Gluten Free Mama Melrose

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Hollywood studios has certainly had a lot of changes these last few years (with more to come) so I’m really excited to add some more details about the other resturants when we visit.

Today, were going to talk about a fun little resturant tucked in a side area of Hollywood Studios.

Seriously, we’ve passed by this place SO many times (because we love to ride the muppets when we go to HS!)

Good news is, we’ve eaten there, and we’ve got a review for our fellow gluten free people!

Where’s it located

Nestled in the back corner of the Muppet Area in Hollywood Studios is the place for yummy Italian style fare, and that’s where you’ll find Mama Melrose!

It’s cute, it’s dainty and it’s a fun place for couples and families! I would say it’s more family friendly earlier in the day, and that it’s a nice place to grab a drink in the late evening before you leave the park.

Details about the restaurant

First things first, It’s not very easy to bring a stroller or ECV into the resturant. Many places have narrow walkways and this place was no exception. It did seem like there was quite a few ADA accesible spots at the front of the seating area- though the bathroom might cause you some grief (and I would suggest the other bathrooms at the beginning of this area!)

There are also stairs to get to Mama Melrose, so take the ramp that’s tucked to the right hand side.

Once inside the resturant it does have a bit of Muppets flair (which my kids LOVED!) and lots of celebrity pictures lining the wall.

Cuteness factor it would be an 8 out of 10!

Once we were seated we had a pleasant waiter, and we spoke to the chef about our allergies.

He was very knowledgeable, but the server wasn’t- that’s ok though. We knew that our chef was prepared.

The chef then came back out with prepackaged rolls, oil and herbs and adorable kids chef hats for our two oldest!

We did end up having to wait about 45 minutes for our meal (about 30 for the appetizer) and that is somewhat standard. You’ll see that service is very fast at the resort quick serve, but when you order individually (not a buffet or family style) the meal takes quite a bit longer to come out.

Is it Kid friendly?

Absolutely. This is one of the most kid friendly places we’ve eaten (besides hollywood and vine and quick serve) at Hollywood Studios.

Its got cute theming, it’s not too quiet and they’ve got pizza!

Here’s the kids allergen menu! (sorry for the crayon marks… ya know… kids will be kids!)

Details about what we ate

My husband had a pasta bowl that he absolutely loved! He said it had a great flavor.

It’s easy to find a red sauce pasta, but a little harder to find a good alredo, so he was very happy with what he ate!

The kids and I got an appetizer flatbread, and then main course was pizza and fruit.

Here’s the thing though- it looked pretty but it was very soggy underneath.

The crust for both the appetizer and the pizza was the same (and the same size), and so they were both soggy. The cheese was very good! So we ended up snacking on that and the rolls they brought originally.

Will we be back?

It really depends. We enjoyed it, but we also have other places to try in Hollywood Studios.

Whenever we do go back, I likely won’t get the pizza. My husband was very fond of the pasta and we might do that, a meat or a veggie option.

We’ve also since heard that their is a flourless cake option. It wasn’t offered to us when we went- so it will be something to ask about next time we are in Hollywood Studios!

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