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Gluten Free Be our Guest Breakfast and Lunch Review

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Be our Guest in the Magic Kingdom is one of the newer restaurants on Disney Property.

And even after a few years there’s still some buzz about them, especially since they changed their menu some last year! It’s also unique in how you order and how they serve the food.

We’ve eaten there a few times since then and have really enjoyed most of our food.

So let’s talk about the restaurant and highlight what’s yummy to eat.

Where’s it located?

You’ll find this fun restaurant in Magic Kingdom.

Since it is in the main park (the one everyone dreams about!) you might have a hard time get a reservation. Just keep checking!

It’s located towards the back right, kind of in fantasy land, but it’s easy to miss the turn to enter this area.

It’s by gaston’s tavern, and the little mermaid ride.

Details about Be Our Guest

This restaurant is very unique in how you order your food. You check in at the beginning of the line and walk down where you wait to enter the castle.

If you preordered your food (pease do this!) then you get to go to a different shorter line to pay.

For those that haven’t preordered, your handed a menu (they dont have an allergy one) and then you stand inline till you get to a que area with another hostess.

I tell them I have allergies and they directed me to a person (instead of the automated machine)

The cashier will go over the allergies and what options they have available. I’ve only done this once (every other time I’ve pre-orderd) and they weren’t very knowledgable.

They offered the french dip- even though the sauce as a CC warning and you aren’t served with it. Kind of defeats the purpose to have a meat and bread sandwich with no sauce and no cheese!

After ordering you get a rose puck- we’ve gotten one every time even if we have a magic band. It’s how they know where you are sitting!

You then pick a place to sit and get your drinks and silverware.

The inside has three areas for you to choose from. All of them have poor lighting for picture taking. We’ve sat in all three. The room to the far right seems to have the most seating (and we’ve brought our stroller in here) that would be the place to sit if you have ECV or a mobility device.

The main room is the ballroom and it is beautifully designed!

The room to the far left is the room where the rose is stored. It has some amazing theming and details such as a changing picture and the rose lighting up. Do go here to see the sights even if you can’t snag a table!

Once your food is ready they bring it out to you. It’s very fun!

The Breakfast food

Breakfast here is our favorite meal. We’ve had it a few times and it’s a great way to preorder, get to the parks, eat and make a game plan!

We like to do mobile ordering so we can see exactly what is available. This gluten free bread from Erin Mckennas is heavenly. Make sure you get that with your meal!

This is our favorite quick serve breakfast! Yummy breads, cute eats (the eggs are shaped like a michey head!)

The Lunch food

The lunch food is so/so. I wouldn’t consider this the best gluten free quick serve, but it is edible so that counts. We’ve also never had an issue with CC here or given the wrong food. So points for that as well!

This last time we had the french dip on the millet bread and the kids had turkey sandwiches.

The fries were very good!

The millet bread… wasn’t. It broke apart for all of us, so we just ended up eating the meat and sides.

millet bread falling apart from gluten free sandwich

Tell me about Dinner

I have not done dinner. I’m just being honest when I say that for a 60 dollar meal, where I only get to meet the beast, and I’m not sure what options they have available doesn’t sound that appetizing.

I have read reviews and it does seem hit or miss BUT i do plan to eat here when my daughter is older. I think we’ll go on a date together!

It is considered signature dining, and it is a four course meal.

Will we be back?

For breakfast-100%

For lunch- 50% (it’s just so cute! I might try the food again, this is one place I WANT IT TO WORK!!!)

Dinner plans are in the future.

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