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Cheap Fun at Disney World made easy!

Get the 5 Day Frugal Fun Touring Plan for Disney World  (without a park ticket) 

Most people don’t realize that there are so many other things to do besides going into the parks!

Like did you know that Disney has a boardwalk area where you can see free entertainment, walk around, eat food, shop and lay on the hub grass?

Or what about seeing the animals in the safari (without a park ticket?)

Get the info you need so you can

Why do I need a Guide for 'Cheap Fun' at Disney World?

You want a magical vacation

It’s that simple.

You don’t want to miss out on fun, but you also want to maximize the list of cheap and free stuff to do. 

Even better? This Touring Plan gives you 5 full days of fun options ON disney world property! All Frugal options that will make your trip extra magical. 

Get the Frugal Fun at Disney World – 5 day Touring Plan with no park ticket for the low price of 19 dollars!


Please note- This product is a digital product. You will not receive a physical product.

Is Disney World Really a 'Budget Friendly Vacation'?

What if I told you that you could enjoy Disney World AND save a ton on activities?

Inside this touring plan you’ll find 5 full days of options, plus tips and advice for transportation, estimated costs, and times to arrive. 

Will this work even if you aren't staying on Property?

This guide is desinged for a family that wants to have fun outside the parks- no matter where they are staying! 

You could be a local, you could be going to Universal, you could be staying at Disney for 10 days. 

This guide is all about options OUTSIDE the parks that are CHEAP or Free and laid out in a fun and easy to understand touring plan! 

Tell me exactly what I get!

Inside you’ll find:

🤑 5 full days of activities, including location, estimated price and times guide 

🤑 Advice for transportation, how to get to each location, and where to park 

🤑 Tips for meals during your days (all budget friendly of course!) 

🤑 In an easy to read format- ready just for you! 

Welcome to the Most Magical Place on Earth

As a local Disney World Lover, I get the chance to test out lots of Budget Hacks in real time! 

That’s why I made this guide for you- there’s so many hidden treasures and cheap things to do outside the parks that so few people talk about! Get in on the action and add 1 or all 5 days of activities to your Disney World Vacation! 

Let's go to Disney World!!!

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