Food Allergy Friendly Beignets at Disney World (Gluten Free and top 8 safe)

Delicious, yummy, hot and tasty

all the words I would use to describe these (to die for) beignets at Disney World.

Seriously… just look at these beauties! Not only are they absolutely delicious, but they cute too! Let’s talk about where to find them, and who would enjoy them!

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***As Always, please speak to a qualified restaurant employee when ordering food. In order to see the most accurate ingredients and risk assessment, you will need to confirm allergy safety in real-time. This is my personal experience, I am not employed or endorsed by companies or brands mentioned.***

Gimme the directions and tell me how to order

These beignets (said in my best princess tiana impression) are top 8 free! YES. gluten free! dairy free! soy free! nut free! egg free! (and we’re really glad this sweet treat is both shellfish and fish free because that would be grossssssss and quite frankly, a little ridiculous. )

Not only do they look appetizing, but knowing that they are safe with those with the top 8 allergies is a MAJOR bonus.

Because you know when you have allergies- eating out is a pain most of the times.

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Thankfully, these beignets are prepared with a dedicated fryer by a chef trained in Allergy awareness. BUT there is a cross contamination risk with the flour, so always talk to the Chef before ordering. They use Bob’s Red Mill Brand normally.

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I just love that they write things down and communicate so much- it’s things like this that make me feel so safe at Disney World with my allergies

Which is SO amazing- I love that Disney is able to accommodate people like us that can’t eat whatever and whenever we want.

And finding treats like this doesn’t happen every day, in fact, these aren’t even in the Parks at Disney. (But this resort is super close to Epcot and Magic Kingdom, and you can find some yummy foods there!)

Bummer right?

But they are ON PROPERTY- so we can hop over to the Port Orleans French Quarter and grab us some of those ‘man catching’ beignets.

Glad you asked! You can get these delicious treats in TWO locations at the Port Orleans resort.


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The first is inside the Sassgoula Floatworks factory. Head over to the sign where you order with allergies and speak with a chef about your order and your concerns. They can walk you through the process and you can get a meal while your there too.

AND if it’s spooky season, you can get them with pumpkin flavoring. HELLO FALL, my old friend 🎃

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You’ll still speak with a chef at Scat’s- just pick whatever line is shortest if you only want beignets

The second place you can find them on the new Scat Cat Club’s Cafe Menu.

Located directly outside the food court at French Quarter is this little hole in the wall (literally). You go inside and you can get drinks and beignets. Yummy, fluffy, covered in powder sugar beignets!

This is a new option as of fall 2019 and it is so welcome because the lines were getting out. of. control.

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Specialty Beignets

As you can see on the board above there are some special items that they can make (and they have some that are seasonal!)

If you want to get a Beignet that is also Corn Free- you want to check out the Cinnamon Sugar Allergy Friendly Options!

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Want something alittle spicier? This is a seasonal option they had for Valentine’s Day.

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Directions for Port Orleans French Quarter

You can get here a few different ways. The most obvious is to just drive over. Or you could get Uber/lyft/cab/rideshare what-have-you.

If you’re staying at Port Orleans riverside you can walk over, it’s a hike but nothing compared to what you walk in the parks all day.

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grab some to-go! You won’t regret it!!

At Disney Springs you can hope aboard a boat and head to the resort. It’s a quick and pleasant boat ride that you and the family will enjoy. This is also a great idea if you want to check out Erin Mckenna’s! Make a day of getting some allergy friendly treats.

Lastly, catch a bus from any of the PARKS (key point here) and head to Port Orleans French Quarter.

While it’s not in the parks, it IS worth heading to- the food and the ambience is perfect for everyone (especially if you love our princess Tiana!)

Seriously- get those Beignets! They are worth it

These are some of my favorite snack/treats on property. I think my favorite part is that they can be enjoyed by sooooo many people. Even if you don’t have allergies they are a yummy treat to share with those that do.

You’ll love them- I promise!

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