5 free and 5 Cheap plans for your Disney World Vacation

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Sure Disney is a magical vacation, and you’ve planned and saved and waited for the countdown for your trip!

But what about some fun extras? Are you interested to Discover some really cool things that you can do for free or cheap at Disney?

These are perfect for arrival and departure day, and some of these are a lot of fun if plans get changed do to weather (or just being exhausted because of your trip!

Cheap Plans

Mini Golf 

There are two Mini Golf Courses on Disney Property (and a host of them in the greater Orlando Area!). Both of these courses are themed after Disney Design.

Fantasia Gardens and Minature Golf is themed after Fantasia- with hippos and broomsticks and Mickey the Sorcerer.

The other course is a winter wonderland named, Winter Summerland. It is a play on words, because it looks like snow and sand and winter- all in one! Since it never snows at Disney, its one of their infamous play on words- like blizzard beach water park!

You can access both of these courses with Disney Transportation. The current going rate is 14 for adults and 12 for kids 3-9, just make sure you call ahead!

These courses are both very enjoyable and will run you around 2 hours to complete when you factor in the wait times.

Campfires and Smores

Campfires? At Disney? Yep!

Every night around 7, at Fort Wilderness they do a campfire with Chip n’ Dale! They have marshmellows for sale- or you can bring your own (we do, because allergies!) 

This should only cost about 10 dollars total.

They sing songs and the kids have room to run and play. 

Movies- recent ones and classics

Likewise, you will also find a Movie Theater in Downtown Disney! Like anything that Disney designs, they went all out with this Luxury theatre.

From concession stands and hot dog foods to a luxury dining experience inside the theatre, you can have it all!

That’s not the only option- the other is free is you are staying at Disney Property. Many of the resorts have a movie night by the pool or campfire. These are classic disney movies that are fun for kids of all ages!

You can get the list of times, locations and movies from your resort (though sometimes they have it posted in the cafeteria or the check in area!)

Running Trails and Fun Runs

Lace up those shoes and hit the tracks at Disney World!

This is a great thing to do to stay in shape, and get the kids out of the stroller and moving around.

You’ll find many trails around the resorts (plus it’s a great way to check out the sites while you are there!)

If you want to participate in something similar to a RunDisney event without all the hoopla, you can check out the Disney Fun Runs! These are only at the resorts and are various times throughout the week and month.

Ask at your resort about the schedule. It costs between 15-25 dollars depending on the season.

Get Coffee and Relax by the water 

Disney has done a really nice job of making their resorts and grounds areas enjoyable for the kids and relaxing for the adults!

One of our favorite places to grab a coffee and enjoy the morning is at the Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter. You can even take a boat here from Disney Springs after you get done with your movie and bowling!

Another great place to relax is the Disney Boardwalk. We like to go here in the afternoon while there are games and live performers. You can get your fill of ice cream or grab an adult beverage! It’s a win win.

Free Plans

Disney Springs

Disney Springs is free, from admittance to parking!

It’s quite large, so if you want to walk around and enjoy the shops there it will take up the afternoon. 

They generally have free entertainment at night- from cheer groups, to singing groups to instrument groups. I really love to grab a drink and sit and watch the entertainment. 

Girhadelli has free chocolate samples- YUM. There’s also a soap store called Basin, where you can wash and sniff your way into Mickey soap induced heaven. 

Pixie Dust

You read that right! And not the proverbial kind. This is REAL pixie dust.

Head to the princess store on the backside of Cinderella’s castle and find your own personal wish maker. She will sprinkle you will pixie dust as she says a wish over you.

Its SO cute!

Side note: it’s been 10 day, and my son still has pixie dust in his hair. It’s certainly a souvenir that comes home with you! 😉

Scavenger Hunts

There are several free scavenger hunt type adventures at Disney.

Outside the park, we have a hidden mickey scavenger hunt at Fort Wilderness (most resorts have hidden mickeys, just FYI!! Always be on the lookout!)

Inside Magic Kingdom there are two! These are more “adventures” than scavenger hunts, and are more appropriate for ages 6 and up. 

A Pirate’s Adventure- is in Adventure land- and takes approximately 20 mins to complete. You are running around trying to find clues and then using your card or magic band to activate the experience once you’ve found it! 

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is another scavenger type hunt that goes along Main Street USA (and bleeds over just slightly into other areas of the park!). You have a Map and you need to find 20 portals to activate. It can be a lot of fun- and also time consuming! 

Kidcot Stations at Epcot and themed areas during the festivals

These fun areas are for kids in the World Showcase. Each of them has their own unique activity depending on which country you stop in.

Most of the time it’s coloring related. Plus, the cast members there will interact with the kids and teach them some of their native language- it’s a really fun way to entertain kids around the World Showcase. 

During the Epcot Festivals, you can find special themed areas for the kids to play. These include areas to chill out in the shade and a playground!

Stickers and Transportation Cards 

Do you have kids that are obsessed with stickers? Or maybe they love everything that moves?

Cast members have been known to give out stickers, we’ve gotten several Mickey Mouse stickers on our last few visits in 2019.

They’ve also started doing transportation cards for the Monorail, bus, boats and trams. My son is very excited to ask for them now! It’s a fun way to make travel (which is long and boring) more fun and exciting for the little ones! 

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