Galaxy’s Edge Milk Stand: Blue and Green Milk Food Allergy Review and Menu

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Step inside Galaxy’s Edge, Disney’s newest land, where you can be transported to the far away land of Batuu… and get some blue and green milk!

There’s so much happening at the local Milk Stand in Galaxy’s edge! Originally just a ‘milk’ stand, they’ve recently added breakfast options since Hollywood Studios was drastically low on items to grab in the parks.

And while some of the breakfast items are seasonal (who knows when you are reading this they might not even have it!) they are iconic for the two very special drinks- blue and green milk! 

Everyone was so excited when they came out with all of these themed foods- I mean, Docking Bay 7 has some crazy cool eats! And I’m super excited to see what they add to the new Star Wars Hotel in terms of food options.

My review of the blue and green milk 🥛

I loved the green milk- and ***to me*** the blue milk was disgusting. I literally had a sip and could do no more. BUT I have Oral Allergy Syndrome to Pineapple (And I have always hated the taste) so that’s why I disliked the blue so much. (There weren’t allergy menus available at opening and I only checked for FPIES and ANA allergies initially.)

Definitely preferred the green milk!

However, My Husband who has the fewest Allergies out of all of us, and no allergies to the blue and green milk, loved them both. He does prefer the blue.

Check out and see if it’s something you’d be comfortable with- the oats are not certified, yet my husband with celiacs has been able to enjoy it. You must discuss with the staff there to determine your risk level and comfort! 

blue and green milk menu

If food isn’t an option at Galaxy’s Edge- don’t be discouraged. There’s so much there to enjoy, and you can check out Woody’s LunchBox the next Land Over!

Find all the HollyWood Studio’s Allergy Friendly Eats that I’ve Personally Reviewed on this Master List.

Have you had the blue or green milk at Galaxy’s Edge? Which did you prefer? Comment below!

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