First Look: New Boardwalk Deli Menu and Allergy Offerings

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Move over Boardwalk Bakery… Boardwalk Deli is ready to serve! See the review Here!

Over on the Boardwalk, flanked by resorts and out the back entrance of EPCOT, is a smaller Disney Owned Quick Serve.

Up until the Spring, this Quick Serve Resturant was called Boardwalk Bakery and offered sandwiches, treats, and prepackaged goods. Now part of the reimagining for this area, the Bakery has been converted into the Boardwalk Deli.

This was in part due to the new ‘Cake Bake Shop’ that will be next door. This location is 3rd party owned and expected to open in 2023. The other reason for the reimagining was the lack of quick serve breakfast options. This new Boardwalk Bakery has a lot more to offer!

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

First Look: Allergy Offerings at the New Boardwalk Deli

Opening date is August 15th! You can see all of the offerings here, we are focusing on the allergy offerings and some speculations.

I’m often asked, “Seely, how to you find secret menu items or modifications that aren’t listed on the menu?” Short answer, I’ve been doing this since 2017, and like to approach it like one big puzzle. Here are some speculations I’ve made below based on the basic menu before the restaurant has even opened. I’d love to hear your guesses too!

Speculation #1- Since the Plant Based Bread is made in house, It will likely be fresh (not frozen!)

For one, the news release said: “As with the breakfast bagels, all breads are baked fresh in-house”.

We know that the focaccia, is made without egg or dairy and made in house (it’s listed as one of the breads available in house). Here is how it’s described “For a plant-based twist on a classic favorite, the Veggie Crunch Muffaletta is stacked with cured and pickled root vegetables, an olive-giardiniera tapenade and plant-based cheese, served on focaccia.

It would be so fun to see nice fluffy non frozen plant based bread!

Speculation #2 The Bakery uses Bob’s Red Mill

As far as breakfast, we see that the Ciabatta is offered as a regular options, in the plant based section, and then for gluten, egg, dairy, pn/tn. It is not listed for soy, so we can assume it is made with a soy flour blend. BUT, it is listed for Soy Allergies for Lunch/Dinner!

However, it is possible that this is Bob’s Red Mill, which is used widely on property.

Likewise, the Ciabiatta is listed for Breakfast for Gluten/Wheat Allergy, but not listed as a bread for lunch and dinner.

Speculation #3 They will Likely carry a Third Party Bagel for Food Allergies

This means that the bagel offered under the soy allergy section, simply listed as ‘Allergy Bagel’ is likely Udi’s Brand (since Udi’s has egg) However, it’s not listed as plant based… and their is only one option for Milk for breakfast (the same as the plant based offering), so it’s possible this is house made. It’s also possible this is a frozen option that uses butter. Or it’s possible I’ve gone deeper than the special diets time and discovered a discrepancy (unlikey, but hey, it’s happened before)

Speculation #4 Sesame will be a huge cross contact factor here

Several mentions of an ‘everything’ bagel here! And since this is a bakery where things are made in person, that means a very high risk of cross contact even if using a third party bread.

Speculation #5 House Made Chips are likely shared fryer

On the menu there is a ‘cannoli’. While delicious for most folks, there’s a risk for those that can’t do a shared fryer. It’s possible the house made chips and cannoli are fried in or near each other. Sides are not currently listed under the allergen menu!

Speculation # 6 Hidden Plant Based Offering- Grilled Cheese

On the Plant Based offerings, there is only one option. The Veggie Crunch Muffaletta. Note that this is also listed under Gluten Free!

But what is not listed, and what is listed under the Dairy AND Egg Allergy section is a Grilled Cheese with Carrots and Strawberries. Since they have plant based bread for the Veggie Crunch, and Dairy Free Cheese, it’s likely a hidden plant based offering (that can also be gluten free)

Menu First Look Options at BoardWalk Deli

Easiest Allergen: Likely Peanut/ Treenut, Fish/Shellfish (can have most of the menu with little to no modifications)

Moderate Allergens: Dairy, Egg, Soy

Since there is egg free bread, I’m curious why they dont have more options listed for egg. It’s likely to do with procedures (like shared ovens) or needing to modify things on existing sandwiches to make it egg friendly.

Harder Allergens: Gluten (cross contact with bakery), Sesame (cross contact with bakery), Mustard and Cinnamon

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