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Free Budgeting Printables for Disney World Planning

When it comes to Disney World, there’s no doubt that it can be an expensive vacation! So how does the average family make it to Disney World knowing that they are going to need several thousand dollars to stay on site and go to all the parks?

With a savings budget!

While this might seem like a no brainer, 80% of Americans don’t have a budget or savings in place. And your kids are only little once, so getting a plan together and saving now is a great idea.

Why Do I need a budget or a savings goal thermometer for my trip?

#1- it’s a visual. When you have something in your hand and you put it up on your wall, you can see it everyday and remember why you are saving!

#2- It holds you and the family accountable. This is especially true with the savings goal thermometer (helps that it’s shaped like a mickey head!) because then you can explain to the kids why you are limiting their money or activities. If you want to go to Disney World, we need to save up the money to do so!

#3- You make it a family activity- Sit down with your spouse or partner and really dig into where your money is going each month. Print off extra savings thermometers for the kids so that they can save up their chore money to have spending money at Disney World. Get everyone involved so you can make your dreams come true!

How do I use the Easy Household Budget and Saving Thermometer Printable?

What might seem easy to some is hard for others, so let’s walk through it super quick so we can make our Disney World Vacation dream come true!


This is where you sit down with your Easy Budget Printable and fill in the sections according to your income and your bills. You list all your money coming in, the dates, and any comments, then you do the same for household bills and food expenses. It really helps if you have a meal plan in place and don’t eat out too much to save the most on food expenses.

Savings Goal Thermometer

Use the lines on the side of the mouse head to write down specific money amounts. When you have those amounts saved, color in the section on the mouse head.

You can do this with several mouse heads and split them up into categories, like tickets, spending money and hotel costs. You can also give each of the kids one so they can save up their own money and color it in!

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