Gluten Free Churros at Disney World

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After going gluten free, one of the things I missed the most was a soft sugary pastry. There’s nothing like fresh baked goods, and while the frozen gluten free section is a good substitute, it doesn’t compare to the real thing!

So I’m very happy to share that Disney World has Gluten Free churros!

These Churros are soft, safe and so delicious. I highly recommend you add this as a stop on your next Disney Trip.

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Are Disney Churros Gluten-Free?

There are two locations for Gluten Free Churros at Disney World (both table service restaurants). One is inside the Animal Kingdom and the other at a resort. The churros you find at the churros stands cannot be made gluten free.

Where to find Gluten Free Churros at Disney World

Find Gluten Free Churros inside Animal Kingdom at Nomad Lounge Table Service Restaurant. You can order them togo from the bar, sit at the bar, or get a table with a reservation. All of the Churros here are gluten free. The other place is the Three Bridges Bar and Grill at Coronado Resort. You’ll special order the gluten free churros here.

Not into churros? The secret menu beignets may be what you’re looking for!

Ready for more hidden and fun gluten free treats? See this time saving guide for your next Disney World vacation

***As Always, please speak to a qualified restaurant employee when ordering food. In order to see the most accurate ingredients and risk assessment, you will need to confirm allergy safety in real-time. This is my personal experience, I am not employed or endorsed by companies or brands mentioned.***

Did someone say… Gluten Free Snacks?

I’ll send you some of the best Gluten Free Snacks at Disney World (pictures included!)

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    Let’s talk about the Gluten Free Churros inside Disney World!

    These are only found inside Disney at Animal Kingdom (see below for the other spot)! At Nomad Lounges you’ll find both indoor and outdoor seating. It’s got great views of the river below.

    Let’s talk about the Churros! These are made in a dedicated Gluten Free Fryer with Cup4Cup Flour. All of the churros here are Gluten Free, so you’ll just need to confirm with the waiter before ordering that these are good for you!

    They come in 5 at a time, and if I’m being honest, I could easily eat a few baskets myself, but we normally just grab one or two to share with the family and split some apps and drinks. There’s so much to eat at Animal Kingdom if you are gluten free, see more of the options here!

    There’s plenty of room in the walkway and lots of places to sit, stay in your mobility device or transfer (though the seats are pretty low and kinda squishy)

    Here’s some pictures of the seating! While your here, I can’t help but recommend this pizza place that is nearby and also has gluten free croutons!

    Looking on the map, find Nomad’s Lounge. Or, if you are walking around, head towards the main entrance of Pandora. Nomad’s will be on the right hand side before you get to Pandora, next to Tiffins Restaurant.

    How to get the Gluten Free Churros without a Park ticket?

    Head to Coronado Springs Resort at Disney World (no ticket and no parking fee required). Walk to the bar in the middle of the lake, called Three Bridges Bar and Grill. Ask for the specially made gluten free churros and state your needs/allergens! Enjoy.

    Did someone say… Gluten Free Snacks?

    I’ll send you some of the best Gluten Free Snacks at Disney World (pictures included!)

    Get the week-long Gluten Free snack guide for free, by subscribing below.

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      Nomad Lounge Gluten Free Churro Details, Ingredients, Allergens

      All of the churros at Nomad’s Lounge are the gluten free ones! These are made with Cup4Cup Gluten Free Flour. They do contain Egg and Dairy- They do not contain other top allergens (the ingredients are actually quite simple, and housemade).

      I love that the Churros are made in a dedicated fryer and served warm with your choice of dipping sauces! Curious about Dedicated Gluten Free Fryers? Find a full list of gluten free fryers here. 

      DisneyLand in California is famous for their churros- but we dont have the fun selection here at Disney World.

      Thankfully, we do have these churros- sprinkled with sugar and served with dipping sauce. They are a must have!

      Our Review of Nomad’s Lounge and What We ate Gluten Free

      We’ve been here many times- it really is one of our favorite places to go when we are at Animal Kingdom. Lots of times well do a late breakfast at tusker house, then grab a few snacks before coming to nomads lounge for some churros and a drink!

      This particular trip we had the Gluten Free Churros- they were very delicious! They had quite a bit of sugar on them this time, that part is a little inconsistent, probably based on whose working.

      The sauces that come with the churros are ok- but no one in my family really eats the churros with the sauce. We like them by themselves.

      My husband had the mustang coffee.

      He described it as “keto coffee” and a “punch in the face”

      Then we got one of the appetizers. It Basically tasted like chicken with thai peanut sauce. Yummy, but not really memorable like the churros are.

      also note that the little sliders that they have can be made on a gluten free bun!

      More Gluten Free goodness at Disney World!

      My family is gluten free (thanks to celiac, FPIES and intolerances), and we’ve catalogued many of the items at Disney World. (note I do lump it under “allergies” but I know celiac is similar yet different)

      See more in this Gluten Free Guide for Disney World, or head to Instagram where I’ve made lots of videos of best snacks, desserts and secret menu items.

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