Nomad Lounge at Animal Kingdom Gluten Free Review

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One of the fun things about Disney World is that you can sometimes find some hidden allergy friendly treats!

No, not everything can be made gluten free or allergen friendly- but if you are willing to travel or keep your eyes peeled, you might find a secluded gem.

That gem is the Nomad Lounge in Animal Kingdom- one of our absolute favorite places to stop when we are in the ‘other’ kingdom and one of the places we love to go for a snack with our gluten free kiddos.

Where’s it located?

This restaurant is almost like a quick service. There’s Tiffins, which is the main restaurant, and then Nomads Lounge which is the more casual offshoot.

This is located on the way to Pandora.

If you come into Discovery Island where the tree of life is- go left. Then you’ll turn into the walkway on the left before starbucks and the baby care center.

ADA friendly?

I haven’t been inside (three kids and a stroller- no thanks) but the outside seating is very much wheelchair and ECV friendly.

There’s plenty of room in the walkway and lots of places to sit, stay in your mobility device or transfer (though the seats are pretty low and kinda squishy)

Here’s some pictures of the seating!

What’s Special there?


Seriously, this is the only place on property to get them, and they are heavenly. I’ve had some people tell me that they taste better than the regular churros.

DisneyLand in California is famous for their churros- but we dont have the fun selection here at Disney World.

Thankfully, we do have these churros- sprinkled with sugar and served with dipping sauce. They are a must have!

They come in 5 at a time, and if I’m being honest, I could easily eat a few baskets myself, but we normally just grab one or two to share with the family and split some apps and drinks.

Ditch the anxiety- you aren’t going to starve at Disney World

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    Our Review and what we ate

    We’ve been here many times- it really is one of our favorite places to go when we are at Animal Kingdom. Lots of times well do a late breakfast at tusker house, then grab a few snacks before coming to nomads lounge for some churros and a drink!

    This particular trip we had the Gluten Free Churros- they were very delicious! They had quite a bit of sugar on them this time, that part is a little inconsistent, probably based on whose working.

    The sauces that come with the churros are ok- but no one in my family really eats the churros with the sauce. We like them by themselves.

    My husband had the mustang coffee.

    He described it as “keto coffee” and a “punch in the face”

    Then we got one of the appetizers. It Basically tasted like chicken with thai peanut sauce. Yummy, but not really memorable like the churros are.

    The Menus

    Ok, here’s the goods for all you curious people out there that like to plan things!

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