Gluten Free Onion Rings at Disney World

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There’s a rumor on the facebook groups and tucked away on hidden instagram pages… the infamous, gluten free onion rings at Disney World.

These bad boys look delicious- yet deceptive. Are they really safe?

So when you find out they are…and when you’ve been without gluten for awhile, you jump at the change to have these delicious treats again, just like you would for some Gluten Free Beignets.

Where can I get these at? πŸ‘€

You’ll actually find them at TWO places- they are located next to each other and considered sister locations.

The thing is, you may need to work to get them because their located at Disney Springs.

gluten free onion rings
Gluten free onion rings at Cookes of Dublin

That’s right- the first place is called and it’s a sit down restaurant that you generally need a reservation for. The next place is MUCH easier to access BUT they will only serve the onion rings on occasion (what occasion that is, I don’t know. Sometimes they have it, sometimes they dont!) and that location is Cookes of Dublin, which is considered a quick serve.

gluten free onion rings
Cookes of Dublin menu!

We’ve had them at both locations, and while they are delicious, they do make my belly hurt.

There’s conflicting info too- I’ve been told it’s a dedicated fryer, but others have been told that the oil gets cleaned and recycled, which means that gluten particles could remain. That’s up to you to determine your comfort level!

Have you had these elusive onion rings? What did you think? Comment below!

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