Gluten Free at Three Bridges Villa Del Lago (Coronado Springs)

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Waterside dining at Disney is a great way to enjoy a Florida meal- double bonus if you’ve got the perfect atmosphere. 

And that’s exactly what you’ll find at this hidden eatery in Coronado Springs- a beautiful view on the water and a crowd level reminiscent of what you’d find at a small tourist town. 

It’s the perfect combination- and throw in some allergy-friendly food and you’re in for a real treat! It might even being in the running for my absolute favorite resort treat– but it’s not quite as allergy friendly for everyone!

They have one of the most exciting things here- BUT before we get started, it’s important to note that they open at 430- not for lunch!

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Where’s it at exactly?

Its literally on the water- in the middle of three bridges! It’s that kind of originality that keeps us coming back to Disney World 😉

This is at the Coronado Springs Resort- and while this resort is rather large, this bar and grill is easy to get to from the main building (it’s a farther walk if you’re staying in the newly erected tower!)

honestly- the view is totally worth is.

What do they offer? 

Primarily a full service bar, they offer a wide assortment of wines, mixes, beers and coffee. It’s so enjoyable to literally be surrounded by water on all sides (it sits on the lake between three bridges!) and have a drink with a place that doesn’t really feel like Disney world

They also offer a limited number of eats- one in particular that I came for. Gluten Free Churros! You’ll only find these at one other place- Nomad Lounge in Animal Kingdom

Most things here can be modified to be gluten free. The only things that can’t be modified are the Shrimp and the Crispy Chicken Sliders. 

Menu with plant based options

Lots of the options here have soy and dairy (including the churros)- especially since this isn’t a full service restaurant and operates as a bar with some finger foods! You can take a quick walk down the bridge to the quick serve at Coronado for a bite to eat! 

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