My Favorite Gluten Free Snacks and Restaurants at Magic Kingdom

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Welcome to the Most Magical Place in the World for Gluten Free foods IN a theme park (technically some of the resorts have better options).

✨✨ Need Safe Snacks (and worried that you won’t find many)? Concerned You’ll be eating the same things like Burgers and Chicken while everyone else eats all the Disney Treats?

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Before We Begin…

If you don’t find what you are looking for, remember that you can catch a monorail from Magic Kingdom to check out the other allergy friendly without needing to stay at the resorts. This allows you some eats that are close by (and some you can walk to!). It’s often easier to stay inside the park and check out one of these yummy places for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a tasty snack!

You can also take the Monorail to EPCOT, or plan that for another day! Here’s the guide for Gluten Free EPCOT

Planning to head to the other parks on your trip? Find more info about eating Gluten Free across the entire Walt Disney World Resort.

Quick Jump Table of Contents

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

This post may contain affiliate links, read my full disclosure here.

Best Gluten Free Quick Serve at Magic Kingdom

There are a number of Quick Service options at Magic Kingdom, and these vary on Gluten Free Friendliness!

For Starters, not all locations will offer an Allergy menu (which has GF items listed) and, many of those that don’t have a menu will also not be able to accommodate you since the kitchens are likely too small or all the fryers are shared etc.

Mobile Ordering at Quick Serve Gluten Free

Next up, Quick Serve locations offer Mobile Ordering, and you CAN use mobile ordering while Gluten Free! You’ll need the updated Disney My Experience App,and a Debit Card or Gift Card attached to your account.

When ordering by Mobile Order, most of the options are made in dedicated Allergy prep areas in a shared kitchen, by a Chef/Coordinator trained in Allergies. Be sure to check when you pick up your food just in case. (And you can’t order with more than one Restrictions (so no Dairy Free/Gluten Free) but you can use the regular ordering for those!) See more about Mobile Ordering with Walkthroughs here.

It’s important to note that quick service is like Fast Food, and does not require a reservation.

Ordering at Quick Serve while Gluten Free

When dining at Quick Serve Locations, you can ask for a Coordinator, Manager, or specially trained Allergy Cast Member to help with your order.

Yes, even if you are ‘just gluten free’ (insert eye roll there!) you can ask for help to confirm items like shared or dedicated fryers, gluten free labelings on sauces or dressings, ask about secret menu items, dessert options that might not be listed or substitutions!

I typically like to go to a Cast Members that is directing traffic, or an empty window, or a Mobile Ordering Window to ask for someone. This way I don’t have to wait in a super long line to find out what to order!

Top 3 Quick Serve at Magic Kingdom for Gluten Free eats!

  • Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe (options like Burgers/Salad)
  • Peco Bills (Protein+ Rice Bowls)
  • Columbia Harbour House (options like Fish, Chicken Nuggets)

NOTES: I’d generally like to recommend Peco Bills (Protein+ Rice Bowls), but the service can sometimes be inconsistent. Similar to Pinocchio Village Haus (options like Pizza, Chicken Strips) where some people have had reactions because the Pizza ovens are shared. While there is a dedicated gluten free oven mat, it may be used incorrectly.

Great (and skippable) Gluten Free Table Service options at Magic Kingdom

In the other selection, we’ve got the Table Service locations. These include regular Sit Down options like Tony’s and Jungle Skipper Canteen, and also themed Speciality Locations like Crystal Palace Character Meal and Be Our Guest Signature Dining (with Special Appearance by The Beast!)

At Sit Down locations, you have a LOT more options. Significantly more Entrees and sometimes Appetizers and Desserts. Not all locations will have Appetizers/Desserts and Breads (And if that’s important to you, you’ll want to grab this guide!)

Here you’ll let your Server know you are Gluten Free, and then they’ll offer (or you can request) to talk to a Manager, Chef or Trained Allergy Cast Member to help with selections, secret menus, and information like shared services or safe recommended options. Most people will be able to order straight from the Allergy Menu (which includes Gluten Free options!)

Top Gluten Free Table Service Locations include:

  • Jungle Navigation Skipper Canteen in Adventureland (Love the Fried Chicken!)
  • The Plaza Restaurant at the end of Main Street USA (love the Turkey Club!)
  • Diamond Horseshoe or Liberty Tree (love the secret menu mac and cheese)
  • Crystal Palace Character Buffet (learn more about Buffets here!)

Personally, I tend to pass on Tony’s Town Square and Be Our Guest. Both of them have options, they are ok, but it’s just not comparable to what I can get at other Magic Kingdom locations!

My favorite sit down at Magic Kingdom is Jungle Navigation Skipper Canteen. They have Gluten Free Fried Chicken!

Another great sit down option if you want very simple Italian Style options is Tony’s Town Square at the front of the park. Tony’s gets less than stellar reviews from regular folks because it’s very similar to Olive Garden, but since I can’t enjoy most regular Italian places (but can enjoy the gluten free noodles and bread from Tony’s!) it’s different for us with gluten allergies.

They have Bread Service, Gluten Free noodles, and a few variations of regular items made Gluten Free.

Best Gluten Free Snacks at Magic Kingdom

There are quite a few delicious snacks at Magic Kingdom, and a number of them are safe for those of us with intolerances and celiac! But for starters, the popular Rice Krispie Mickey Heads are generally not safe, and you can read all about why these yummy mickey krispies didn’t make the cut.

We’re glass half full people around here and that means it’s time to dream about those gluten free goodies we can have! See more about the allergen binders and what to expect when you ask for them at the food carts and booths.

It’s super important to note that not all options above will always be gluten free. We learned this the hard way when we had a several different items actually *not* gluten free.

If you need more recommendations, menu options, secret menu items… go to the Unofficial Gluten Free Disney World Guide

Please also consider bringing in your own snacks. We do the non-chocolate versions of Lara Bars, ONE bars, and GoMacro Bars when we head to the parks! Disney has a really great policy for bringing in food (with or without an allergy!) but you need to make sure it won’t melt! Melted bars are not ideal for vacation.

Gluten Free at Magic Kingdom Special Events

There’s lot of options throughout the year at Magic Kingdom, and several of those have Gluten Free options!

Most Notably is the year round Firework Dessert Parties! I really like these, and I’ve done both a walk up gluten free, and also emailed ahead with gluten free options. While I’d like a few more desserts, the selection is worth it when you consider the price and the seating location. See the full review with Images of the Gluten Free Fireworks Dessert Party.

Next, we’ve got the Holiday events, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! I’ve been every year for the last several years and we’ve seen some improvements, some tests, and some GF options that we loved (but didn’t return!)

See all the Gluten Free Food options Mickey’s Not So Scary in 2023.

or MVMCP for this years latest news.

Items we always bring with us!

We are huge fans of Disney World, but between the reservations and lines, it can sometimes get a little hairy for food.

So we always bring three things with us!

Our Clevermade Cooler– it’s collapsible and insulates really well! We bring it with some snacks, or we bring it empty so that way we can grab snacks all at once and save them for later. It comes in a few colors (we grabbed blue as it’s easy to spot!) Best part is folding it up super small for when you don’t need it.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles– you can absolutely bring in plastic bottles if you prefer. We just don’t like the way it tastes. Please note that glass isn’t allowed!

Snacks galore!- I mentioned this above, but we always bring snacks in. Yes you can fill up on popcorn and ice cream- but we prefer a bit more balance in our diets. Our favorite items we always bring are goMacro bars as they don’t melt, and we also bring in electrolyte powder so we don’t need to grab gatorade.

FAQ for Wheat Free and Gluten Free at Magic Kingdom

Are there Gluten Free Beignets at Magic Kingdom?

No, Magic Kingdom does not offer Gluten Free Beignets. If you are interested in these, you’ll need to travel to a resort located ten minutes away. In Scat Cat’s Cafe, at the Port Orleans Resort, you can request Gluten Free Beignets.

Read the full review for Disney Worlds Allergy Friendly Beignets and why it’s a can’t miss for those of us with food restrictions.

Does Magic Kingdom offer Gluten Free Breakfast?

Yep! You can get Breakfast at the Character Meals (Crystal Palace and Cinderella’s Royal Table). You can also get modified options at Lunching Pad and The Friars Nook quick service.

Are you also Dairy Free?

Here is the guide for a Dairy Free Magic Kingdom adventure!


Dining at Magic Kingdom is very possible when you are gluten free!

Just remember to Make a Foodie List of items you want (or feel safe eating), pack snacks, and give yourself time to order.

Oh, and check out the Gluten Free eGuide for quick planning of all the snacks, desserts and meal options!

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