Gluten Free at Grand Floridian Cafe

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If you want to eat somewhere quaint and charming, the grand Floridian cafe is the place to be. 

Nestled in the first floor of the grand Floridian is an adorable spot with a great view of the grounds and the seven seas lagoon. 

We really enjoyed our brunch, and despite a few mishaps it was an ok experience. 

Details of the grand Floridian 

We stopped by one day we were resort hopping. 

Generally they take reservations, but it was so quiet at brunch time that they had no problem fitting us in. 

The ambience is nice, and our waiter was very pleasant. 

It was a little hard with three littles to keep the noise down, but it was also so relaxed that we didn’t feel out of place. 

I may have threatened to take mickey away though… so that helped the kids stay focused!

The cafe was right next to 1900 park fare, a character dining featuring princesses. The little atrium where everyone sat was very cute! 

Bathroom Selfie with number 3!

The gluten free eats 

This was more like quick serve meets restaurant. 

We were seated, confirmed again that the entire table was gluten free and placed drink orders. 

Here’s the kids menu

Kids allergen menu grand floridian cafe

Here’s the adult brunch menu

Adults allergen menu grand floridian cafe

The kids and I really wanted Mickey waffles, so we ordered those. 

My husband picked the steak and eggs. 

The thing that kinda irked us though was that it took more than 30 minutes for our food to arrive. 

Gluten Free Waffles with

AND then- they served us a WHEAT Mickey waffles for the kids. 


I’ll be honest here and say I was very upset. The did rush the waffles for the kids but it’s not the same when your food comes out at two different times. 

The waiter was very apologetic and in a rush to get us out. So much so that we didn’t even get the kids dessert that we ordered (but didn’t pay for either), nor did I get the bacon with my meal.

Will we be back? 

In this particular instance I can say that they’re are many other restaurants on Disney property that we can go to that have some consistency when eating gluten free.

We may consider this restaurant again, as everyone has a bad day, but it isn’t in our top 20.

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