Food Allergies at Disney World- Quick Reference Guide 2021

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When you’re visiting Disney World with food allergies, the last thing you want is to have to worry about what your family is going to eat. Thankfully, dining with food allergies at Walt Disney World does not have to be a stressful experience.

In fact, it can be pretty darn awesome… if going to Disney world with food allergies is planned ahead of time!

Okay, so I’m not gonna lie: it does take some planning and preparation when it comes to food allergies and Disney World. But don’t freak out, I’m here to walk you through it! I promise it can be done… because I’ve done it!

The first thing to know is that Disney World does have some pretty decent food allergy protocols in place. You want to stick as much as you can to restaurants owned by Disney World because those are going to have the best food allergy options.

The second thing to know is that when in doubt, ask to speak with a chef! In fact, I highly recommend doing this as much as you can, especially if you’re eating at Disney World with multiple food allergies. 

For sit-down restaurants and special meals, it especially helps to make a reservation so that you have time to ask about the menu – and the restaurant can plan accordingly. The easiest way to handle food allergies at walt disney world is absolutly with sit down meals!

In general, I’ve found that most Disney World restaurants are very accommodating towards food allergies if you’re very clear about what you need. But I will admit that some of the Disney World parks are better equipped to handle food allergies than others!

There’s also quite a few quick-serve options for Disney World, though the process for figuring out what’s safe to eat is a little different since things are a little faster-paced. But not to worry: there are plenty of food allergy eats there, too!

Okay, but then there’s the special/weird stuff: stuff like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, the Disney World resorts and water parks, the snack kiosks and coffee shops… well, I’ve got you covered for all these, too!

And we’ll cover specifically gluten-free options throughout the Disney World parks, as well as when you’re dealing with multiple allergies or extreme allergies… because everyone should be able to enjoy their Disney World vacation! 

We’ll also get into the nitty-gritty, like where to find allergy-friendly Mickey-shaped snacks for those Instagram-worthy pics and where to find the BEST gluten-free beignets. There are definitely some best-kept secrets for food allergies at Disney World!

Just remember, eating at Disney World with food allergies honestly is NOT rocket science… don’t convince yourself it is! With some planning and preparation, and a lot of communication with restaurant personnel, you can make your Disney World vacation absolutely magical!

Now that you know the bigger scope of what’s available, let’s dive into some specific, perhaps less-talked-about topics surrounding food allergies in Disney World and really give you an idea of what’s possible!

before we dive in… you need to know about the very useful Food Allergy Beginner’s Guide to Disney World.

Mobile Ordering with Food Allergies

With the reopening of Disney World, things are certainly quite different!

Not only is everyone following the new Covid procedures (which don’t impact food allergies very much besides less restaurants!) but Disney is also pushing for mobile and contact less options.

This means mobile ordering food and beverages at many many locations. But what about those of us with food allergies?

  1. You do not need to use mobile ordering, but it is available if you have ONE allergy and feel comfortable with a risk of CC.
  2. You can still speak with a chef or manager, ask to see the ingredients and the allergen binder, and order a customized meal at a cash registers.
  3. The time (before covid compared to after covid) for ordering food is STILL THE SAME. you should just prepare mentally, and with snacks, that your allergy friendly food will take longer. Sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes 30. If it goes past 30, always always always talk to a manager. More than once my meal was lost, given to the wrong person, or there was a miscommunication.

Did someone say gluten free mickey waffles? (and soy free, and dairy free, and top 9 free…)

We’re talking Mickey Shaped Treats, Hidden Desserts, and places that will having you planning your next vacation!

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    Gluten Free at Disney World

    You can find my ultimate guide to eating gluten free at Disney World here, but real quick, let’s touch on a few specifics just so you can get some questions answered.

    Gluten Free Quick Serves

    Of course there are quick serves at Disney World that have gluten free options! For a list of the best places to find some delicious gluten free eats, as well as tips for eating gluten free at Disney World, check out this post!

    Rice Krispies

    You may have seen adorable Mickey-shaped rice krispies treats floating around Instagram and Pinterest, but are they allergy friendly?

    Ok, so here’s the thing.

    Every person is unique, so what might be safe for me (or for you!) would not be safe for another person. 

    Check out this post to see the ingredient list from July 2019 and find out if they’re safe for you! (I also checked in June 2019 and it was the same and confirmed again in July 2020!)  

    Onion Rings

    There’s a rumor on the Facebook groups and tucked away on hidden Instagram pages… the infamous, gluten free onion rings at Disney World.

    These bad boys look delicious – yet deceptive. Are they really safe? Prepare to be amazed!

    Mickey Shaped Allergy-Friendly Food at Disney World

    We all love a good mickey shaped treat! But what about for those with allergies? Do they still get safe options?

    You betcha! But you might need to hunt for it, or use your imagination (though sometimes the chefs do sprinkle some pixie dust for some super fun creations!)

    However- there’s something for everyone at Disney World, and you’ll find lots of fun and safe treats in this post – but as a reminder, Disney does not count ‘may contain’ when they create their allergen warnings, and you could be at risk for cross-contamination with some of these items.

    Please ask to see the allergen binder when you get to the store/restaurant so you can make a decision there with the most current up to date information. 

    1900 park fare allergy-friendly

    Finding all the best places to eat can be stressful… We’ve created a 7 day food allergy eats touring plan just for this purpose!
    Cut the overwhelm and grab all the can’t miss places to eat by park plus exclusive tips & advice 🏰

    Enjoy Life Products at Disney World

    When you have allergies, you know the names of your favorite brands, and one of the most recognizable brands (especially when it comes to treats for the kiddos) is Enjoy Life!

    These products are top 14 free, plus a few others, and are a great addition in snacks and treats.

    I created this post because many people didn’t know about Enjoy Life at the parks. Often this is because sometimes it’s in different packaging. Normally, they are in the bright teal packages–but at Disney, things are different.

    Yes friends, you can find Enjoy life products at quite a few places (not everywhere but many places!) 

    You can also find Bob’s Red Mill products at Disney World, for those who enjoy their gluten-free offerings!

    Quick Serve food allergy eats at Disney World

    It’s really cool that Disney World can accommodate so many guests with various dietary needs, including multiple food allergies.

    For those in the top 7 (Disney normally leaves off corn), you can find premade allergy menus at many of the quick service restaurants around the Disney World parks.

    Here you’ll find all the quick serves that have an allergy menu. 

    Then, just make sure that when you order your food that you list that you have an allergy. Generally, the food will come out with an allergy skewer and you’ll find that it normally comes out on a green tray! 

    best disney world character restaurants for food allergies

    Character Meals at Disney World can be super fun, but there are definitely some things to keep in mind when you’re dealing with food allergies!

    Buffets give me the heebie geebies in general, and Disney World is not any different. You will find that many of the character meals are buffets (not all) and there IS A WORKAROUND.

    You can simply wait to speak with a chef, tell them you are far too uncomfortable with the buffet, and ask for them to get your meal from the back. When we do this, it translates to a family style meal because we all manage allergies. But when I go by myself I tend to get a very good portion, but not too much food. 

    The best meals, by far, are at regular table service restaurants, then character meals, then quick serve. Character Meals are somewhat rushed BUT the difference between these and quick serve are that you get a dedicated server and most of the time, a wider selection of food.

    Disney World Water Parks

    Disney has two water parks- both of them are open during the summer, and then one of them is open all year (weather permitting) while the other one is closed for refurbishment and then they switch back and forth.

    The first is Blizzard Beach. This is located over by the value resorts. It’s Winter themed, and definitely the favorite for our family!

    The Next is Typhoon Lagoon. This is located across from Disney Springs. It’s fun and enjoyable, just not our favorite park for our family as we prefer the kid area at Blizzard Beach more, but really it IS a fun park. 

    Disney World is really great when it comes to managing allergies- but we find that the level of service changes from quick serve to the parks to the resorts, and we found this to be true at Disney Water Parks as well.

    There are SO MANY places to eat- but only ONE is truly trained in allergies. We found this to be the case, though we did venture to get an ice cream at one of the booths at Typhoon Lagoon before our youngest with his dairy allergy was born. 

    Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

    Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is a special hard ticket event (which means you purchase the tickets separately). It is NOT every night of the week- it’s only on select nights and ONLY at Magic Kingdom.

    There are lots of exclusive things to do here, like meeting rare characters, doing special halloween rides (space mountain, tea cups, pirate of the Caribbean), and the exclusive nighttime show and fireworks. 

    So when it comes to food allergies, there are a few things to keep in mind.

    FOR THOSE WITH ALLERGIES- we get a special teal bag with a cute mickey pumpkin, and we collect teal tokens. 

    You do go through the lines with the regular people BUT you do not get the candy there. Just the token.

    Whenever you’re ready, you go and ‘cash out’ the tokens for safe top 8 free candies from a special allergy kiosk. You only NEED ONE token- they will exchange that token for a bag full of goodies. No need to hit up all the spots to get tokens (unless you are with another guest that doesn’t have restrictions and wants to go through the line).

    Food and Wine Festival

    The food and wine festival is an 87 day-long Disney World tradition. It’s held at Epcot in the fall time and it is a total blast!

    So how do you know what’s food allergy friendly here? There are several ways.

    The first is this post. I’ll be covering all the ways that the food is labeled. You can follow along on my instagram here! But I come back to this post to add details and ingredient lists.

    The next is with the passport. Normally we like to grab one before entering the World Showcase so we can map out all the places we want to stop. This tells you a lot about the foods offered, where you can find them, and gives you an idea on what you could ask to modify before you get to the booth.

    The third is by the signs outside the stands. These are all labeled and list the ingredients. They tend to have these on a separate stand by the booth and on the booth themselves, so it gives you a chance to find the G symbol (for gluten free FRIENDLY) and is a lot larger print to read than the passports.

    If you are looking for Allergen Friendly (like we avoid soy for the kids and they are also gluten free) it can get a little harder to find safe foods. but you CAN find offerings if you are comfortable with the CC risk. 

    Seasonal Fall Foods at Disney World

    Disney World in the fall is super fun… even though they start it in August, which is anything but fall in Florida!

    BUT. Disney (and Starbucks) have rolled out the seasonal goodies so it deserves a post and all the PSL! Woooooo.

    Seriously though. I just want to share the fun treats that those with allergies can enjoy. Find the goodies, the pics AND the menus in this post! 

    Face Paint… Yes, it’s a thing!

    The first time I realized face paint was gonna be an issue, I was over in Dinoland hanging out in the kids section.

    This is definitely one of our kids favorite places, mostly because it has a good number of characters and the prehistoric dumbo ride (jk jk) so it was inevitable that we would be faced with the face paint dilemma.

    As you probably know, allergens can turn up in the weirdest places, not just food… so it’s worth knowing whether the face paint at Disney World is allergy-friendly or not!

    FPIES and Disney? Tell me more.

    So, you’re wondering, is it even possible? HOW is it possible?

    I didn’t know it was possible either until I learned about it online.

    Here’s the thing – Disney has chefs at every restaurant (including the fast food type deals they call quick-serve) that are trained by F.A.R.E. in proper food handling procedures when it comes to food allergies.

    Disney also can make accommodations for those with dietary needs, like the ability to bring in a cooler with food (wooo! this makes such a big difference) and having rooms with allergy cleaning.

    We learned this when my oldest was just 9 months old, and we had finally figured out it was FPIES 3 months prior. Here’s everything we’ve learned about eating with FPIES at Disney World!

    But wait… there’s more!

    My website is chock full of tips and reviews. Over 150 pages worth! Head over to the FAQ to get you started on some of the basics, and sign up for the email list below for exclusive content sent right to your inbox.

    Did someone say gluten free mickey waffles? (and soy free, and dairy free, and top 9 free…)

    We’re talking Mickey Shaped Treats, Hidden Desserts, and places that will having you planning your next vacation!

    Access the Resource Library with 5 ebooks, lots of tips, and exclusive email only content.

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