Topolino’s Terrace Character Breakfast- Gluten Free and Food Allergy Menu (Review&Photos)

One of Disney’s newest character restaurants is tucked at the top of a French themed tower in the beautiful resort of Riviera. This is one of the newest additions, so you’ll find that the glitz and glam is still in full force (everything new is fun!)

Another new addition is the Regal Eagle Quick Serve just a skyliner ride over to EPCOT. Highly recommend that as well!

I have to say- I was underwhelmed when just visiting the grounds besides the mural by the skyliner, but eating at Topolinos definitely changed my mind! (Also didn’t help that it was nighttime and rainy and we had to ‘sneak’ on to the resort LOL- another story for another time)

But the inside of the restaurant was really a treat. It was very homey feeling (very hygge) but also still ‘Disney’.

Like some of the other character restaurants, they have themed merch at the very beginning of the store. Good thing the little one can’t talk yet…

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It’s beautiful up there at the top! Really, I can’t fully explain it but once you see it- you’ll know what I mean. 

Here’s a picture of the view- you can see everything. 


Tower of Terror.

The flying death traps they call the skyliners (Which I say in jest, but they will make your heart stop when they lurch forward)

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And let’s just be honest, I love seeing the characters in new outfits, even if Mickey the Painter would make Bob Ross blush with how dirty his paint filled brushes were! 

So initially, I had low hopes for allergy food. Call me a realist but reviewing restaurants every week has me skeptically of brand new menus.

The chef was a tad delayed, and also not very forthcoming with options so I probed him about what we could throw together for a safe option. 

Yes, I know I talk about this a lot in the Food Allergy Guides about ways to get around the unknown, but it was an off day for me and I just wanted a meal and a nap.

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My Breakfast date and I just hanging out!

Let me say, going in with low expectations was great because he blew my mind with the selections! 

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well hello Donald!

MEAL 1- soy, dairy, egg, gluten free meal.

Truly it was a magnificent treat we went back twice!

First up was a fruit tray, which was such a lovely spread and sun butter (as I avoid nuts but not an allergy)!!!! Also, goji berries? Which my waiter told me was a South American delicacy.

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Next up (they brought it all at the same time) was smoked salmon Minus the cream cheese with a safe toast- and let’s just say that the toast, salmon and tomato was perfectly paired. 

They did NOT have anything from Erin Mckennas.

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Last but certainly not least was a safe plain bagel, and a bowl of breakfast potatoes. 

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While butter was missing- it was a wonderfully paired meal with more food than I could comfortably eat! which is saying something, because my last character breakfast at Cape May left a lot to be desired- despite the chef trying really hard.

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    Meal 2- It was so awesome we took the older kids!

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    I loved our first meal so much I brought my aunt on her first day back to Disney World in 24 years! She totally loved it!

    Said it was one of the highlights of her trip and she couldn’t believe how fun and playful the characters were. Daisy was her favorite!

    Let’s talk food! My aunt ordered a gluten dish that was soy and shellfish free- she didn’t care for it much!

    She enjoyed my salmon and toast better (I got the same thing as above)

    My oldest can have egg, and the middle can have baked egg, so they had some yummy appetizers!

    Kinnickick Donuts and Udis’ Muffins! It was so cute and absolute heaven!

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    Plus this is the kids meal for my oldest.

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    Mickey shaped food allergy friendly snacks

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      Oh! and I got a better picture of this gooseberry (or golden berry) this is a south american delicacy according to my server (got the same one twice- he was fantastic!)

      He told us about how his grandmother would make the berries with milk… it was one of those magical moments with cast members that just hits you in the heart!

      So here’s a picture of the gooseberry.

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      Let’s talk about who we got to meet!

      Oh and the characters! 

      We met daisy. 

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      And Mickey! 

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      obvs the food was good if he couldn’t be distracted by Mickey!

      Here’s the allergen menus for your viewing, you might need to mix and match (I asked about the steak but apparently it’s soaked in dairy?)  This is all top 8 free options for adults.

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      This is all top 8 free options for the kids! No safe soy free waffles… that’s a bummer.

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      AND this menu was SO CUTE! they really outdid their previous ones that we are used to seeing around the parks with this completely custom kids menu.

      I’m pretty excited to try this for dinner time- I was very impressed! They were setting up for dinner as we were finishing up.

      I was slightly disappointed that we only got to see the characters once, but I had my youngest with me and he doesn’t really pay attention to that- if they bigger kids were with me I would have been more vigilant that the characters came by more than once (they did for the table by us)

      Overall 10/10 I will most certainly be back! (and I went back! we’ve been twice now and I’m sure we’ll go again!)

      Wonderful meal and it certainly helps that it’s so convenient when at Hollywood Studios or Epcot that lack in the breakfast options! You can certainly have the best of both worlds- learn more about how you can confidently enjoy a disney vacation with food allergies

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