Gluten Free Disneyland Paris Review 2023

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Bonjour from France! While I’m a Disney World Foodie through and through, This article is courtesy of a reader who went to Disneyland Paris while Gluten Free. She did a lot of research before hand, and grabbed items locally both inside and outside the park. 

While Disney World in Orlando Florida has a lot of reviews for Gluten Free Foods (and Food Allergies) that you can find online and on my site, Disneyland Paris doesn’t have as much available ahead of time.

On their website, Disneyland has an Allergy PDF, with a few select meals (and of course, Google has some helpful information).

Many thanks to Christina for Sharing her trip below, all photos and information are courtesy of her at @cmpeteet. She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

Grabbing Food at the SuperMarket near Disneyland Paris 

First starters, there is a super marché just down the road from DLP. It’s called Auchan and it is twice the size of a super target! I could have stayed in there all day. It’s two stories and has everything you could have possibly forgotten to bring with you and more.

> If you “self cater” meaning you have an air bnd with a kitchen, you can buy all the groceries you need here. 

Here are a couple of photos of the gf section. There is an incredible array of fresh food too so it’s easy to stock up on sandwich items to bring into the park.

Copyright Christina P @cmpeteet

If you come to DLP by train, this super marché is just across the street from the station. It’s about a 3 minute drive from DLP. You could easily walk it if you don’t mind walking in grass a bit of the way.

Note about the Hotels and Breakfast at Disneyland Paris

Hotels in Europe offer half board or full board. DLP follows this pattern and this becomes their dining plan.

 We opted not to get half board because we only had one day in the parks and wanted to rope drop early entry. I knew we would be exhausted by this point in the trip and I wouldn’t be able to get my family to the buffet that early. And I had packed a bar in my bag. 

We planned on Starbucks because they opened at 8am. There were no grab and go options at the resort. We were at the door of Starbucks in Disney Village a couple of minutes before 8. They informed us that they were having technical difficulties and wouldn’t be open until 8:40.

So, I had a GF bar and there where no options for the rest of my family at that hour and no places to grab coffee. I know this isn’t a grab coffee and go culture but I thought there would be options for that at the resort (no coffee makers in the room) and no kiosks open. 

>There were some breakfast kiosks that opened up closer to normal open time but hotel guests using early entry are out of luck.

Once inside Disneyland Paris 

We started our day at the Studios. They have one place we saw where you could get coffee. The place offered cookies and ice cream but not any real breakfast items. Definitely nothing gf other than coffee.

The Green Chip Van in this park offers French fries and drinks only, therefore there is no risk of cross contamination. It was not open yet so we didn’t try it.

There was a crepe kiosk by Ratatouille this winter but it has been removed. It did offer galettes which are gf. Cross contamination is a risk. Food options are very limited in this park in the morning. 

In the studios your main options for snacks are lays potato chips, popcorn, Mickey bars, the green chip van, and lollipops.

We left this park before lunch and headed over to Disneyland so I didn’t try any quick service here.

We ate lunch at Walt’s on Main Street USA and it was incredible. The staff was very helpful and super friendly (we have found that to true all over Paris too).

Copyright Christina P @cmpeteet
Copyright Christina P @cmpeteet

Here’s whats Gluten Free at Walt’s on Main Street USA. 

Starters: the soup and Waldorf salad are gf

> Sweet Corn Soup, Isigney Crème Fraîche, Smoked Popcorn and Pastrami

>Waldorf Salad with Roquefort and Lemon Thyme Vinaigrette

Main courses: the chicken and fish are gf

>Roast Chicken Breast, Mashed Sweet Potato, Green Asparagus and Pan-Fried Gem Lettuce, Chicken Jus

>Cajun-Spiced Arctic Char, Wild Rice with Corn and Coriander, Isigney Butter Sauce

For dessert they could only offer me a smoothie. I did enjoy the smoothie, it had a nice fruit flavor. 

I really enjoyed the meal. Everything tasted fresh and well made. Our server was delightful! She spoke 4 languages!

Copyright Christina P @cmpeteet
Copyright Christina P @cmpeteet
Copyright Christina P @cmpeteet

For Dinner, We chose the quick sévices place on Main Street. I got this salad but I didn’t use the dressing. It had a label and I couldn’t figure out most ingredients It was just a vinaigrette and probably fine but I don’t know every additive in French. This was the only option at this location other than fruit or yogurt.

The salad had chicken, carrots, edamame, an egg, and lettuce. Everything was identifiable.

This place was a little hectic and there wasn’t much staff.

Snacks at Disneyland Paris 

As far as snacks in this park, lays potato chips are at most kiosks. DLP draws a huge British crowd so there are lots of potato chips and French fries around. There is yogurt and applesauce available.

Popcorn is gluten free and you can find several kiosks that only serve popcorn, so there is no cross contamination.

They have Mickey bars and a dairy free dove bar also available.

Sadly, their dole whips are served in a cone and not in cups. They don’t always have cups on hand to serve it in for allergies. It’s hit or miss whether someone will let you get it in a cup instead. Inconsistency seems to be a real problem here. It’s not like WDW at all when it comes to allergies. 

Copyright Christina P @cmpeteet

Dinner at the Disney Newport Hotel 

When we arrived on Disney property we had dinner at the Newport hotel at Cape Cod. It’s a buffet full of seafood.

Their buffet is divided up into courses. I could have all the cold meats except one and all the cold salads except 1. The cold salads were all wonderful!

The next section was an array of plain, fresh seafood, no sauces. There were mussels, shrimp, smoked fish, snails, etc. All of these were gf. There was a section of cooked main courses. I could have most things in this section as well with the exception of gnocchi, one pasta dish, one beef dish with a sauce, and one fish dish with a sauce. Everything else was gf. The curried zucchini was amazing!!! I will try to recreate this at home. I enjoy a lot of vegetables so I loaded my plate up but I had plenty of main dish options too. I was impressed by how many options I had. My whole family loved this meal too. But, if your family doesn’t enjoy seafood, this would be a terrible choice.

I forgot to mention that I let my server know about my allergy when I sat down. He got a manager who was very friendly and helpful. He got the allergy notebook out and walked around with me.

As far as dessert, the only options were jello, ice cream, and macaroons. This is the norm at DLP. They really don’t do gf desserts. I love macaroons so this was fine with me. If I was a young child, I would feel left out and disappointed.

That’s a piece of cheese on my plate as well. We have found this grey cheese to be served throughout France and my family has fallen in love with it! We kept singing, “try the grey stuff, it’s delicious. Don’t believe me, ask the dishes!” 😂 I have no idea if the line from the song is based on this cheese but it seems to fit. The tiny cup pictured above is yellow jello.

Copyright Christina P @cmpeteet
Copyright Christina P @cmpeteet
Copyright Christina P @cmpeteet

The day we left we had breakfast at our hotel, the Sequoia Lodge. It is a buffet and there is no server to speak to. You get all your own drinks. That said, you have to talk to someone at the check in desk about your allergy. This was the only time I felt staff wasn’t very helpful. But, they did give me a whole loaf of gf bread!

Breakfast options are limited to eggs, cold meats and cheeses, bacon, fruit, yogurt, and beans. But, it was definitely enough to keep me from going hungry.

There was no fridge in our standard room but if you get an higher level room you get a fridge. This would help if you have multiple allergies. I can only imagine how that would further limit your options. I had plenty of snacks on hand but didn’t need them. Each meal I found enough to fill me up.

I have enjoyed throughout the rest of our trip having the whole loaf of bread they gave me at breakfast.

Copyright Christina P @cmpeteet
Copyright Christina P @cmpeteet

Here’s a picture of the snacks I bought at the grocery store. The tarts and biscuits are individually wrapped which has made them easy to throw in my bag each day. I’ve enjoyed them with afternoon coffee and tea when we’ve been out and about and needed a break.

Copyright Christina P @cmpeteet

I wanted to mention that I did have an allergy card in French with me but I didn’t need it in Paris or DLP. I didn’t have to get it out until we were in the small towns of Normandy. I felt more comfortable having one with me just in case. Funny thing, I’ve studied French for years and can communicate some. But, for some reason, I can’t pronounce any of the words for my allergy correctly. I was thankful I had the card with me in Normandy!

Hope this helps your reader and inspires them to take a trip to DLP.

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