Never Pay full price for Disney World again!

Find out how you can have 5 super cheap days at Disney World, without sacrificing the magic 

Are you missing out on your dream vacation because of the cost?

 Over 75% people interviewed in a recent survey said that cost was the number 1 thing stopping them from taking a Disney World Vacation. 

And because the cost is so significant, Thousands of people just like you are doing the same thing each day:

-You pull up the Disney site, card in hand, ready to book your dream vacation. 

-Then you see the price- it’s pretty high so you’ll shop around. 

– you talk to a travel agent, read some blogs and realize the quote you originally got was on the low side!  maybe a Disney Vacation can happen when you save up for in a few years. 

And that cycle will continue until you learn about Budgeting Hacks and Methods that can make your vacation affordable.

What if I told you that there are over 50 ways to reduce your vacation spend without losing any of the Disney Magic?

5 full days of activities that will make your wallet VERY happy!

Don't sacrifice vacation days by spending them at the pool or another theme park, there's so much Budget Disney Magic to enjoy!

Visit with Characters + get pictures and signatures (without the high price tag)

Meet your favorite characters and skip the lines, it's a win win!

Enjoy a Disney Vacation now, instead of waiting years to save up enough money to go

Time is precious, and keeping the credit card balance low is important too. Have the best of both worlds with a vacation now that won't break the bank.

This is the only detailed budget itinerary of it’s kind, requires no travel hacking, and contains legit Disney managed activities and fun

Everybody wants to give tips, I want you to have a solid and actionable plan.

Experience the Disney Pixie Dust, filled with Magic and Childlike Wonder, only available on Disney World Property

Most people will tell you to chill at the pool and go to Seaworld. But not here! Instead, you get to experience Disney for the whole vacation.

Detailed plans make your vacation easy, simply plug and play the instructions without having to research elusive offerings

You need easy and clear plans (without having to get a degree in Disney with all the studying required!). This is a one and done guide for you to apply to your vacation days

You can go to Disney World without having to save up thousands

Inside, Frugal Disney World 5 day Touring plan is a complete guide for going to Disney World Resorts on a tight budget, and still getting to experience the magic of a Disney Vacation.

While the guide is full of magic, it’s empty of magic tricks. There are no gimmicks here, instead, we capitalize on the free and cheap options at Disney World that 95% of tourists have never heard of, but that locals regularly use and enjoy. 

For example, you could purchase a package from 5 day, 5 park family package from Disney World and spend 590 per person. 


You can spend 1 splurge day and 4 days using the frugal Disney Resorts guide and spend 250 per person

Same Magic. Same Food. Same Characters. Same Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. 

For less than Half the Price.

What's Inside the Frugal Touring Plan?

Honesty is always the best policy, so in addition to our money back guarantee, let’s talk about what’s inside! 

🤑 5 full days of activities, including location, estimated price and times guide on Disney Property (it’s alllll there)

🤑 Advice for transportation, how to get to each location, and where to park (because I can’t leave you high and dry- get my insider tips for parking hacks!) 

🤑 Tips for meals, free souvenirs, and fun photo-ops  (super budget friendly of course!) All updated for the 2020/2021 season! 

(and here’s what you won’t find… travel hacking, illegal/dishonest activities, activities outside of Disney property, affiliate links, sponsorships, elusive activities or expensive fun.)

⬇️ Get the Food Allergy Touring Plan for $19 dollars today!⬇️ 

Yes! We take Cards, Paypal and Apple Pay. Sadly we cannot accept pixie dust. 

Please note- This product is a digital touring guide. You will not receive a physical product. 

About the Author

Every family should meet Mickey Mouse, ride the skyliner and watch the Fireworks- without piling on huge amounts of debt.  Let me help you make those Disney dreams a reality.  

Since I fell in love with Disney at an early age, it’s always been a struggle to enjoy an annual vacation and keep the costs low.  And with three kiddos in tow, ya know I’m all about saving the most while giving the kids memories that will last a lifetime. 

That’s why I made this guide for you- there’s so many hidden treasures and cheap things to do outside the parks that so few people talk about- and these are just the thing you need to go on a magically cheap and memorable vacation to Disney World! 

Meeting Characters is in the Top 5 reasons to go to Disney according to a recent survey of tourists. The Frugal Touring Guide gives you several free and paid options for meeting your favorite characters!