Food Allergy Snacks at Magic Kingdom

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There’s so much to see and do at Magic Kingdom… and sometimes finding snacks is that last thing on your mind. Here’s a quick guide of some of my favorite places to get a food allergy friendly snack at Magic Kingdom!

Looking for more than just snacks? We got you covered with the ultimate guide for magic kingdom with food allergies. Looking for stuff outside of just MK? Let’s talk about eating gluten free at Disney World and Doing Disney Dairy Allergy Style.

Quick Food Allergy Snack FAQs for Disney World βœ…

Are the Mickey Waffles Gluten Free?

Sad to say friends, the Mickey Waffles are not gluten free. They are dairy free and safe for vegans- but for those with gluten allergies looking for a bread filled snack, I’d recommend these world famous gluten free beignets (And safe for 14 other allergens too!)

food allergy snacks magic kingdom
Mickey pretzel at Magic Kingdom, unfortunately not gluten free! πŸ™

Is the Popcorn Dairy Free? Is the Popcorn Gluten Free?

Yes to both! The popcorn is corn and coconut oil, making this safe for those that are free from the most common top allergens!

food allergy snacks magic kingdom
I know this is Animal Kingdom (I hope you do too!) but you can get this same popcorn across the parks. Grab a reusable bucket- you wont regret it!

Are the Mickey Bars safe for Peanut and Treenut?

Technically yes, but also technically no. There are no peanuts or treenuts IN the product but it is made on shared equipment.

food allergy snacks magic kingdom
Yes I know this is technically Epcot but once again, you can find these mouse-shaped treats across the parks!

Are the Rice Krispie Mickey’s Gluten Free?

This is actually a bit more complicated and I broke it down with all of the ingredients in this post (figured you need to see proof to believe it!)

food allergy snacks magic kingdom
Minnie Mouse Rice Krispy – so cute!

Favorite Place for Snacks- Liberty Square Market πŸ””

While you won’t find bathrooms in the colonial section of Disney World (they were authentic to the theming!) you will find a great place to get some quick snacks and whole food options for everyone- including some allergy friendly options!

This includes snacks like fruit and apples slices, babybel cheese, chips, surf sweets gummies (allergy friendly!), turkey legs (NOT ALWAYS GLUTEN FREE. check based on supplier) and pickles!

liberty square market food allergies
Liberty Square Market
food allergy snacks magic kingdom
Food allergy snacks!
Food allergy snacks magic kingdom
More food allergy snacks!

More Food Allergy Snack Ideas at Magic Kingdom πŸ‘€

Head to the confectionary at the front of the park and you can find an incredibly wide assortment of Enjoy Life Products! These are free for the top 14 allergens and they are totally delicious.

You can also grab some Rice Krispie treats at the Confectionary and lots of other goodies, or over at Big Top Candy Shop at the Back right of the park!

Favorite Idea for a Food Allergy Friendly Dessert!

Head over to the Plaza Ice Cream Parlour and get your safe ice cream of choice.(Tofutti for the dairy free crowd, plain vanilla for the gluten free foodies and raspberry sorbet for the rest of us!) Then devour it with a view of Cinderella’s castle. Looking to make it extra special? Pick up a bag of the enjoy life cookies on the way inside the parks and then add ‘mickey ears’ to your ice cream. Its the perfect way to end the day!

best theme park food allergies
Food allergy friendly Mickey-shaped snacks are possible!

Planning for other parks?

Find out more information for Animal Kingdom with Food Allergies, Epcot with Food Allergies and Hollywood Studios Galaxy’s Edge with Food Allergies

What are your favorite food allergy snacks in at Magic Kingdom? Share them in the comments!

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