Galaxy’s Edge Gluten Free and Allergy Friendly (Hollywood Studios Disney World)

Hello Travelers! Are you ready to adventure into the land of Batuu? This is the place, on Galaxy’s Edge, where you get to join in the Star Wars fun. They have their own language, their own dress, and their own food!

Which is fun if you don’t have restrictions, but new foods and ideas can be overwhelming and scary for those with food allergies and restrictions!

No worries though- I ventured to Batuu to discover the good eats and learn what foods we can have when gluten free, and also options for people with other restrictions (like my kids can’t have soy proteins! and we avoid commercial eggs because of that as well)

As always, I highly recommend checking out this resource for eating with Food Allergies at Disney World.

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The first time (the second day they were open) lines were long so I only got drinks and checked out the cantina.

The next trip I went in the evening on Day 4 of opening week, and grabbed some snacks and food at two different places. AND ya girl has UPDATED this for 2020 because I keep ending up in batuu!

Let’s explore what’s available to eat.

Not going to Galaxy’s Edge? Discover more food allergy friendly eats for Hollywood Studios

***As Always, please speak to a qualified restaurant employee when ordering food. In order to see the most accurate ingredients and risk assessment, you will need to confirm allergy safety in real-time. This is my personal experience, I am not employed or endorsed by companies or brands mentioned.***

Eating Gluten Free and With Allergies at Galaxy’s Edge

First things first, always ask to speak with a chef (or a lead) and see the allergy binder. Things change, distributors change, and vigilance is required even at Disney World.

I talk about that a TON inside my guide, but I can’t emphasize it enough. Knowing where to find safe food and what to look for is essential!

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How cute are these themed drinks for Batuu?

I like that at Galaxy’s Edge, they’ve stepped into the 21st century and instead of old outdated Binders (or worse, chefs and cast members doing it from memory or lugging stuff from the back) they have all of the ingredients on ipads.

Like legit pictures of the products on their ipads! It’s amazing to be able to see in real time, without a long wait, exactly what goes into each product and if there is a CC warning!

There are some downsides- don’t get me wrong. but it is interesting to see!

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Our Review and what we ate

The Green and Blue Milk Stand

I’ve hit this up twice now- and let me say… YUM! No, for real, I think this is one of my new favorite treats! It’s a plant based milk. It’s also soy and gluten free. There’s two flavors, blue and green. Need the ingredients? I got you!

You can see my review on stories on Instagram! Check it out and follow me for up to date Gluten Free and Allergy Eats at Disney World.

Actually, I’m trying to convince myself that I don’t need to go back this week for more milk. But I might. It’s research after all.

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Blue and Green! I think Green is my favorite.

But seriously- try mixing it together. That flavor is delicious! and they also have it with alcohol. Something for the grown ups to try that adds a little kick to the mix.

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    Oga’s Cantina -updated for 2020

    The first time I grabbed a reservation for Oga’s, but didn’t really need it with the way the line was set up, the 45 minute max, and the two drink limit.

    I asked about Gluten free options and the server was clueless, and it was very hard to talk with the lead because of the atmosphere.

    My allergy sense were tingling- so I declined and plan to go back in a month or so when they have ironed out the opening day kinks.

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      Drinks can be made naturally gluten free, BUT with the high risk of CC (they have a lot of bakery items) and the confusion from the server and lead, it wasn’t the right time for me to learn more.

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      UPDATE! I’ve been back and I have so much more to report about Oga’s!

      So for one, the ambiance now that the crazy crowd rush is over, is amazing. I highly recommend it, especially if you have star wars fans. The seating is a little rough for young kids. Very much a bar type atmosphere.

      So the food! I got the a drink there and asked about the allergen menus and what could be accommodated for me.

      Unfortunately, between the dairy, the soy, the gluten and the MSG there wasn’t anything for me BUT there would be quite a few options if you are only gluten free or only vegan. In fact, the two food options available can be mixed and match for your needs! Treenut/Peanut was also doable, as well as shellfish and fish.

      Just grab a chef and have them go over everything with you!

      Docking Bay 7 quick serve

      This is the place I was told to go by cast members working in Galaxy’s Edge, as they would have the best allergy procedures and items.

      They have the typical allergy menu– but not being familiar with some of the items made it hard to order things I was comfortable with. After speaking with the chef in great length we settled on the KIDS noodle portion.

      It was a very small portion- very spicy and flavorful. I didn’t offer it to my daughter because of my dealings with the manager (I’ll detail those below) but one bite of this and she would have refused more. This was not typically kid friendly fare.

      And they had SPORKS! Cool right? They were NOT disposable, and stored in a shared space. I did not get a clean one from the back (actually i was served my tray by a regular person, no allergy stick, no stamp on my receipt and I walked around looking for utensils before I went back and they had them in the regular food window)

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      yorshrimp noodle youngling salad- gluten and soy free


      So the yorshrimp noodle salad is still my go to- it’s actually the one thing that is safe for gluten, soy, dairy, egg, peanut and treenut on the menu without modifications.

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      There are lots of other options- and it *seems* like the menu is pretty easy to modify (tho the star wars names don’t help!)

      Also- no more sporks.

      But you can buy them for a souvenir!


      Breakfast is served until 9, so while I haven’t been able to make it over there (seriously, the crowds are absolutely insane and I still haven’t managed to ride Rise of the Resistance!) I did speak with the chef about the options.

      There is NO allergy menu- so please take that into consideration that your mileage may vary. Dairy and Soy are the issue, but he said there were a few things he could mix and match for me! Gluten there was a few items, as well as pn/tn.

      Woody’s Lunch box seems to be the better option for allergies because they have Udi’s bread BUT again, the crowds are pretty crazy- so you’re better off getting some food at the resort or bringing in snacks with you!

      You could also stop off at the character meal Hollywood and Vine for the Disney Jr. Breakfast. I haven’t eaten there for breakfast (only dinner) but Hollywood Studios isn’t my favorite allergy friendly park.

      I talk more about that in this book– but basically- it’s the hardest place of all to find food- but I’m also not a complainer (call me a realist) because Disney is so amazing with the food allergy eats!

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      Ronto Roasters

      This is a meal/snack shack with a few limited options. None of these are safe for gluten allergies. It might be possible to omit certain ingredients, but when I spoke to the cashier and the lead, they made several references to Docking Bay 7.

      I’ve had this happen at the water parks- typically the smaller snack shacks aren’t equipped to handle allergies and they really push for you to go to the main quick serve.

      wraps, oats, and jerky.

      Kat Saka’s Kettle

      Fun, cute and decently delicious is the popcorn stand! I really enjoyed the unique flavors, though the first few bites were confusing! It’s like takis hot fries meets fruit loops.

      Strange, yet delicious.

      My daughter tried these (not my kids that avoid red dye) and she was put off with the first few bites, but started to enjoy it afterwards.

      NOTE- this popcorn is dairy free! contains coconut tho.

      It only comes one way- certainly one of the most interesting new snacks they’ve debuted recently.

      Ordering Food and The Allergy Menus

      I’m not sure what’s going on with GE in terms of allergies, but it was a weird experience.

      For one, they were almost confused when I asked about allergy offerings at every location I went to (which is understandable) but what I found strange was there hesitancy to show me the allergen books and ingredient lists.

      In fact, there was no ingredient list for the kids noodles at Docking Bay 7 and the list she did have, she wouldn’t let me look at it directly nor take a picture of it so I could decide if I wanted to eat it (sometimes I like to sit without be rushed by the people behind me and look at all the ingredients and the ‘may contains’)

      Because of this weird behavior at Docking Bay 7, I just got a Kid’s meal, and I didn’t feed it to my daughter.

      I’ve spoken with numerous chef’s and special diets personnel that explain that MAY CONTAIN is not taken into consideration when designing the menus, and that I should always ask to speak with a chef to see the ingredient label.

      Yet, the chef at Docking Bay 7 couldn’t confirm if MAY CONTAIN was an issue on any of the allergy menu. It was a very uncomfortable experience. I only choose the noodles because of other reports on Allergy forums where they didn’t have a reaction. I did get served gluten twice at Epcot food and wine (which I thankfully caught before hand!) so maybe I was feeling a little on edge.

      Here’s the allergy menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner at Docking Bay 7- NOTE, they don’t have corn listed, and from what I see, Batuu is very unfriendly to corn allergies.

      Just regular Gluten Allergies by itself doesn’t seem to be a problem.

      Was it safe? Will I go back?

      I will go back BUT I won’t be feeding it to the kids (with the exception of the blue and green milk).

      Hopefully, the allergy kinks will get worked out in the next few months, but overall, I was not impressed. It reminded me of the first few months of Woody’s Lunch box in Toy Story Land. Lots of confusion and issues with food.

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