Food Price Increases for Disney World- How does this impact Food Allergies and Gluten Free?

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Disney announced today there latest round of price increases, from food items, to park tickets, to the paid Genie+ line skipping feature.

While price increases are not new to Disney World (they happen almost quarterly at this point), it does feel excessive in our current economy.

Understandably a lot of people are concerned, including myself, as vacation seem that much more unaffordable.

So how does this Price Increase impact Special Diets offerings for restricted diets, food allergies and gluten free?

Currently there is still no upcharge for food modifications. So no extra 5 dollars for a gluten free bun, and no surcharge for needing dairy free cheese. But you will see an increase in food costs across the board for everyone eating at Disney World. Prices increased on Quick Serve, Table Dining, Character Meals, Bottle Waters and Drinks.

Few Important Notes:

  • Most people are frustrated by this, as it does not lead to better working conditions for cast members or satisfaction for visitors.
  • Cruises are becoming more affordable when compared to a Disney World vacation, especially with discounts available throughout the year
  • Food can be brought into the parks, and I encourage everyone to start bringing in snacks and water. The only way for Disney to stop these constant price increase is to let them know we don’t want it. (see more about bringing food into the parks here)
  • As of this week, allergy brands like Enjoy Life were still found in all resorts checked. While Enjoy Life hasn’t returned to the parks with the Snacks with Character Line, it’s still available on property.

We’ll keep you updated if prices change for allergy options anytime in the future. See more about the hundred’s of price increases documented by DisneyFoodBlog

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