Adult Gift Guide for the Mickey Mouse Lover

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Are you dreaming of your next Disney Vacation and a certain lovable mouse? Me too!

While we can’t all hop over to Disney World, we can get some gifts for our favorite Mickey Mouse lover (or for ourselves!) to enjoy in the mean time.

I’ve found some of the cutest and fun Mickey Mouse gifts for adults! These gifts are perfect for valentines day, mothers day, Christmas OR a just because gift (since we ALL love surprises gifts!)

Who says that adults can’t get Mickey Mouse gifts?

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The Categories are:

Mickey Under 25

Mickey Mouse Jewelry

The Mickey Mouse Kitchen

Everything else Mouse

Let’s get started!


Mickey Under $25

We all know someone who is “done adulting” and needs a Disney Vacation- this gift would go great with their favorite bottle of wine!

Does the Car need some freshening up? This easy to use Mickey Mouse Car Freshener is a great addition to the interior of any vehicle- both in looks and smell! Pair with your favorite essential oils or other scent pads for a practical, yet cute, care freshener.

The Classic Mickey Mouse lover will be all over this 5 star hat- featuring timeless Mickey throughout the years in a tribute to how Mickey has changed! Embroidered for long term use, and khaki for matching just about everything, this cap is a great gift for guy or girl.

Mickey Mouse Jewelry

If you are looking for the perfect pair of earrings- look no further! These Amazon’s Choice- 5 star rated earrings- will have your Mickey Mouse lover shout with glee! Rose gold is all the rave right now, and these earrings are hot sellers this year.

This Officially licensed Disney Birthstone Necklace is a cute addition to any jewelry box! Pick one up for valentines day, birthday or just because! Comes in 12 colors for the birth month (with a helpful chart too!)

This 5 star, Mickey Mouse Aromatherapy Necklace is a beautiful gift for the essential oils person in your life! These are great for relieving stress, as you put the oil blend in the necklace, close enough to smell but far enough to not be a bother. With this necklace, they can destress AND dream about Disney!

Didn’t find the perfect jewelry? Check out Amazon for more great options!

The Mickey Mouse Kitchen

Have you seen these Reactive Mugs around lately? They are the COOLEST thing ever. When you pour something hot in the mug, a hidden Mickey picture shows up! Add that with the Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer (especially for parents since our coffee NEVER stays hot!) and you’ve got a cute gift perfect for any occasion!

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Next up is a 3 piece Mickey Mouse Kitchen Set– in three colors- green, red and yellow! Perfect for matching any color scheme, and already nicely packed for a cute gift. Would make a great housewarming present too!

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Looking for more Mickey Themed Kitchen Items? Amazon has so many great gift ideas to choose from!

Everything else Mouse

This stylish bag is a great gift for the Mickey Mouse lover. It’s gender neutral style is designed for a day bag, travel bag or hiking bag. Plenty of room inside- with pockets for a laptop, storage and water bottles. With a worry free guarantee- this is the perfect gift for anyone anywhere!

PLEASE email me a picture (I promise I won’t share) if you buy this for a loved one. I have been dying to see it in action, and think I might just get one for myself. Marketed as “Hooded Disney Mickey Pajama” this get up is great for the Mickey lover who has it all!

Otterbox has their own line up of Disney Cell Phone Case Covers, with, you guessed it, Mickey Mouse! They also have several other really cool options (like guardians of the galaxy and Star Wars) to choose from!


Did you find the inspiration you needed for the perfect Mickey Mouse gift? You can never have too much Mickey! If you need more great ideas, pop over to Amazon and have a look- they have so many great recommendations for quality Disney Gear.

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