FAQ for Food Allergies at Disney World

While dining at Disney World is ‘easier’ there is still a lot to learn and a lot to plan!

I’d love to say you could just ‘wing it’ but let’s be honest, since the moment you got a symptom and a diagnosis, ‘winging it’ has been off the table.

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    I need to learn the basics, where do I start?

    Start here with this youtube food allergy at Disney World intro. This will help you understand some things to expect (not all because I don’t want to overwhelm you!)

    Plus here’s a quick FAQ video for those important questions!

    Quick Serve Versus Table Service? What’s best for food allergies?

    This is a fantastic question that depends on your allergens and comfort level. Typically, table service is the best option because you can speak with a chef and it isn’t as rushed. You CAN still eat at quick serve, but not all places have menus (find the ones that do here). Check out the food allergy guide for more details for planning your vacation!

    Are Character Meals an Option with Food Allergies?

    Yes! they are. And they are a ton of fun. You can find my reviews here and you can purchase the full guide for character dining here.

    Best Park for Food Allergies?

    The best all around park would be Magic Kingdom for every allergy. Epcot also has some fantastic options that I highly recommend, as does Animal Kingdom. Things get a little hairy at Hollywood Studios. Still manageable but nowhere near as easy as Magic Kingdom!

    Is every restaurant safe?

    I mean technically- but we want the Disney World special! So in that case, stick with ones that are owned by Disney. Check out this post for a list of restaurants not owned by Disney World.

    Wanna know where to eat with Food Allergies?

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      What about the Disney Dining Plan?

      Great question and there’s a lot to unpack here. There is only one right answer- what’s best for YOUR family! Check out this video where we discuss some of the basics and help you decide if the dining plan is right for your food allergy needs.

      I have serious anxiety about traveling with Food Allergies- why is Disney World a good option?

      You and me both family, you and me both! In fact, I started this blog because I was so anxious that I didn’t go on a once in a lifetime trip- and now that trip is not an option as my children’s only grandparent has passed away. I hope that my regret over letting food allergies rule my life can help you live your dreams.

      So I’m here to encourage you. Stay and read and poke around. Check out the videos on youtube, read restaurant reviews and ask questions on Instagram. I will never tell you that it’s not scary– I sometimes get scared still. And that’s ok.

      I will simply tell you that planning a vacation and spending time with your family is WORTH it. I trust you’ll make the right choice for making memories with your family.

      Eating Top 9? How does this work?

      It works- I’ve done it. Find some info here in this video about top 9 free dining at Disney World, and check out this post for some basics to get you started.

      No lie- it will take some planning on your end, but the vacation is nothing like you’ve ever experienced before!