Germany Sommerfest Food Allergen Options

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Epcot is known for it’s exotic and authentic foods- especially as you walk around the world showcase everyone talks about trying the foods!

Things are different when you’ve got food allergies though, you’ve got to ask everyplace you go, and plan ahead.

Let’s look at the options for the QUICK SERVE/SNACK options at the Sommerfest in Germany. This is NOT for the restaurant (just want to bold that important distinction- so easy to get confused with the options at Disney World!)

Husband had previously gotten the gluten free Brat and Beer here- neither of which he enjoyed.

as always- remember to talk to a manager or chef in person and check ingredients there!

Hungry and want something to eat? Check out the quick serve in the American Pavilion or the quick serve in Japan. Ready to head to the front of the park? Sunshine Season Quick Serve is a great option (Electric Umbrella is closed but some foods are found by the Odyssey Building) or head outside the park to close by Beaches and Cream!

Here’s the menu

Pretty typical ‘german’ cuisine like bratwurst and frankfurter. There’s a Nudel Gratin and a Cold Potato Salad.

Food Allergen Guide

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