Gluten Free at Garden Grill in Epcot

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Normally character meals are super fun… but what if they could have an extra twist thrown in that makes them even better?

Cue the Garden grill at Epcot with it’s spinning restaurant.

Not only do you get to eat with your favorite pals, but you also get a glimpse of living with the land as you eat your meal.

This last time we went was our first with kids- and they loved it. My 4 year old was staring at the wall, “Wait. It’s moving” “We’re going on a ride while we eat lunch!” “Oh look, that’s new!”

Kids… πŸ˜‚

Let’s jump into the delicious food we got to enjoy, all gluten free and safe to eat!

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Precautions and Eating with Allergies at Disney World

For one, when you reserve dining, make sure to list your allergies (they don’t have options for all, so pick what you can!) Then CLARIFY at check in that you have allergies, get an allergen menu and ask to speak to a chef or manager.

Please consider talking to a manager or chef- especially if you have more than one allergy and ESPECIALLY if you have a cashier that might seem like they don’t know what they are doing.

As far as the kitchens, Disney has dedicated allergy kitchens and we know that they follow FARE guidelines. If they have a risk of CC they tell you.

For me, the times I’ve had exposure was when the cashier/server didn’t understand/didn’t properly list the allergies/gave me incorrect information. In their defense, they aren’t necessarily trained in allergies- so talk to a chef or manager if you are concerned.

You know those gut feelings that something isn’t right. Speak up! They have never (ok once at a quick serve place did a cashier give me grief) given me any problems.

The Details about Garden Grill in Epcot

The Garden Grill is located in The Land arena (it also houses sunshine seasons quick serve which we really like, Living with the land attraction and soarin)

Our one year old getting some pluto lovings!

It is located on the second floor which makes it very easy for those with mobility devices, the place itself was very ADA friendly.

No regular strollers are allowed in The Land though, so take that into consideration when planning your times!

The restaurant itself moves. Literally. In a circle.

We were really tripped out at first but quickly got used to it. It’s a very slow move, in the hour we were there we went around the circuit one time (maybe even slightly less).

Of course you go to the Character meals to see the characters, and they did not disappoint!

Characters we meet were Chip & Dale, Pluto and Mickey. They come around one at a time and we had such a blast!

Mickey mouse at Garden Grill in Epcot

The total costs for us in the summer season (remember, food and everything else is priced seasonally!) was 51 for adult and 32 for child. infants under 3 are free.

How was the Food? Was it safe?

The food was served family style, similar to ‘Ohana.

For appetizers, we were served drinks and rolls. The same rolls used at Crystal Palace, Mama Melrose and many other places on property.

gluten free Allergy rolls and salad with butter at Garden grill
These allergy friendly rolls are pretty common. They served it with regular butter, but we got vegan soy free butter for the kids.

Next up, we had the main course. It was quite good! The timing was perfect. We got to enjoy the salad and warm rolls, and then dive into the next plate of food!

We were served rice pilaf, a veggie medley, green beans, french fries, braised beef and turkey.

Main course, food served in a cast iron skillet, all gluten free, beef, turkey, rice, veggies and fries.
MMMMM this was one of the best gluten free lunches we had on our trip. Quick Service gets old after a while. LOL at my son, he was mad I made him wait to take a picture before eating!

The best part (besides the characters!) was dessert!

It was quite yummy! We had a strawberry shortcake for the adults, and the kids got a plate of enjoy life cookies.

Gluten free dessert strawberry shortcake
The strawberry shortcake was delicious!!!

Would I Recommend it?

We were pleasantly surprised at how good the food was considering we didn’t get to choose from a menu!

I would recommend it, especially considering some of the other options at Epcot (we have stayed away from many of them that aren’t owned by Disney based on the inconsistent reviews)

We REALLYYYY liked the characters. I know it can be hit or miss depending on who is working and what is going on. But they way the characters played with the other employees and the managers… woah, it was a blast!

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