Gaston’s Tavern- Lefou’s Brew- Menu and Ingredients

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Tucked at the back of ‘new’ fantasy land, there is a little tavern named after one of the most iconic villains. But we’re not here for him, we’re here for Lefou’s Brew! 

Step inside Gaston’s Tavern- a literal hole in the wall style eatery- that has quite a few drinks and snacks to eat, including the famous (yet not very allergy friendly) gluten-filled monster cinnanom roll.

But let’s talk about what IS allergy-friendly- mainly the star of the show, Lefou’s Brew!

This is an interesting drink- it’s fun to get in the signature mug and definitely a nice treat if it’s safe for you! Because it’s free of many of the top allergens, it is a recommended drink and much needed on those hot days. 

You can grab this and a side of fruit while you walk around and enjoy one of my favorite spots in Magic Kingdom- Fantasy Land will always have my heart.

Or you can grab this either before or after eating at the Beast’s Castle. There’s some great options for Breakfast and Lunch (no allergy menu for lunch sorry!! it doesn’t exist) and for the Be our Guest Character Dinner.

Plus they have turkey legs here (again- check the brand because SOME CONTAIN GLUTEN!) which is my husbands all time favorite treat at Disney. The rest of us are more plant based- so I can’t tell you how it tastes. The husband gives it 10/10.

So hows it taste?

Honestly, this tastes like the summer juice box you had as a kid that got left out in the sun- sweet, appley and slightly fermented. Not like a hard cider- just like a frozen cider that hasn’t grown up. 

The kids think it’s delicious- so why not? They get so few ‘themed’ treats that this makes it worthwhile.

Wanna make it at home? Good news, is it looks pretty easy to do!

Gimme the Disney World Ingredients


ingredients can and do change all the time- you absolutely must confirm with the allergy book and talking to a manager- but you knew that. Stay safe out there my food allergy family!

Without the Foam this is a top 8 friendly treat safe for gluten, soy, dairy, egg, shellfish/fish and peanut/treenut.

The foam contains soy protein.

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