Parks Light Up Spinner

  • $20
  • This is one toy I wouldn’t recommend, because it seems like the little light up blades get bent and break easily. Everyone of these I’ve seen has been damaged before purchase.

Light Up Balloons

  • $20
  • You’ll find these Balloons at Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Disney Springs. They typically come out in the late afternoon, but you can sometimes ask for one earlier in the day if there is not a line.

Where can you purchase Bubble Makers and Light Up Toys? 

⭐ Inside Several Stores in the Theme Parks, including:

  • Emporium in Magic Kingdom (the shops to the left on Main Street USA when you first walk in)
  • Creations Shop in EPCOT (the shops to the left after you have passed the EPCOT Sphere/Ball)
  • Mickey’s of Hollywood at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (the shops to the left when you walk into Hollywood Blvd)
  • Island Mercantile at DIsney’s Animal Kingdom (once you see the Tree of Life, it’s the shops on the right)

⭐ Stroller and ECV Rental at Front of each Park.

  • Rental for EPCOT is to the left once you enter the park (before the EPCOT Sphere)
  • Rental for Disney’s Animal Kingdom is to the right once you enter.
  • Rental for Magic Kingdom is the right once you enter for ECVs and further ahead under the BreezeWay the stroller rental is to the left)
  • Rental for Hollywood Studios is to the right once you enter.

⭐ At Outdoor Carts inside the Parks- Typically in the evening and night time

⭐ At Disney Springs Shopping Center (no parking fee and no entrance fee) you can purchase Light Up Toys and Bubble Wands at World of Disney.

⭐ Options Vary at the Resort Gift Shops

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