Gluten Free at Art of Animation and Pop Century

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Many people are so concerned with eating at the parks that they plan where they will eat outside the parks last!

The good news is that many of the resorts have some unique and delicious gluten free eats. In fact, we like to eat at some of the resorts more than we like to eat at the parks!

This review will cover one of our favorite allergy friendly places, the food courts at Art of animation and Pop Century. If your headed to Disney World definitely check out the Ultimate Food Allergy Foodies Beginner’s Guide to Disney World!

Let’s dive in to the delicious food!

Why we love them

The cool thing about eating and staying at either of these resorts is that they are connected!

Yes! And, the walk is very minimal, so going from one resort to the other is easy peasy.

This makes it very easy to get what you want to eat, because you have so many options!

Where are the food courts and whats unique about them?

Both of the food courts are located in the main lobby areas of the resort.

Since Art of animation and Pop century are opposite each other, you cross the bridge to get to the other resort and head straight towards the main lobby building.

You can also catch a bus from the parks to the resort you want to eat at. SO if we stayed at Pop we could go to Art or vice versa! If your headed to Disney World definitely check out the Ultimate Food Allergy Foodies Beginner’s Guide to Disney World!

What we’ve eaten!

We’ve stayed at these two resorts many many times, long before I started taking pictures of my food, so what we’ve eaten may not always have a picture!

I need to get better with documenting the food!


At Pop we’ve had many things- their pizza is very good, and the turkey sandwich is heavenly!

it came with safe chips that were gluten free

The chef’s are very versatile and can make you many different types of sandwiches, salads, pizzas, egg items (scrambled, quiche) and all the mickey waffles your heart desires.

I didnt like the waffles this last time- too gooey. They were better at the parks.

One time we did ask for chicken parmesan and got this… It looks awful but honestly, it was delicious!

The funniest gluten free chicken parm I’ve ever eaten- yet delicious

The Turkey sandwich is huge too!

Art of Animation is a lot of fun in the food department and they have very similar items to Pop.

One thing that we really love is a chicken pesto pasta. We had it made with mushrooms and parmesan cheese the last time we went. YUM!

This is the gluten free pasta, but also a kids turkey sandwhich

What’s pre-made?

There are several pre-made items that are gluten free and allergy friendly.

I was surprised to even see some items that are safe in the vending machines besides the standard bag of potatoes chips.


Will we be back?

Absolutely! We’ve already been several times in 2021 and it’s still a favorite!

We’ve eaten at many of the resorts and we have some favorites, but this resort combo is the best fit for our young family right now. We do like to visit other places and restaurants, but this is our home base.

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