Fun and Magical Birthday Ideas for Kids at Disney World

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Disney World itself is magical, but there’s so much you can do for a Birthday that creates those memories that last a lifetime.

(Or there’s the chance that your kids won’t enjoy it all because its hot, crowded, and they have been go go go for the last few days.) Either way, we’ll cover some ideas for a special Birthday Celebration, from easy things you can bring and do, to Enchanting Extras. Plus prices are listed, so you can find options on your budget!

Below you’ll find ideas that I’ve curated for my own kids, some of which we’ve already done, and others I want to do for other birthdays.

From character meet and greets, to delicious meals and treats, there are plenty of ways to create lasting memories for the kids. Let’s take a look at all that the magical world of Disney has to offer.

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Quick Note

You know your child best… and like most kids, they tend to be happier when they have been fed well, hydrated, and got a good night sleep! For this reason, you’ll need to decide when the best time is to celebrate the birthday.

Many folks find the first full day of vacation is the ideal time, since kids likely slept really well the night before after all the excitement of traveling.

But some kids (cough cough, mine) don’t sleep well till the 3rd or 4th day of vacation. So in my case, I like to do a ‘no park/off day’ to catch up on the 3rd day, and then festivities on the 4th day.

No park ticket? No problem, as several of these options can be done without a park ticket. In fact, I recommend that you do things that are outside of the Parks, as Birthday celebrations can eat into Park time.

Birthday Button

Price: The Ultimate Budget Friendly option with a price of Free (not even a park ticket required!)

Birthday Buttons are a must have staple at Disney World! They let Cast Members know that it’s your child’s birthday, and sometimes that means a little extra pixie dust (but not always!)

My kids love to get birthday buttons so that they get lots of attention throughout the day! Having the Cast Members tell them Happy Birthday and use their name has them on Cloud Nine.

Pro Tip: If you have little ones or kids who can’t have the sharp pin that comes on the back of the metal pins, you can get a Temporary Tattoo from the Water Parks! These are sometimes found at the resorts too, so be sure to ask if you aren’t headed to the Water Parks.

Second Pro Tip: You can get the Birthday Buttons (or any button) Custom Designed at The Christmas Shoppe in Magic Kingdom. I like to go in the mornings to place my order, so it’s ready for pickup in a few hours. While I don’t have one with my kids name (as I dont share those online!) Here’s one from my Husband that I had drawn for his birthday!

Character Meet and Greets

Price: Some Included with Park ticket, Some requires preplanning and paid events.

You can find some of your child’s favorite characters roaming around all four Walt Disney World Theme Parks… but I recommend the Character Meal!

Character Dining at Disney World has Characters roaming around the restaurant, and they tend to give more quality time to kiddos, especially those with a Birthday button! This does cost more than the included meet and greets with your park tickets, on average it’s 25+ for kids age 3-9 and 45+ for kids 9-Adult.

Pro Tip: You can see a list of Character Meals that don’t require a park ticket here.

(And while I haven’t gotten one since the 2020 closures, the restaurant’s used to have Birthday Cards. It’s possible they might bring those back!)

Character Signatures on a Birthday Card

You can bring a Birthday Card for the Characters to sign, this is an unique way of keeping up with Character Signatures.

Character Meals did used to offer Birthday Cards before the 2020 Closure, but that didn’t return when they reopened.

In Room-Resort Celebrations

Price: 50+ through Disney, or DIY versions

Disney offers lots of In Room options you can add to your Disney Resort room, including things like Balloons, Stuffed Animals and Baskets!

You can also do-it-yourself, and bring Birthday Banners, Birthday Supplies or Gifts! It’s completely up to you, but helps to make the birthday celebration that much more special.

I personally love getting a Happy Birthday Banner (with some tape!) and packing it before we come to the hotel. This way I have it all ready, and can put it up after the kids are in bed.

Birthday Celebrations at Table Service locations

Price: 35+

Disney wants to help you celebrate (while lining their own pockets!) and You can pre-order a Mickey Shaped Cake for the Table when you make a Table Service Reservation.

There are *rarely* free Birthday Desserts at the Disney Restaurants, though sometimes you’ll find a nice server who goes the Extra Mile. (And Buffets have desserts, so you can ask your server if they’ll do a Happy Birthday song!)

Order the Cakes from Disney here.

Food Allergies? Gluten Free? Lean in friend, because I’ve got good news… Disney can accommodate those too with the help of Erin McKenna’s Bakery in Disney Springs!

***Pro Tip: Be sure to make ‘Celebrating’ on your Table Service Reservation (or have your travel agent do it!)

Best Table Service locations for a Birthday Celebration for younger kids

-Minnies Beach Bash at Cape May Cafe- They’ll sing, especially if one particularly Cast Member is on duty who goes above and beyond for Birthdays (plus it’s a Character Meal!)

-Topolinos Character Meal- They ask if it’s anyones Birthday, and do a Birthday Song and Dance!

-Chef Mickeys- Servers help to make Magic with a decorated Birthday Treat and Happy Birthday song from the Servers.

Best Table Service locations for a Birthday Celebration for Older Kids and Teens

-Beaches and Cream on the Boardwalk- They’ll flash the lights and do a group Happy Birthday Song!

-Hoop de Doo Revue- They’ll say your name and age and the whole place can cheer for you!

-La Hacienda de San Angel- Singing Happy Birthday with Macaracas.


You can get Pixie Dusted even if you don’t do BBB

Two locations to do this.

The Paid Version is at the Harmony Main Street Barber Shop, which starts at $21+. You get a haircut and pixie dust and/or mickey confetti!

The Free Version is Sir Mickeys Shop behind Cinderella’s Castle. Go in and ask the Cast Member to be Pixie Dusted!

Happy Birthday in multiple languages

Price: Free

In EPCOT, around the World Showcase, you can visit the Kidcot locations to get a custom signature from each Country.

Typically the Country Representatives will write ‘hello’ but you can also ask for them to write ‘Happy Birthday’.

Learn more about Kidcot Stations here.

Pair Disney World with a Disney Cruise

Price: Depends on your Budget

I LOVE Disney Cruises, because it’s all the fun of Disney World without the heat and stress of trying to get to all the rides! It’s truly a vacation.

You can add transportation to your Disney World trip, and take the bus from Disney World straight to the port (and back), to make a Land and Sea Trip!

My ideal trip would be a day at Disney, a Disney Cruise in the Middle, and the one or two days at the end!

With the kids club, fun characters, great shows and relaxing atmosphere, a Disney Cruise addition to Disney World is a great way to do kids birthdays!

Fun Activities

Price: Free

The fun doesn’t stop at food or fancy activities! There are tons of activities perfect for kids like riding their favorite rollercoaster or taking a spin on Dumbo The Flying Elephant with mom and dad in tow.

Plus there are plenty of interactive attractions where your kiddo can feel like the star of the show.

Here’s some things I like to do on my Kid’s Birthdays:

  • Have them pick three rides they want to do on their special day! (it helps to ask them before hand to make plans)
  • Give them a gift card with a set amount (at least 50 dollars) so they can purchase what they’d like
  • Celebrate the birthday multiple days, with small things each day. I tend to do three days, as it makes it less stressful since you don’t have to have the ‘perfect’ day where you do everything!

That’s all for Birthday Celebrations at Disney for your child

Celebrating birthdays at Disney World is the perfect way for your little one to make magical memories that will last a lifetime. From meeting their favorite characters, indulging in specialty treats, and participating in fun activities both indoors and out – your kiddo is sure to have an unforgettable experience filled with pure joy! So start planning today and get ready for the best birthday yet!

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