Garden Grill Character Breakfast Gluten Free and Allergy-Friendly Menu and Review- EPCOT

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Let’s head to one of the Cutest Character Meals on Property- Garden Grill! Featuring Breakfast and a Lunch/Dinner Menu, this is a fun option for all ages (and one I keep coming back to!)

Farmer Mickey and Gang are hanging out at the Garden Grill, a literal Spinning Restaurant with views overlooking The Land Ride.

You get great food, fun characters, and a very unique setting when you come to Garden Grill- and with the Breakfast menu improvements I’m happy to recommend this option! Let’s look below at the menu, my review and what you can expect next time you visit!

⭐ If this is your First Time to Disney World, you’ll want all the insider tips and done for you plans found in the Food Allergies at Disney World Made Easy Guide , If you’ve been here before and just need the best places to eat and snacks, see the Snack Guide. Just Gluten Free? There’s a guide for that too!

***As Always, please speak to a qualified restaurant employee when ordering food. In order to see the most accurate ingredients and risk assessment, you will need to confirm allergy safety in real-time. This is my personal experience, I am not employed or endorsed by companies or brands mentioned.***

Quick Notes 

Location: The Land Pavilion in EPCOT (Ticket Required)

Price : Guests ages 10 and up $42+

Characters : Farmer Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale.

Reservations Required? Recommended, Walk Up is sometimes available.

Garden Grill Breakfast Food Allergy Menu 

The Allergy and Gluten Free Menu is as follows:

AF= Allergy Friendly and good for the Top 9 Allergens and Gluten Free.

The Top 9 allergens as recognized by Disney are: Wheat/Gluten (listed together, ask in person for specifics!), Dairy/Milk, Soy (typically soy protein, sometimes leaves out lecithin and oil from menus), Egg, Peanut/Treenut (listed together, ask in person for specifics!), Fish/Shellfish (listed together, ask in person for specifics!). As of 2023, they are adding Sesame to new menus and menu updates.

  • Allergy-Friendly Muffins (Udi’s Brand) For Gluten/Wheat, Fish/Shellfish, Milk, Peanut/Tree Nut, Sesame, and Soy Allergies
  • Fresh Fruit (AF)
  • Smoked Bacon (AF)
  • Home Fries For Gluten/Wheat, Egg, Fish/Shellfish, Milk, Peanut/Tree Nut, Sesame, and Soy Allergies
  • Grilled Flank Steak with Ranchero Sauce* For Gluten/Wheat, Egg, Fish/Shellfish, Milk, Peanut/Tree Nut, Sesame, and Soy Allergies
  • Allergy-Friendly Waffles (AF)

The Plant Based Menu (Which is Free from Egg and Dairy) includes:

  • Plant based 
  • Just eggs 
  • Diced potatoes 
  • Impossible sausage 
  • Snacks? ✔️
  • Menus? ✔️
  • Favorite Places? ✔️
  • 100% Gluten Free? ✔️
  • Tips for a Magical Trip? ✔️

✨✨ Grab your Gluten Free copy✨✨

Garden Grill Food Allergy and Gluten Free Review

For Starters, this meal is served Family Style. You get a large platter brought out to the Table, and you can share, though if you are the only one with Allergies or Gluten Free, you will get your own Platter (or you could ask for the same Allergy options for the whole table- talk to your Server, I’ve done it both ways with success).

Your Server starts you out with Drinks and Appetizers. Here it’s the Gluten Free and Allergy Free Muffin (Contains EGG) with Fruit.

Then you have your Platter- If you get the full Menu (which I did) you’ll have Flank Steak, Bacon, Eggs, Potatoes and Waffles. This is served with Syrup and Butter- they do have Plant Based and Gluten Free Butter.

Would you enjoy this option? And Do I Recommend it?

I do enjoy this option, especially with the menu change! Previously I felt the Breakfast options were lacking (and you can see my last review before the location closed for the 2020 closures).

I’m happy to see the meal is more uniform and more of a ‘standard’ breakfast experience that Guests are looking for when they come to Disney World. It’s nice that there are so many Allergy Options- and that those with Allergies or Gluten Free are not left out from the full Breakfast Experience.

March 2020 Review and what we ate for breakfast

I had been hearing rumors that things had changed at Garden Grill, and that breakfast was especially sad. So I took the kids and we went for a low expectations meal.

garden grill allergy-friendly

I’m glad we went with low expectations because it was a strange one! The chef brought out the binder because they didn’t have many options and we reviewed things to see what was available.

They ONLY have gluten free soy flour golden malted allergy friendly waffles. And this is not a recommended brand as they are made on shared equipment in factory (not certified).

garden grill allergy-friendly

So we ended up with handmade vegan cakes. They were soy, dairy, egg, and gluten free. They did contains nuts, though. They tasted awful and I wouldn’t let the kids eat them.

We also had tater tots, which were the same ones that they have at Woody’s. These contain soy oil. There was also off-brand turkey sausage that was top 8 free (and quite good!) No nitrates either, which was great. This was also served with eggs.

garden grill allergy-friendly

Then there were Udi’s Muffins and Earth Balance Butter.

garden grill allergy-friendly

And, of course, some mixed fruit.

garden grill allergy-friendly

And here’s our beverages, too. Tea for me and juice for the kiddos!

The Allergy-Friendly Breakfast Menu at Garden Grill

Here’s the one page allergy friendly menu. And let me say that I highly recommend heading over to Cape May out the back entrance to Epcot instead.

Or better yet, head over on the Monorail to Riveria Resort for Topolino’s Character Breakfast. They have better options and you still get to meet some characters!

As you can see, this is only for wheat, milk and peanut and treenut allergies. I’m not sure why they didn’t include fish and shellfish on here- and I also don’t know why they didn’t do soy as many of the allergy friendly options are soy free (I can understand egg. lots of egg here)

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