Update: Mislabeled Gluten Friendly Cake at Main Street Bakery is still available (though signage has improved)

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Several weeks ago we reported that there was a new labeled Gluten Friendly item for sale at Main Street Bakery (which is Starbucks) in Magic Kingdom.

The Bad news is that this is actually mislabeled because the crispy pearls that come on top of the premade cake contain gluten, and you can see this on the allergen sheet provided by Main Street Bakery at the bottom of this post. While the cake itself is ‘gluten friendly’ the entire item is not, and is very misleading!

Many of us in the Allergy Community expressed our concern and issue with this blatantly mislabeled item available for purchase. I personally spoke with management, emailed special diets (the most unhelpful yet sadly necessary arm of disney’s allergy customer service) and commented on social media posts (as did many others!).

This is just another example of a large corporation looking to capitalize on the ‘gluten free fad’ while disregarding those of us who have allergens and intolerances.

The cake was supposed to be offered as a larger part of their 50th celebration offerings… and I’ve covered all of the actual allergy friendly ones in this post.

Disney Flops with Gluten Friendly Cake that actually has Gluten

Good news… most of the signs have been removed advertising the gluten-friendly part! The cake was still in the display case, but I saw nothing inside of the store that said it was gluten free.

Here’s the old sign…

and the new updated sign I spotted today has no mention of the cake… seemingly a partial remedy to the entire debacle.

The issue is that it is still labeled gluten friendly in the app as of December 3rd… something I hope Disney World removes quickly!

Otherwise, the cashier and the manager I spoke with today were VERY quick to point out that the cake has gluten (something that I’m sure will save many in our community the grief of eating a mislabeled item!).

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Just remember to check everything in real time, and don’t trust the label… look at the allergen sheets and speak with a Chef or Manager!

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