6 Ways that Galaxy’s Edge is changing Disney World

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Bright suns travelers!

That’s the new greeting so prepare to hear it a lot when you visit the land of Batuu in Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios. It’s Disney World’s newest land and it is changing the way Disney does its new additions.

And that’s not a minor exaggeration. Disney has really stepped up the game with the land of Galaxy’s Edge. While they added some new and really fun things for Pandora and Toy Story (two lands that are still very popular years later), they really took things to the next level.

In fact, I would bet money my entire life savings, that this is just the beginning of an entirely new experience and what Disney will look like in the future. Gone are the days of Disney World being compared to fair food and other amusement parks– Disney has pushed itself into a class of it’s own!

So let’s explore how the land of Batuu is different than anything you’ve ever seen before at Disney World.

(Except when it comes to allergy food offerings at Galaxy’s Edge– I’m hoping it was beginning week flukes, but I wasn’t happy with my experiences there! )

Even if you aren’t a Star Wars fan, I still recommend going to check out the things I mention below.

(Side note- there’s SO MUCH to batuu that I couldn’t possibly cover it all, so we’re going to touch on 6 important parts, but there’s so much more to Galaxy’s Edge!)

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6 ways Batuu is not like the others

For years the My Disney App was useful but hella glitchy. Well, that’s changed because now the Play Parks My Disney Ap is more useful than ever- especially when it comes to the land of Batuu. The following two items are important when it comes to using the app and one of the many ways that Disney is changing the experience for guests around the park.

Play Parks

Use your “datapad”, which is Batuu speak for your cell phone, and engage in the land in ways that have never been done before!

Disney has been great with using the Play parks addition to add some options for digital entertainment in wait lines (like little games and such). It’s very useful to pass the time (but kills your battery! Make sure you bring a portable charger- I always have my anker with me at Disney)

well in batuu, they have added more experiences to the app that really add to the experience. It takes Batuu from a one visit land to multiple visits because it literally adds another layer to what you can see and do!

Virtual boarding queues

I LOVE THIS> and you will too!

Gone are the days of waiting in uber long lines. Simply join a boarding group IF the land of Batuu is at capacity, and then they will announce on your app AND at other signs throughout the park when it is your time to return.

How amazing is that !?!

Photopass experiences

We’ve seen some really cool photopass experiences come up in the last few years (even more this last year!) so it’s exciting to say that Batuu has one of it’s own unique experiences and then some others that you won’t be finding elsewhere.

Yes, we have the typical experiences around the decorations BUT NOW we also get two unique ones, and one you can only find at Batuu.

We waited over 30 minutes for this picture, it’s one of the most popular new additions, and it was so worth it! How cool is this!

Less “theme park” more immersive

So I’ve been three times now, and if it wasn’t for the My Disney App I would be totally lost.

Gone are the days of bright obnoxious signage and areas directing your paths. Gone are the amusement park guide posts signaling you to toy story land and indiana jones.

In Batuu, you are actually visiting the town (or city? maybe just land) and they are welcoming of tourists, but they aren’t overly accommodating. You can’t live there, and they don’t have loud obvious signs directing you where to go.

If you don’t have a map (you can use the app) you WILL get lost. This is just like visiting somewhere for the first time and being a tourist. There are sections of Batuu that are easily found, and then there are areas where you only find them by accident.

When in Batuu you must try the milks! Can you guess which one is my favorite?

Interactive characters as part of the land

If I had to pick a favorite, it would be this addition.

Since we are visitors coming to Batuu, we get to experience the culture, the foods and of course, the natives. Kylo Ren with his storm troopers make appearances and check on the work. Members of the resistance are spotted doing work around the settlement.

It really takes this from ‘fun immersive land’ to ‘Holy shit I just stepped into the movies’

Exclusive designing (water bottles, gift card, name tags etc)

So we saw peeks of this with the other new lands of Toy Story and Avatar. They had unique nametags and some really fun merch.

However, Galaxy’s Edge takes it over the edge (pun intended) with the new creations. Exclusive gift cards for Batuu, their own language (not just a few catch phrases like toy story, noooo no no, they have lots of hidden language goodies and they act like some of the things you have don’t have words in their culture).

I was blown away by all the little details!

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