Best Places to eat at Disney World with Food Allergies (& must know tips)

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I’d say welcome to the Disney World Food Allergy club, but I wouldn’t wish allergens on my childhood bully, let alone an internet stranger. 

Safe to say though, that I am happy you are here, and happy you are planning a food allergy vacation to one of the best places in the world! 

My family has been dining at Disney World with Food Allergies for almost six years now, and it’s so excited to share what we’ve learned with you the hard way, so that you can have a fun (and safe!) vacation the easy way! 

In general, 95% of the restaurants on property can serve you *something* that is safe for your food allergens. In some places that looks like a simple plate of starches (like a plate of unbuttered rice, or potatoes) with a protein, in other places you’ll find the full course meal complete with dessert! We’re going to talk about the BEST places to head to and then if you have the time, some helpful tips and hacks we’ve learned that will make turn your vacation from an anxiety filled trip into smooth sailings. 

before we dive in… you need to know about the very useful Food Allergies at Disney World Made Easy Guide

Let’s begin with the top allergy friendly restaurants for Disney World. 

Top 10 Allergy- Friendly Restaurants at Disney World 

-Jungle Navigation Co. Skipper Canteen 

-50’s Prime Time Cafe

-Satu’li Canteen 

-Docking Bay 7 

-Kona Cafe 

-Coral Reef Restaurant 

-Boma – Flavors of Africa


-Trattoria al Forno 

Top Allergy Friendly Restaurants at Disney World by Location

Magic Kingdom Area
Jungle Navigation Co. Skipper Canteen
Kona Cafe (Polynesian Resort)‘Ohana (Polynesian Resort)
Epcot Area
Coral Reef Restaurant Trattoria al Forno (The Boardwalk)
Hollywood Studios
Docking Bay 750’s Prime Time Cafe
Animal Kingdom Area
Satu’li CanteenBoma – Flavors of Africa (Animal Kingdom Lodge)

Just remember, eating at Disney World with food allergies honestly is NOT rocket science… don’t convince yourself it is! With some planning and preparation, and a lot of communication with restaurant personnel, you can make your Disney World vacation absolutely magical!

We’ll also get into the nitty-gritty, like where to find allergy-friendly Mickey-shaped snacks for those Instagram-worthy pics and where to find the BEST gluten-free beignets. There are definitely some best-kept secrets for food allergies at Disney World!

Mobile Ordering with Food Allergies

With the reopening of Disney World, they have introduced mobile ordering in almost every place on property. This means mobile ordering food and beverages has become the norm for those who aren’t dealing with dietary needs. But what about those of us with food allergies?

You are not required to use mobile ordering with food allergies, and can speak with a Chef or Manager to see Food Allergy menus and ingredient lists. You can use mobile ordering if you have one of the allergens listed on the app, and are not concerned with cross contamination. 

  1. You do not need to use mobile ordering, but it is available if you have ONE allergy and feel comfortable with a risk of CC.
  2. You can still speak with a chef or manager, ask to see the ingredients and the allergen binder, and order a customized meal at a cash registers.
  3. The time (before covid compared to after covid) for ordering food is STILL THE SAME. you should just prepare mentally, and with snacks, that your allergy friendly food will take longer. Sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes 30. If it goes past 30, always always always talk to a manager. More than once my meal was lost, given to the wrong person, or there was a miscommunication.

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    Best Disney World Character Restaurants for Food Allergies

    Character meals are the more expensive options for meals- but rightfully so as you get to meet with some cool characters!

    The Best Character Meals at Disney World for Food Allergies are: Topolinos Terrace at Rivera Resort, ‘Ohana at The Polynesian, Tusker House in Animal Kingdom, and Chef Mickey at The Contemporary Resort.

    Runner Up’s include, Storybook Dining at Artist Point and Trattoria Al Forno.

    You’ll find that all character meals have *something* for the top 10 allergens (including sesame and corn) but they might not have a full spread like the four that are listed above.

    But also- character meals are so special even without the food. If you have the opportunity to try it once, please do! Breakfast is a great time to go before you get sweaty- and your pictures will look great if you can get a good spot by the window.

    Disney World Water Parks

    Disney has two water parks- both of them are open during the summer, and then one of them is open all year (weather permitting) while the other one is closed for refurbishment and then they switch back and forth.

    The first is Blizzard Beach. This is located over by the value resorts. It’s Winter themed, and definitely the favorite for our family! You’ll want to eat at Lottawatta Lodge. I

    The Next is Typhoon Lagoon. This is located across from Disney Springs. It’s fun and enjoyable, just not our favorite park for our family as we prefer the kid area at Blizzard Beach more, but really it IS a fun park. Here’s the updated guide for Typhoon Lagoon with Food Allergies or Gluten Free.

    Disney World is really great when it comes to managing allergies- but we find that the level of service changes from quick serve to the parks to the resorts, and we found this to be true at Disney Water Parks as well.

    There are SO MANY places to eat- but only ONE is truly trained in allergies. We found this to be the case, though we did venture to get an ice cream at one of the booths at Typhoon Lagoon before our youngest with his dairy allergy was born. 

    Mickey Shaped Allergy-Friendly Food at Disney World

    We all love a good mickey shaped treat! But what about for those with allergies? Do they still get safe options?

    You betcha! But you might need to hunt for it, or use your imagination (though sometimes the chefs do sprinkle some pixie dust for some super fun creations!)

    However- there’s something for everyone at Disney World, and you’ll find lots of fun and safe treats in this post – but as a reminder, Disney does not count ‘may contain’ when they create their allergen warnings, and you could be at risk for cross-contamination with some of these items.

    Please ask to see the allergen binder when you get to the store/restaurant so you can make a decision there with the most current up to date information. 

    1900 park fare allergy-friendly

    Save time and money at Disney World with Food Restrictions!

    Cut the overwhelm with the Food Allergies at Disney World Made Easy Touring Plan AND Snacks & Sweets Guide- Totally updated for 2022. (Covers all top 9 Allergens + Gluten Free, with notes about Dyes, Corn, and other common allergens) See for yourself, it’s guaranteed to save you time or your money back!

    Best Places to Eat at Special Events when you’ve got allergens 

    Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is a special hard ticket event (which means you purchase the tickets separately). It is NOT every night of the week- it’s only on select nights and ONLY at Magic Kingdom.

    There are lots of exclusive things to do here, like meeting rare characters, doing special halloween rides (space mountain, tea cups, pirate of the Caribbean), and the exclusive nighttime show and fireworks. 

    So when it comes to food allergies, there are a few things to keep in mind.

    FOR THOSE WITH ALLERGIES- we get a special teal bag with a cute mickey pumpkin, and we collect teal tokens. 

    You do go through the lines with the regular people BUT you do not get the candy there. Just the token.

    Whenever you’re ready, you go and ‘cash out’ the tokens for safe top 8 free candies from a special allergy kiosk. You only NEED ONE token- they will exchange that token for a bag full of goodies. No need to hit up all the spots to get tokens (unless you are with another guest that doesn’t have restrictions and wants to go through the line).

    Epcot Festivals

    Festivals are popping up at Epcot all the time!

    So how do you know what’s food allergy friendly here? There are several ways *if* you have only a few allergens and don’t have cross contamination issues.

    The passport is a helpful item- it shows those items that are vegan and those that are gluten friendly. Normally we like to grab one before entering the World Showcase so we can map out all the places we want to stop. This tells you a lot about the foods offered, where you can find them, and gives you an idea on what you could ask to modify before you get to the booth.

    If you don’t grab a passport, you can find info on the stands outside the booths. These are all labeled and list the ingredients. They tend to have these on a separate stand by the booth and on the booth themselves, so it gives you a chance to find the G symbol (for gluten free FRIENDLY) and is a lot larger print to read than the passports.

    If you are looking for Allergen Friendly (like we avoid soy for the kids and they are also gluten free) it can get a little harder to find safe foods. but you CAN find offerings if you are comfortable with the CC risk. For these- you need to speak with the staff and have them call a chef.

    But wait… there’s more!

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